Exodus 30


The Altar of Incense

And you shall make an altar of incense from out of [2wood 1incorruptible]. And you shall make it a cubit in length, and a cubit in breadth -- four-cornered is shall be, and two cubits in height; from out of it will be its horns. And you shall gild these [2gold 1in pure] -- its grates, and its walls round about, and its horns. And you shall make for it a twisted [2rim 1gold] round about. And two rings [2gold 1of pure] for it you shall make under [2twisted 3rim 1its] for the two corners. You shall make them on two sides, and they will be clips for the staves so as to lift it by them. And you shall make staves from out of [2wood 1incorruptible], and you shall gild them in gold. And you shall put it before the veil being for the ark of the testimony, in which I shall be made known to you there. And [2will burn incense 3upon 4it 1Aaron]; incense compounded fine -- in the morning by morning. Whenever he should trim the lamps, he shall burn incense upon it. And whenever Aaron should ignite the lamps late, he shall burn incense upon it -- incense of perpetuity, continually before the  lord unto your generations. And you shall not offer upon it [2incense 1another]. A yield offering, and a sacrifice offering, and a libation offering you shall not offer upon it. 10 And [2shall atone 1Aaron] upon its horns once a year. From the blood of the cleansing of sins of the making an atonement once a year he shall cleanse it for your generations; [2a holy 3of holies 1it is] to the  lord.

The Sacred Double-drachma

11 And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 12 If you should take the assessment of the sons of Israel in the overseeing of them, then [2shall give 1each] ransoms for his soul to the  lord, and there shall not be among them a failure in the overseeing of them. 13 And this is what they shall give, as many as pass the numbering -- the half double-drachma, which it shall be according to the double-drachma of the holy place -- twenty oboli to the double-drachma; but the half double-drachma is a contribution to the  lord. 14 Every one passing in the numbering from twenty years old and above shall give the contribution to the  lord. 15 The ones being rich shall not add more, and the ones needing shall not add less from the half of the double-drachma in the giving the contribution to the  lord to atone for your souls. 16 And you shall take the silver of the contribution given by the sons of Israel, and you shall give it for the upkeep of the tent of the testimony. And it will be to the sons of Israel a memorial before the  lord, to atone for your souls.

The Brass Bathing Tub

17 And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 18 Make a bathing tub of brass, and a base for it of brass, so as to wash. And you shall put it between the tent of the testimony, and between the altar. And you shall pour into it water. 19 And [4shall wash 1Aaron 2and 3his sons] from it their hands and their feet. 20 Whenever they should enter into the tent of the testimony they shall wash in water, and no way shall they die. Or whenever they should go to the altar to officiate and to offer the whole burnt-offerings to the  lord, 21 they shall wash their hands and their feet in water, that they should not die. And it will be to them [2law 1an eternal], to him and his generations after him.

The Sacred Oil for Anointing

22 And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 23 And you take spices, the flower [2myrrh 1of choice] -- five hundred shekels, and [2cinnamon 1sweet smelling] half of this -- two hundred and fifty, and [2calamus 1sweet smelling] -- two hundred fifty, 24 and of oil of cassia -- five hundred shekels of the holy place, and olive oil from olives -- a hin! 25 And you shall make it [3oil 2scented unguent 1a holy], a perfumed liquid scented by the craft of a perfumer -- [4oil 3scented unguent 2a holy 1it shall be]. 26 And you shall anoint with it the tent of the testimony, and the ark of the testimony, 27 and all its utensils, and the lamp-stand, and its utensils, and the altar of incense, 28 and the altar of the whole burnt-offerings, and all its utensils, and the table, and all its utensils, and the bathing tub, and its base. 29 And you shall sanctify them. And they shall be a holy of the holies. Every one touching them shall be sanctified. 30 And Aaron and his sons you shall anoint, and you shall sanctify them to officiate as priests to me. 31 And to the sons of Israel you shall speak, saying, An oil of anointing -- [2anointing 1a holy] this will be to you into your generations. 32 [2upon 3the flesh 4of man 1You shall not anoint with it]. And concerning this composition, you shall not make any to you yourselves likewise -- it is holy, and it shall be sanctified to you. 33 Who ever should make likewise, and who ever should give of it to a foreigner, he shall be utterly destroyed from his people.

The Incense

34 And the  lord said to Moses, Take to yourself spices -- balsam, and onycha, and [2galbanum 1luscious], and [2frankincense 1transparent], equal to equal it will be. 35 And they shall make with it [2incense 1scented], a work of a perfumer -- [4being mixed 1a pure 3work 2holy]. 36 And you shall cut of these into fine parts, and you shall put it before the testimony in the tent of the testimony from where I will be known to you from there. [3a holy 4of the 5holies 1It will be 2to you] incense. 37 According to this composition you shall not make to you yourselves -- it shall be a sanctified thing to you to the  lord. 38 Who ever should make likewise so as to smell by it, he shall be destroyed from out of his people.
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