Exodus 32


The Golden Calf

1And [3seeing 1the 2people] that Moses passed time to come down from out of the mountain, [3stood together 1the 2people] by Aaron, and they say to him, Rise up and make for us gods! the ones who will go before us. For Moses, this man who led us from out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him. 2And [2says 3to them 1Aaron], Remove the [2ear-rings 1gold]! the ones in the ears of your wives, and daughters; and bring them to me! 3And [4removed 1all 2the 3people 4the 6ear-rings 5gold], the ones in their ears, and they brought them to Aaron. 4And he took them from out of their hands, and he shaped them with the stylus. And he made it [2calf 1a molten]. And they said, These are your gods, O Israel, who hauled you from out of the land of Egypt. 5And seeing, Aaron built an altar over against it. And Aaron proclaimed, saying, A holiday of the  lord is tomorrow. 6And rising early in the next day, he offered whole burnt-offerings, and he offered the sacrifice of deliverance. And [3sat 1the 2people] to eat and to drink, and they rose up to play. 7And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, Proceed quickly! to go down from here, [3acted lawlessly 1for 2your people], whom you led from the land of Egypt. 8They violate quickly from the way which I gave charge to them; they made to themselves a calf, and they do obeisance to it, and they have sacrificed to it. And they said, These are your gods, O Israel, who hauled you from the land of Egypt. 9And now allow me! for being enraged in anger against them, I will obliterate them. 10And I will make you into [2nation 1a great]. 11And Moses beseeched in front of the  lord God, and said, Why, O  lord, be enraged in anger against your people, whom you led from out of the land of Egypt in [2strength 1great], and with [3arm 1your 2high]? 12lest at any time [3should say 1the 2Egyptians], in saying, With wickedness he led them to kill them in the mountains, and to completely consume them from the earth. Cease in the anger of your rage, and [2propitious 1be] to the evil of your people! 13remembering Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob your servants, to whom you swore by an oath to them according to yourself. And you spoke to them, saying, I will greatly multiply your seed as the stars of the heaven in multitude, and all this land which you spoke of to give it to their seed, so that they shall hold it into the eon. 14And the  lord dealt kindly concerning the bad which he said he would do to his people. 15And Moses returning, went down from the mountain along with the two tablets of the testimony in his hands -- tablets of stone, having been written on both their parts; on this side and that side they were written. 16And the tablets [2a work 3of God 1were], and the writing, [2a writing 3of God 1is] chiseled in the tablets. 17And Joshua hearing the voice of the people crying out, says to Moses, It is a sound of war in the camp. 18And he says, It is not a sound originating from strength, nor a sound originating by a routing of the enemy, but a sound originating from wine I hear. 19And when he approached the camp, he sees the calf and the company of dancers. And [2being provoked to anger 3in rage 1Moses] tossed from his hands the two tablets, and he broke them below the mountain. 20And having taken the calf which they made, he incinerated it in fire, and ground it fine, and sowed it upon the water, and made [4drink 5it 1the 2sons 3of Israel]. 21And Moses said to Aaron, What did [2do 3to you 1this people] that you brought upon them [2sin 1a great]? 22And Aaron said to Moses, Be not provoked to anger, O master! for you know the impulse of this people. 23For they say to me, Make us gods! which shall go before us, for [3Moses 1this 2man], who led us out of Egypt, we do not know what has happened to him. 24And I said to them, Anyone who possesses pieces of gold, remove them! And they gave them to me, and I tossed them into the fire, and there came forth this calf. 25And Moses seeing the people, that they have been dispersed, [3dispersed 1for 4them 2Aaron] to be a derision to their opponents. 26Moses stood at the gate of the camp, and he said, Who is for the  lord? Come to me! [6came together 1Then 7to 8him 2all 3the 4sons 5of Levi]. 27And he says to them, Thus says the  lord God of Israel, Let [2put 1each] on himself a broadsword upon his thigh! And let him go through and return from gate to gate through the camp! and let [2kill 1each] his brethren, and each his neighbor, and each the one nearest him! 28And [4did 1the 2sons 3of Levi] as [2said 3to them 1Moses]. And there fell of the people in that day three thousand males. 29And [2said 3to them 1Moses], You filled your hands today to the  lord; each one on his brother, and his son, to give upon you a blessing. 30And it came to pass after the next morning, Moses said to the people, You have sinned [2sin 1a great]. And now I will ascend to God, that I might make atonement on account of your sin. 31[3returned 1And 2Moses] to the  lord, and said, I beseech O  lord, [2have sinned 1this people 4sin 3a great], and made to themselves golden gods. 32And now, if forasmuch as you forgive them of their sin -- forgive! But if not, wipe me away from out of your book of which you wrote! 33And the  lord said to Moses, If any sin before me, I will wipe them from out of my book. 34And now, proceed, and guide this people into the place which I told to you! Behold, my angel shall go forth before your face, and in whatever day I should visit, I will bring upon them their sin. 35And the  lord struck the people on account of the making of the calf, which Aaron made.
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