Exodus 34


The Second Set of Tablets

1And the  lord said to Moses, Dress to yourself two tablets of stone, as also the first, and ascend to me into the mountain! and I will write upon the tablets the words which were upon the [2tablets 1first], which you broke. 2And come prepared in the morning! and you shall ascend upon mount Sinai, and you shall stand there to me upon the tip of the mountain. 3And let no one ascend with you, nor appear in all the mountain! And the sheep and the oxen let them not feed neighboring that mountain! 4And he dressed two tablets of stone, just as also the first. And Moses rising early in the morning ascended unto mount Sinai, in so far as [2ordered 3him 1the  lord]. And Moses took with himself the two tablets, the ones of stone. 5And the  lord came down in a cloud, and stood beside him there. And he called by the name of the  lord. 6And the  lord went by before his face, and called out, The  lord, The  lord God, pitying and merciful, lenient and full of mercy and true, 7and [2righteousness 1observing], and doing mercy for thousands, removing lawlessnesses, and iniquities, and sins; and the ones liable he will not cleanse; bringing the lawlessnesses of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children of the children, unto the third and fourth generation. 8And Moses hastening, bowing upon the earth, did obeisance. 9And he said, If I have found favor before you, let [2go 1my  lord] with us! [2the 3people 1For] are hard-necked. And you shall remove the sins, and our lawless deeds, and we will be yours.

The LORD Establishes a Covenant

10And the  lord said to Moses, Behold, I establish with you a covenant before all your people. And I will do honorable, which has not happened in all the earth, and with any nation. And [7shall see 1all 2the 3people 4among 5whom 6you are] the works of the  lord, for it is wonderful what I will do for you. 11You heed all as much as I give charge to you! Behold, I cast out before your face the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Gergesite, and the Jebusite. 12Take heed to yourself! lest at any time you should establish a covenant with the ones lying in wait upon the land, into which you enter into it, lest at any time it become an occasion of stumbling to you. 13 Their shrines you shall demolish, and their monuments you shall break, and their sacred groves you shall cut down, and the carvings of their gods you shall incinerate in fire. 14 For you should not do obeisance to other gods. For the  lord God, a jealous name, [2God 1is a jealous]; 15lest at any time you should establish a covenant with the ones lying in wait upon the land, and they should fornicate after their gods, and should sacrifice to their gods, and they should call you, and you should eat of their sacrifices; 16and you should take of their daughters to your sons, and of your daughters you should give to their sons; and [2should fornicate 1your daughters] after their gods, and [2will fornicate 1your sons] after their gods. 17And [4gods 3molten 1you shall not make 2to yourself].

Concerning the Holidays

18And the holiday of the unleavened breads you shall guard; seven days you shall eat unleavened breads, just as I gave charge to you, at the time in the month of the new produce. For in the month of the new produce you came forth out of Egypt. 19All opening wide the womb -- to me are the males; first-born of the calf, and of the sheep. 20And a first-born beast of burden you shall ransom with a sheep. But if you will not ransom it, [2value 1you shall give] for it. Every first-born of your sons you shall ransom. You shall not appear before me empty. 21Six days you shall work, but the [2day 1seventh] you shall rest -- in the sowing and in the harvest you shall rest. 22And a holiday of a period of sevens you shall observe to me, the beginning of the harvest of wheat, and a holiday gathering being in the middle of the year. 23Three times of the year [4shall appear 1every 2male 3of yours] before the  lord God of Israel. 24For whenever I shall cast out the nations from your face, and I widen your borders, [2shall desire 1no one] your land, when ever you ascend to appear before the  lord your God three times a year. 25You shall not slay [3with 4yeast 1the blood 2of my sacrifices]; and [2shall not remain through the night 3into 4 the morning 1that which is offered in sacrifices] for the holiday of the passover. 26The first produce of your land you shall carry into the house of the  lord your God. You shall not boil a lamb in the milk of its mother. 27And the  lord said to Moses, Write to yourself these words! for upon these words I have established to you a covenant, and to Israel. 28And [2was 3there 1Moses] before the  lord forty days and forty nights. Bread he did not eat, and water he did not drink. And he wrote upon the tablets these words of the covenant -- the ten words.

The Face of Moses Glorified

29And as Moses went down from mount Sinai, even the two tablets were upon the hands of Moses. [3going down 1And 2in his] from the mountain, even Moses did not know that [6was glorified 1the 2appearance 3of the 4complexion 5of his face] in his speaking to him. 30And [7saw 1Aaron 2and 3all 4the 5sons 6of Israel] Moses; and he was being glorified in the appearance of the complexion of his face. And they feared to approach him. 31And [2called 3them 1Moses]; and [2turned 3towards 4him 1Aaron] and all the rulers of the congregation. And [2spoke 3to them 1Moses]. 32And after these things came forward to him all the sons of Israel. And he gave charge to them all as much as the  lord spoke to him on mount Sinai. 33And as soon as he rested speaking to them, he placed upon his face a covering. 34And when ever Moses entered before the  lord to speak to him, he removed the covering until exiting. And going forth he spoke to all the sons of Israel, as much as [2gave charge 3to him 1the  lord]. 35And [4saw 1the 2sons 3of Israel] the face of Moses, that it was glorified; and Moses put the covering upon his face until whenever he entered to converse together with him.
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