Exodus 35


The Choice-portion Offerings

1And Moses gathered together all the congregation of the sons of Israel. And he said to them, These are the words which the  lord told them to do. 2Six days you shall do works, but on the [2day 1seventh] you shall rest a holy Sabbath rest to the  lord; every one doing work on it -- let him come to an end. 3You shall not burn a fire in any place of your house on the day of the Sabbaths -- I am the  lord. 4And Moses said to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, saying, This is the saying which the  lord ordered, saying, 5Take from yourselves of them -- a choice-portion to the  lord. Every one appreciating in his heart shall bring the first-fruits to the  lord -- gold, silver, brass, 6blue, purple, scarlet [2double 1being spun], and linen being twined, and hair of goats, 7and skins of rams dyed red, and skins of blue, and [2wood 1incorruptible], 8and oil for the giving light, and incense for the oil of the anointing, and for the compound of the incense, 9and stones of sardius, and stones for the carving for the shoulder-piece and for the oracle. 10And all the wise in thought among you, in coming, let him work all things as much as the  lord ordered -- 11the tent, and the covering sheets of leather, and the coverings, and the clasps, and the posts, and the bars, and the pegs, and bases, 12the ark, and its bearing poles, and the atonement-seat, and the veil, 13and the table, and its bearing poles, and all its utensils, and the bread loaves of the place setting, 14and the lamp-stand of the light, and all its utensils, and its lamps, and the oil of the light, 15and the altar of the incense, and the bearing poles of it, and the oil for the anointing, and incense for the composition, and the draw curtain for the door of the tent, 16and the altar of the whole burnt-offering, and [3grate 1its 2brass], and its bearing poles, and all its utensils, and the bathing tub, and it base, 17and the shrouds of the courtyard, and its posts, 18and the pegs of the tent, and the pegs of the courtyard, and their cords, and the [2apparels 1holy] of Aaron the priest, 19and the apparels in which they officiate in them in the holy place, and the inner garments for the sons of Aaron for the priesthood, and the oil of the anointing, and the incense of the composition. 20And went forth all the congregation of the sons of Israel from Moses. 21And [2brought 1each] what [3offered 1their 2heart]. And the ones which it seemed good in their soul brought a choice portion to the  lord for all the works of the tent of the testimony, and for all the upkeep of it, and for all the [2apparels 1holy]. 22And [3brought 1the 2men] from the women every thing which seemed good in their thought. They brought seals, and ear-rings, and rings, and wreaths, and right armbands -- every item of gold. 23And all as many as brought choice-portions of gold to the  lord, and all which was found by them of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and linen, and skins of rams being dyed red, and skins of blue -- they brought. 24And everyone removing the choice-portion silver and brass, brought the choice-portions to the  lord. And from whomever [3was found 2wood 1incorruptible] for all the works of the preparation -- they brought. 25And every woman wise in considering with the hands to spin, brought works being spun -- the blue, and the purple, and the scarlet, and the linen. 26And all the women to whom it seemed good in their consideration with wisdom, spun the hair of the goats. 27And the rulers brought the stones of emerald, and the stones for the filling in the shoulder-piece, and for the oracle, 28and the compositions, and for the oil of the anointing, and the composition of the incense. 29And every man and woman which brought their consideration, entering to do all the work; as many as the  lord ordered them to do through Moses -- [4brought 1the 2sons 3of Israel] the choice-portion to the  lord. 30And Moses said to the sons of Israel, Behold, God has called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. 31And he filled him with [2spirit 1divine] of wisdom, and understanding, and of higher knowledge of all things; 32to supervise construction according to all the works of the construction; to prepare the gold, and the silver, and the brass, 33and to cut the stone, and to manufacture the wood things, and to produce with every work of wisdom. 34And [3assistance 1indeed 2God gave] in the considering to him, and also to Aholiab, to the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan. 35And he filled them with wisdom of understanding in considering all things, to perceive, to make the works of the holy place, and the woven works, and embroidered works; to weave with the scarlet and with the linen; to make every work of construction and embroidery.
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