Exodus 5


Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh

And after these things [4entered 1Moses 2and 3Aaron] to Pharaoh, and they said to him, Thus says the  lord God of Israel. Send forth my people! that they may solemnize a holiday to me in the wilderness. And Pharaoh said, Who is he, of whom I will listen to his voice so as to send out the sons of Israel? I do not know the  lord, and [2Israel 1I will not send out]. And they say to him, The God of the Hebrews called on us. We will go then on a journey of three days into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the  lord our God, lest at any time [4might meet with 5us 1death 2or 3murder]. And [4said 5to them 1the 2king 3of Egypt], Why do you, Moses and Aaron, turn aside the people from the works? Go forth each of you to his works! And Pharaoh said, Behold, now [5are numerous 1The 2people 3of the 4land]; [2not 3then 1I shall] rest them from the works.

Pharaoh Oppresses Israel

[3gave orders 1And 2Pharaoh] to the foremen of the people, and to the scribes, saying, No longer will it be added to give straw to the people for the brickmaking, as yesterday and the third day before. Let them go and bring together for themselves the straw! And the rate of the making of bricks which they produce each day, you shall put it upon them. You shall not remove any of them, for they are idle. On account of this they cry out, saying, We should go and sacrifice to our God. Let [4be oppressive 1the 2works 3of these men], and let [2be anxious 1these men], and not anxious in [2words 1empty]! 10 And hastened of them the foremen, and the scribes of the people. And they said to the people, saying, Thus says Pharaoh, No longer do I give to you straw. 11 You yourselves in going, collect together for yourselves straw! from where ever you should find. For nothing is removed from your rate, not one thing. 12 And he dispersed the people in the entire land of Egypt to gather together stubble for straw. 13 But the foremen hastened them, saying, You complete the works, the ones fit according to the day, just as also when the straw was given to you. 14 And they were whipped -- the scribes of the race of the sons of Israel, the ones being placed over them by the supervisors of Pharaoh, and saying, Why did you not complete your rate of the making of bricks as also yesterday and the third day before and today? 15 And entering, the scribes of the sons of Israel yelled out to Pharaoh, saying, Why do you thus do to your servants? 16 Straw has not been given to your servants, and [3brick 1they tell us 2to make]. And behold, your servants have been whipped. Shall you wrong therefore your people? 17 And he said to them, You are idle, you are idlers. Because of this you say, We should go, we should sacrifice to the  lord. 18 Now then, in going, work! For the straw [2to you 1shall not be given], and the rate for the making of bricks you shall render. 19 [7seeing 1And 2the 3scribes 4of the 5sons 6of Israel] themselves in bad ways, in the saying, You shall not leave off from the making of bricks fit for the day, 20 that they met Moses and Aaron coming to meet with them in their going forth from Pharaoh. 21 And they said to them, [2give 4over 1God 3you] and judge, for you caused [2to be abhorred 1our scent] before Pharaoh, and before his attendants, to put a broadsword into his hands to kill us. 22 [3turned 1And 2Moses] to the  lord, and said, O  lord, for why did you inflict evil on this people? And why have you sent me? 23 And when I went to Pharaoh to speak in the [2being to you 1name], he inflicted evil on this people, and you did not rescue your people.
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