Exodus 7


The LORD Gives Charge to Moses and Aaron

1And the  lord said to Moses, saying, Behold, I have made you as a god to Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother will be your prophet. 2But you shall speak to him all as much as I give charge to you. But Aaron your brother will speak to Pharaoh, so as to send the sons of Israel from out of his land. 3But I will harden the heart of Pharaoh, and I will multiply my signs, and the miracles in the land of Egypt. 4And [2will not listen to 3you 1Pharaoh], and I will put my hand against Egypt, and I will lead out with my power my people the sons of Israel from out of the land of Egypt with [2punishment 1great]. 5And [4shall know 1all 2the 3Egyptians] that I am the  lord, stretching out my hand against Egypt; and I will lead the sons of Israel from their midst. 6[5did 1And 2Moses 3and 4Aaron] just as [2gave charge 3to them 1the  lord] -- thus they did. 7And Moses was [2years old 1eighty], and Aaron was eighty-three years old when they spoke to Pharaoh. 8And the  lord said to Moses and Aaron, saying, 9And if [2should speak 3to 4you 1Pharaoh], saying, Give to us a sign or miracle, then [2Aaron shall say 1your brother], Take the rod and toss it upon the ground before Pharaoh, and before his attendants, and it will be a serpent. 10[5entered 1And 2Moses 3and 4Aaron] before Pharaoh, and his attendants. And they did thus, as [2gave charge 3to them 1the  lord]. And Aaron tossed the rod before Pharaoh, and before his attendants. And it became a serpent. 11[3called together 1And 4the 5wise men 6of Egypt 2Pharaoh], and the sorcerers. And [6did 5also 1the 2enchanters 3of the 4Egyptians] their sorceries likewise. 12And [2tossed 1each] his rod, and they became serpents. And [4swallowed down 1the 2rod 3of Aaron] the rods of those men. 13And [4grew strong 1the 2heart 3of Pharaoh], and he did not listen to them as [2said 3to them 1the  lord].

The Waters Turned to Blood

14[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, [4is weighed down 1The 2heart 3of Pharaoh] to not send out the people. 15You proceed to Pharaoh in the morning! Behold, he will go forth upon the water. And you will be able to meet him upon the edge of the river, and the rod, the one turning into a serpent, take in your hand. 16And you shall say to him, The  lord God of the Hebrews has sent me to you, saying, Send out my people! that they may serve to me in the wilderness. And behold, you hearkened not unto this time. 17Thus says the  lord, In this you will know that I am the  lord. Behold, I strike with the rod in my hand upon the water in the river, and it will turn into blood. 18And the fishes in the river shall come to an end. And [3will stink 1the 2river], and [3will not 4be able 1the 2Egyptians] to drink water from the river. 19[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, Say to Aaron your brother, Take your rod, and stretch out your hand upon the waters of Egypt, and upon their rivers, and upon their aqueducts, and upon their marshes, and upon all [2standing 3water 1their], and there will be blood in all the land of Egypt, in both the wood vessels and in the stone vessels. 20And [4did 5so 1Moses 2and 3Aaron], just as [2gave charge 3to them 1the  lord]. And Aaron lifting his rod struck the water in the river before Pharaoh, and before his attendants. And [7turned 1all 2the 3water 4in 5the 6river] into blood. 21And the fishes, the ones in the river came to an end. And [3stunk 1the 2river]. And [3were not 4able 1the 2Egyptians] to drink water from out of the river. And [3was 1the 2blood] in all the land of Egypt. 22[7did 1And 8likewise 2also 3the 4enchanters 5of the 6Egyptians] in their sorceries. And was hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not listen to them, just as the  lord said. 23[3turned 1And 2Pharaoh] to enter into his house, and he did not set his mind neither upon this thing. 24[5dug 1And 2all 3the 4Egyptians] round about the river so as to drink water; and they were not able to drink water from the river. 25And [3were fulfilled 1seven 2days] after the  lord struck the river.
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