Exodus 10


Locusts Corrupt the Land of Egypt

1[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, saying, Enter to Pharaoh! for I oppressed his heart, and the heart of his attendants, that [3in a row 2should come 1these signs] upon them; 2that you may describe them into the ears of your children, and to the children of your children; as much as I mocked the Egyptians, and my signs which I did among them. And you will know that it is I the  lord. 3[5entered 1And 2Moses 3and 4Aaron] before Pharaoh, and said to him, Thus says the  lord, the God of the Hebrews, Until when will you not shame me? Send out my people! that they may serve to me. 4But if [2should not want 1you] to send out my people, behold, I will bring this in the hour tomorrow -- [2locust 1much] upon all your boundaries. 5And [5will be covered 1the 2appearance 3of the 4earth], and you will not be able to look down at the ground, and will be eaten up all the extra being left behind which [3left behind 4for you 1the 2hail]. And will be eaten up every tree germinating of yours upon the land. 6And I will fill your houses, and the houses of your attendants, and all the houses in all the land of the Egyptians, which at no time have [2seen 1your fathers], nor their forefathers, from which day they were upon the land, until this day. And turning aside he went forth from Pharaoh. 7And [4say 1the 2attendants 3of Pharaoh] to him, For how long will this be to us an impediment? Send out the men! so that they may serve to the  lord their God. Or [2to see 1do you prefer] that they destroy Egypt? 8And [5returned 1both 2Moses 3and 4Aaron] to Pharaoh. And he said to them, Go, and serve to the  lord your God! But which and who are the ones going? 9And Moses says, With the young and the older we will go; with our sons, and daughters, and sheep, and our oxen; for it is the holiday of the  lord our God. 10And he said to them, Let it be so! The  lord be with you, in so far as I send you; but should also your belongings? See! for wickedness lies near to you. 11Not so, let [3go forth 1the 2men] and serve God! for this they seek after. And they cast them from the face of Pharaoh. 12[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, Stretch out your hand upon the land of Egypt! and let [2ascend 1the locust] upon the land, and it will eat up all the pasturage of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which [3left behind 1the 2hail]. 13And Moses stretched out the rod into the heaven, and the  lord brought [2wind 1the south] upon the land [2entire 3day 1that] and entire night. In the morning came the [2wind 1south] lifting up the locust, 14and it led it upon all the land of Egypt. And it rested upon all the boundaries of Egypt -- many, exceedingly. Prior of them there were not such locust, and after this there will not be so. 15And they covered the appearance of the land, and corrupted the land, and ate up all the pasturage of the land, and all the fruit of the trees, which were left behind from the hail. There was not left a green thing, not one thing among the trees, even in all the pasturage of the plain in all the land of Egypt. 16[3hastened 1And 2Pharaoh] to call Moses and Aaron, saying, I have sinned before the  lord your God, and against you. 17Favorably receive then my sin still now, and pray to the  lord your God, and remove from me this plague! 18[3went forth 1And 2Moses] from Pharaoh, and made a vow to God. 19And the  lord turned [2wind 3from 4the sea 1a vehement], and it took up the locust, and cast it into the red sea. And there was not left behind [2locust 1one] in all the land of Egypt. 20And the  lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not send out the sons of Israel.

Darkness Covers the Land of Egypt

21[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, Stretch out the hand into the heaven, and let [2become 1darkness] upon the land of Egypt -- a tangible darkness! 22[3stretched out 1And 2Moses] the hand unto the heaven. And there was darkness, dimness, and a storm upon all the land of Egypt three days. 23And not [2know 1did anyone] his brother, and not [2rise up 1did anyone] from his bed for three days. But to all the sons of Israel there was light in all places in which they occupied. 24And Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron, saying, Proceed, serve the  lord your God! only the sheep and the oxen leave behind! but [2your belongings 1let] run with you! 25And Moses said, But also you shall give us means for whole burnt-offerings and sacrifices which we will make to the  lord our God. 26And our cattle shall go with us, and we shall not leave behind a hoof. [2of 3them 1For] we shall take to serve the  lord our God. But we know not how we shall serve the  lord our God until the arriving of us there. 27[3hardened 1But 2the  lord] the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not want to send them. 28And Pharaoh says, Go forth from me! Take heed to yourself yet to add to see my face! for whatever day you should see me, you shall die. 29[3says 1And 2Moses], As you have said, no longer shall I appear to you in person.
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