Exodus 22


Ordinances Regarding Theft

1And if any should steal a calf or a sheep, and should slay it, or should sell it, [2five 3calves 1he shall pay] for the calf, and four sheep for the sheep. 2And if [4in 5the 6ditch 3should be found 1the 2thief], and being struck should die, it is not murder to him striking. 3But if the sun should rise upon him, he is liable, he shall die for it; and if there be no possessions to him, let him be sold for the theft. 4And if anything should be left and should be found in his hand from the theft, from both donkey unto sheep which may be living, [2double 3for it 1he shall pay]. 5And if any should graze upon a field or a vineyard, and should let his cattle graze upon [2field 1another], he shall pay from his field according to his produce; but if all the field should be grazed upon, [3best 4field 2from his 5and 7best 8vineyard 6from his 1he shall pay]. 6And if [2going forth 1a fire] should find thorn-bushes, and should set on fire a threshing-floor, or corn, or a field, [5shall pay 1the one 3the 4fire 2burning with]. 7And if any should give to his neighbor silver or items to guard, and it should be stolen from out of the house of the man, if [3should be found 1the 2one stealing] he shall pay double. 8But if [3should not 4be found 1the one 2stealing], [5shall come forward 1the 2master 3of the 4house] before God, and shall swear by an oath that assuredly he did not do wickedly regarding all that was in deposit for the care of his neighbor. 9According to every particular offence, concerning both calf, and beast of burden, and sheep, and garment, and every destruction being accused, the one who then should be, before God [4shall come 1the 2judgment 3of both], then the one convicted by God shall pay double to his neighbor. 10And if any should give to the neighbor a beast of burden, or a calf, or sheep, or any cattle to guard; and it should break, or come to an end, or [2captive 1become], and no one should know, 11there shall be an oath of God between both, swearing that assuredly he had not done wickedly to partake altogether of the deposit put in care by his neighbor, and thus [2shall receive him favorably 1his owner], and he shall not pay. 12And if it be stolen from him, he shall pay the owner of it. 13And if [2taken by wild beasts 1it should be], he shall lead him to the game, and he shall not pay. 14And if anyone should ask to borrow from his neighbor, and it should break, or die, or [2captive 1become], and the owner of it should not be with it, he shall pay. 15But if its owner should be with it, he shall not pay. But if a hireling should be with it, it will be to him for his wage.

Ordinances of Conduct

16And if any should beguile a virgin not betrothed, and should go to bed with her, [5with a dowry 1he shall endow 2her 3to himself 4as a wife]. 17But if in shaking he shakes his head in dissent, and [2should not 3be willing 1her father] to give her to him as wife, [4silver 1he shall pay 2to the 3father], according to as much as is the dowry of the virgins. 18[3administers of potions 1You shall not 2procure]. 19Every one going to bed with a beast -- to death you shall kill them. 20The one sacrificing to gods shall be utterly destroyed, except to the  lord alone. 21And [3a foreigner 1you shall not 2maltreat], nor should you afflict him, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt. 22Every widow and orphan you shall not maltreat. 23And if you should maltreat them, and crying out they should yell out to me, in hearing I shall listen to their yell, 24and I shall be provoked to anger with rage, and I will kill you by the sword, and [2will be 1your wives] widows, and your children orphans. 25And if money should be lent with interest to the brother that is destitute close to you, you shall not be coercing him, you shall not place [2upon 3him 1interest]. 26And if for collateral you should take for security the cloak of your neighbor, before the descent of the sun you shall give it back to him, 27[3is 1for 2this] his wrap-around garment, this alone is [2cloak 3for indecency 1his]; in what manner shall he go to bed? If then he should yell out to me, I will listen to him, [3merciful 1for 2I am]. 28[3magistrates 1You shall not 2speak evil of], and rulers of your people you shall not speak wickedly. 29[4first-fruits 5of the threshing-floor 6and 7wine vat 3of your 1You shall not 2be late]. [2first-born 3son 1Your] you shall give to me -- 30so shall you do with your calf, and your sheep, and your beast of burden. Seven days it shall be under the mother, but [3day 1the 2eighth] you shall give [2back 3to me 1it]. 31And [3men 2holy 1you shall be] to me, and meat in a field taken by wild beasts you shall not eat, [2to the 3dogs 1throw it away]!
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