Exodus 23


Judicial Conduct

1You shall not welcome [2report 1a vain]. You shall not assent together with the unjust to become [2witness 1an unjust]. 2You shall not be with many people for evil. You shall not be added with a multitude to turn aside a judgment. 3And [5because one is needy 1you shall not 2show mercy 3in 4a judgment]. 4And if you should meet up with the ox of your enemy, or with his beast of burden wandering, by returning, you shall give it back to him. 5And if you should see the beast of burden of your enemy falling under its load of merchandise, you shall not go by it, but you shall raise it with him. 6You shall not turn aside a judgment of the needy in his judgment. 7From all things unjust you shall abstain. The innocent and the just you shall not kill. And you shall not give justice to the impious because of bribes. 8And bribes you shall not receive; for the bribes blind the eyes for seeing and lay waste [2matters 1just]. 9And a foreigner you shall not maltreat, nor in any way afflict. For you know the soul of the foreigner, for you yourselves were foreigners in the land of Egypt.

The Seventh Year and Day

10Six years you shall sow your land, and you shall gather its produce, 11but on the seventh [2a release from work 1you shall make], and spare it, and [4shall eat 1the 2poor 3of your nation]; and the things being left behind of them [3shall eat 1the 2wild beasts] of the field. Thus you shall do with your vineyard, and your olive grove. 12Six days you shall do your works, but on the [2day 1seventh] you shall rest, that [3may rest 2ox 1your], and your beast of burden, and that [4may be refreshed 1the 2son 3of your maidservant], and the foreigner. 13All, as much as I have spoken to you, guard! And the name [2gods 1of other] you shall not call to mind, nor should one be heard from out of your mouth.

The Three Holidays

14Three times of the year solemnize a holiday to me! 15The holiday of the unleavened breads keep to do! Seven days you shall eat unleavened breads, just as I gave charge to you, according to the time of the month of the new produce; for in it you came forth from out of Egypt. You shall not appear before me empty. 16And a holiday of the harvest of the first produce you shall observe of your works, what ever you sow in your field; and a holiday of completion at the conclusion of the year in the gathering of your works, of the ones from out of your field. 17Three times a year [4shall appear 1every 2male 3of yours] before the  lord your God. 18For whenever I should cast out the nations from your face, and widen your boundaries, you shall not sacrifice with yeast the blood of my sacrifice, neither shall [3remain through the night 1the fat 2of my holiday feast] until morning. 19The first-fruits of the first produce of your land you shall carry into the house of the  lord your God. You shall not boil a lamb in [2milk 1her mother's].

Warning against Serving Other Gods

20And behold, I send my messenger before your face, that he may guard you in the way, that he may bring you into the land which I prepared for you. 21Take heed to yourself, and hearken to him, and do not resist his persuasion, for he should not avoid you, for my name is upon him! 22If in hearing you shall hearken to my voice, and do all as much as I give charge to you, I will be an enemy to your enemies, and I will be an adversary to the ones being an adversary of you. 23[3shall go 1For 2my messenger] leading you; and he will bring you to the Amorite, and Hittite, and Perizzite, and Canaanite, and Gergesite, and Hivite, and Jebusite; and I will obliterate them. 24You shall not do obeisance to their gods, nor shall you serve to them. You shall not do according to their works; but by demolition you shall demolish them, and by breaking you shall break their monuments. 25And you shall serve to the  lord your God; and I will bless your bread, and your wine, and your water; and I will turn infirmity from you. 26It will not be barren nor sterile upon your land; the number of your days I will fill up. 27And the fear of me I will send leading before you; and I will startle all the nations into which you enter into them; and I will give over all your opponents unto exiles. 28And I will send the swarms of wasps in front of you. And I will cast out the Amorites, and the Hivites, and the Canaanites, and the Hittites from you. 29I will not cast them from your face in [2year 1one], that [3should not become 1the 2land] wilderness, and many [2should happen 3upon 4you 1wild beasts] in the land. 30According to little by little I will cast them from you, until whenever you should grow and be heir to the land. 31And I will establish your boundaries from the red sea unto the sea of the Philistines; and from the wilderness unto the river of the great Euphrates. And I will deliver up into your hands the ones lying in wait in the land; and I will cast them from you. 32You shall not assent together with them, and with their gods you shall not establish a covenant. 33And they shall not lie in wait in your land, lest [2you to sin 1they should cause] against me; for if you should be a slave to their gods, these will be to you an occasion for stumbling.
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