Ezekiel 1


Ezekiel's Vision of the Living Creatures

1And it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, the fifth of the month, and I was in the midst of the captivity by the river Chebar, and [3were opened 1the 2heavens], and I beheld visions of God. 2On the fifth of the month, this is the [2year 1fifth] of the captivity of king Jehoiakim, 3and [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to Ezekiel, the son of Buzi the priest, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and [3came 4upon 5me 1the hand 2of the  lord]. 4And I beheld, and behold, a wind lifting up came from the north, and [2cloud 1a great] with it, and brightness round about it, and fire flashing. And in the midst of it was as the vision of molten bronze in the midst of the fire, and brightness in it. 5And in the midst was as a likeness of four living creatures. And this is their vision -- a likeness of a man was unto them. 6And there were four faces to the one, and four wings to the one. 7And their legs were straight; and [2feathered 1their feet]; and there were sparks as flashing brass; and [2were light 1their wings]. 8And the hand of a man was beneath their wings, upon [2four 3parts 1their]. And their faces and their wings, of the four, were being next to the other of the other. 9And their wings were not turned in their proceeding; each [2opposite 3their face 1went]. 10And the likeness of their faces was as the face of a man, and a face of a lion from out of the right to the four; and the face of a calf from out of the left to the four; and the face of an eagle to the four. 11And their wings were stretching out above; to the four each, two being yoked together to one another, and two covered up upon their body. 12And each to the other [2in front 3of him 1went]. Where ever [3was 1the 2spirit] going, they went, and they did not turn. 13And in the midst of the living creatures was a vision as of coals of fire burning, as the appearance of lamps twisting in the midst of the living creatures. And brightness was of the fire, and from out of the fire went forth as lightning.

The Wheels

14And the living creatures were running and returning as the appearance of the lightning. 15And I beheld, and behold, there was [2wheel 1one] upon the earth being next to the living creatures, next to the four. 16And the sight of the wheels and their action was as the sight of Tharsis stone. And there was [2likeness 1one] to the four; and their work was as if it may be a wheel in a wheel. 17Upon [2four 3parts 1their] they went; they did not turn in their going, 18and yet their backs and height was to them. And I beheld them, and their backs full of eyes, round about to the four. 19And in the going, the living creatures went, the wheels being next to them. And in the lifting away [4the 5living creatures 6from 7the 8earth 3lifted away 1the 2wheels]. 20Where ever [3was 1the 2cloud] there the spirit was to go; [3went 1the 2living creatures], and the wheels also lifted away with them; because spirit of life was in the wheels. 21In their going, the wheels went; and in their standing, the wheels stood; and in their lifting away from the earth, the wheels lifted away with them; for spirit of life was in the wheels. 22And the likeness above the head of the living creatures was as a firmament, as the vision of ice being stretched out over their wings on top. 23And under the firmament their wings were stretching out flapping, the other to the other; to each two covering their bodies. 24And I heard the sound of their wings in their going, as the sound [2water 1of much], as the sound of a worthy one in their going; a sound of the word as a sound of a camp; and in their standing [3rested 1their wings].

The Vision of the Throne

25And behold, a sound far above the firmament, 26of the one being above their head, as a vision of stone of sapphire with a likeness of a throne upon it; and upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness as a form of a man from above. 27And I beheld as an appearance of molten bronze, as a vision of fire within it round about from the vision of the loin and up; and from the vision of the loin unto below I beheld as a vision as of fire, and its brightness round about. 28As the vision of a bow whenever it might be in the cloud in a day of rain, thus was the position of the brightness round about. This is the vision of the likeness of the glory of the  lord. And I beheld, and I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice speaking.
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