Ezekiel 10


The Likeness of a Throne

1And I beheld, and behold, upon the firmament above the head of the cherubim was [4stone 3of sapphire 1a likeness 2of a throne] over them. 2And he said to the man clothed by the robe, Enter into the midst of the wheels, of the ones underneath the cherubim, and fill your hands full of coals of fire from out of the midst of the cherubim, and scatter them upon the city! And he entered before me. 3And the cherubim stood at the right of the house, in the entering of the man. And the cloud filled the [2courtyard 1inner].

The Glory Departs from the Temple

4And [4departed 1the 2glory 3of the  lord] from the cherubim into the open air of the house. And [3was filled 1the 2house] with the cloud, and the courtyard was filled of the brightness of the glory of the  lord. 5And the sound of the wings of the cherubim was heard unto [3courtyard 1the 2outer], as the sound of God Saddai speaking. 6And it came to pass in his giving charge to the man, to the one being clothed in the [2robe 1holy], saying, Take fire from out of the midst of the wheels, from the place between the cherubim! And he entered and stood next to the wheels. 7And [3stretched out 1the 2cherub] his hand into the midst of the fire, of the one being in the midst of the cherubim. And he took, and put it unto the hands of the one being clothed by the [2robe 1holy]. And he took it and came forth. 8And I beheld the cherubim having likenesses of the hands of men from beneath their wings. 9And I beheld, and behold, four wheels stood next to the cherubim, [2wheel 1one] being next to [2cherub 1one], and [2wheel 1one] being next to [2cherub 1one]. And the appearance of the wheels was as the appearance [2stone 1of carbuncle]. 10And their appearance was as the likeness one to the four, in which manner whenever [2might be 1a wheel] in the midst of a wheel. 11In their going [2in 4four 5parts 3their 1they went]; they did not turn in their going. For unto which ever place [4looked 1the 3head 2one] behind it they went, and they did not turn in their going. 12And all their flesh, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels were full of eyes round about to the four wheels of them. 13 And these wheels were called Gelgel in my hearing. 14And there were four faces to the one; the face of the one was the face of the cherub. And the [3face 1the 2second] was a face of a man; and the third face a lion; and the fourth face an eagle.

The Cherubim Depart

15And [3departed 1the 2cherubim]. This is the living creature which I saw by the river Chebar. 16And in the [2going 1cherubim], [3went 1the 2wheels], and these were next to them. And in the lifting away of the cherubim, of their wings to raise up on high from the earth, [2did not 3turn 1their wheels]; and indeed they were by the ones next to them. 17In their standing, their wheels stood; and in their rising up on high, the wheels rose up on high with them; because spirit of life was in them. 18And [3went forth 1the glory 2of the  lord] from the open air of the house, and mounted upon the cherubim. 19And [3lifted up 1the 2cherubim] their wings, and rose up on high from the earth before me, in their going forth, and the wheels were next to them. And they stood upon the thresholds of the gate of the house of the  lord, of the one before. And the glory of the God of Israel was upon them up above. 20This [2the 3living creature 1is] which I saw underneath the God of Israel by the river Chebar; and I knew that they are cherubim. 21Four faces to the one, and four wings to the one; and having a likeness of hands of men from beneath their wings, 22and the likeness of their faces -- these [2the 3faces 1are] which I saw underneath the glory of the God of Israel by the river Chebar, in the vision of them. And these -- each of them [2according to 3their face 1went].
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