Ezekiel 16


The Origins of Jerusalem

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, testify to Jerusalem of her lawless deeds! 3And you shall say, Thus says Adonai the  lord to Jerusalem; Your root and your birth are of the land of Canaan. Your father was an Amorite, and your mother a Hittite. 4And concerning your birth in which day you were born, [2was not 3severed 1your naval], and [3in 4water 1you were not 2bathed] for safety, nor [2with salt 1were you salted], and [3with swaddling-cloths 1you were not 2swaddled], 5nor [2spare 3over 4you 1did my eye] to do for you one of all of these things, to suffer anything for you; and you were thrown away upon the face of the plain because of the deformity of your life in the day you were birthed. 6And I went unto you, and I beheld you being befouled in your blood. And I said to you from out of your blood -- Live! Even I said to you with your blood -- Life. 7Be multiplied! [3as 4the 5rising 6of the 7field 1I have made 2you]. And you were multiplied, and magnified, and entered into cities of cities. Your breasts erected, and your hair rose up; but you were naked and indecent. 8And I went by you, and beheld you. And behold, it was your time, and a time of resting up. And I opened and spread out my wings over you, and I covered your indecency, and I swore an oath to you, and entered into a covenant with you, says Adonai the  lord, and you became mine. 9And I bathed you in water, and washed your blood from you, and anointed you with oil. 10And I clothed you in colored garments, and tied on you blue cloth; and I tied [2around 3you 1linen], and put around you a braided belt, 11and adorned you with ornamentation, and put bracelets around your hands, and a necklace around your neck. 12And I gave a ring for your nose, and disks for your ears, and a crown of boasting for your head. 13And you were adorned in gold and silver, and your wraps were fine linen, and braids, and colored garments. [2fine flour 3and 4olive oil 5and 6honey 1You ate], and you became [3good 1very 2vehemently]. And you prospered for royalty. 14And [3went forth 1your 2name] among the nations in your beauty; because it was being completed with attractiveness, in the beauty which I ordered up for you, says Adonai the  lord. 15And you relied in your beauty, and you committed harlotry because of your name; and you poured out your harlotry upon all in the byway -- it was to him.

Jerusalem Plays the Harlot

16And you took from your garments, and you made for yourself idols strung together. And you fornicated upon them. And in no way should you enter nor should it be. 17And you took the items of your boasting from my gold, and from my silver of which I gave you; and you made for yourself [2images 1male], and you fornicated with them. 18And you took [3clothes 2colored 1your], and covered them. And my oil and my incense you put before their face. 19And my bread loaves which I gave to you, fine flour and olive oil and honey, which I fed you -- even you put them before their face for a scent of pleasant aroma. Yes, it became so, says Adonai the  lord. 20And you took your sons and your daughters whom you bore, and sacrificed these to them unto consumption, as [2a little 1you fornicated]. 21And you slew your children, and gave them up in your pacifying them to them. 22This is beyond all your harlotry, and your abominations. And you did not remember the days of your infancy, when you were naked and indecent, being befouled in your blood, and you lived. 23And it came to pass after all your evils -- woe, woe to you, says Adonai the  lord, 24that you built for yourself a building for a harlot; and you made for yourself a public notice in every square. 25And upon every corner of the way you built your places of harlotry, and laid waste your beauty. And [3led through 4your legs 1every one 2passing by], and you multiplied your harlotry.

Jerusalem Fornicates with the Nations

26And you fornicated after the sons of Egypt, of the ones adjoining you, the fleshy ones. And in many ways you fornicated to provoke me to anger. 27And behold, I stretch out my hand against you, and I will lift away your laws, and deliver you up to the souls detesting you, daughters of Philistines, the ones turning aside from out of your way, of which you were impious. 28And you fornicated with the sons of Assyria, and neither thus were you satisfied. Yes, you fornicated, and you were not satisfied. 29And you multiplied your harlotries with the land of Canaan, and to the Chaldeans; and not even in these were you satisfied. 30What shall I do to your heart, says Adonai the  lord, while you do all these things, works of a woman harlot speaking openly. And you fornicated thrice among your daughters -- 31in your building your place of harlotry at the top of every street; and [2your base 1you made] in every square; and you became not even as a harlot bringing together hires. 32The wife committing adultery is likened to you, the one [3from 4her husband 1taking 2wages], 33and to all the ones fornicating with her she gave [2in addition 1wages]. And you have given wages to all your lovers; and you loaded them to come to you round about in your harlotry. 34And became in you a perverseness beyond the other women in the harlotry of your harlotry, and with you, which they shall commit harlotry. For in your giving [2in addition 1wages], (and wages were not given to you,) [2has taken place 3in 4you 1a perverseness]. 35On account of this, O harlot, hear the word of the  lord!

The LORD's Judgment on Jerusalem

36Thus says Adonai the  lord; Because you poured out your brass money, therefore [2shall be uncovered 1your shame] in your harlotry with your lovers, and into all the thoughts of your lawlessnesses, and in the blood of your children which you have given to them. 37On account of this, behold, I [2against 3you 1will gather] all your lovers in which you intermixed with them, and all whom you loved, with all the ones whom you detested. And I will bring them together against you round about. And I will uncover your evils to them, and they shall see all your shame. 38And I will punish you with the punishment of adulterous one, and one pouring out of blood. And I will appoint you for blood of rage and zeal. 39And I will deliver you into their hands. And they shall raze your place of harlotry, and demolish your base, and take off your garments, and take the items of your boasting, and shall leave you naked and indecent. 40And they shall lead [2against 3you 1multitudes], and shall stone you with stones, and shall butcher you with their swords. 41And they shall burn your houses by fire, and they shall execute among you acts of vengeance before [2women 1many]. And I will turn you from harlotry, and [3for wages 1in no way 2will I give you up] any longer. 42And I will slacken my rage against you, and [2shall be removed 1my jealousy] from you. And I will rest, and in no way will I be anxious any longer. 43Because you did not remember the day of your infancy, and you caused me to fret in all these things; and behold, I [2your ways 3upon 4your head 1have imputed], says Adonai the  lord; and so you shall not commit impiety above all your lawless deeds. 44These are all as much as they spoke against you in a parable, saying, As the mother, so also the daughter. 45[3the 4daughter 5of your mother 1you 2are], the one thrusting away her husband, and her children; and sister of your brethren, of the ones thrusting away their husbands and their children. Your mother was a Hittite, and your father an Amorite.

Jerusalem is Compared to Samaria and Sodom

46 [3sister 1Your 2older], she is Samaria, even her daughters dwelling on your left. And [3sister 1your 2younger], the one dwelling on your right is Sodom and her daughters. 47And neither as in their ways were you gone, nor according to their lawless deeds acted even a little, but you take precedence over them in all your ways. 48As I live, says Adonai the  lord, Has [3done 1Sodom 2your sister], she and her daughters, in which manner you did, you and your daughters? 49Besides this, the violation of Sodom your sister -- pride; in fullness of bread and in prosperity they lived extravagantly, she and her daughters; this existed in her and her daughters, and [3the hand 4of the poor 5and 6needy 1they did not 2assist]. 50And they bragged, and committed violations of the law before me. And I removed them as you saw. 51And Samaria [3according to 4the 5halves 6of your sins 1did not 2sin]. But you multiplied your lawless deeds above them, and justified your sisters in all your lawless deeds which you did. 52And you, carry your torment! by which you corrupted your sisters in your sins which you acted lawlessly above them, and justified them above yourself. And you, be ashamed and take your dishonor! in that you justified your sisters. 53And I will return their rejection, the rejection of Sodom and her daughters; and I will return the rejection of Samaria and her daughters; and I will return your rejection in the midst of them; 54so that you should carry your torment, and be disgraced from all which you did in your provoking me to anger. 55And your sister Sodom and her daughters shall be restored as they were from the beginning. And Samaria and her daughters shall be restored as they were from the beginning. And you and your daughters shall be restored as you were from the beginning. 56And was not Sodom your sister for a report in your mouth in the days of your pride, 57before the uncovering of your evils, in which manner [2now 3the scorn 1you are] of the daughters of Syria, and all the ones round about you, even the daughters of the Philistines, of the ones compassing you round about? 58As for your impious and your lawless deeds, you have carried them, says the  lord. 59Thus says Adonai the  lord; And I will do among you as you did, as you disgraced this oath to violate my covenant. 60And I will remember my covenant, of the one with you in the days of your infancy. And I will reestablish with you [2covenant 1an everlasting]. 61And you shall remember your way, and you shall be despised in your taking up your sisters, your older ones with your younger ones; and I will give them to you for edifying, but not out of your covenant. 62And I will reestablish my covenant with you, and you shall realize that I am the  lord; 63so that you should remember and should be ashamed, and it might not be for you still to open your mouth because of the face of your dishonor in my atoning you according to all as much as you did, says Adonai the  lord.
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