Ezekiel 18


Parable of the Unripe Grapes

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, What to you is this parable concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers ate an unripe grape, and the teeth of the children have a toothache? 3As I live, says Adonai the  lord, Shall [3still be 1the saying 2of this parable] in Israel?

The Soul Who Sins Shall Die

4For all the souls are mine; in which manner the soul of the father, also the soul of the son; they are mine. The soul sinning, this one shall die. 5But the man who will be just, the one executing equity and righteousness, 6[3upon 4the 5mountains 1he shall not 2eat to idols], and his eyes in no way shall be lifted up to the thoughts of the house of Israel; and the wife of his neighbor in no way shall he defile, and to the wife [2in 3menstruation 1being] he shall not draw near, 7and [3a man 1in no way 2shall he tyrannize over], and collateral taken as a pledge being owed he shall give back, and things for seizure he shall not seize by force, and [2his bread 3to the one 4hungering 1he shall give], and [2the naked 1he shall cover] with a garment; 8 [3his money 4with 5interest 1he shall not 2give], and [3by usury 1shall not 2take money]; [3from 4injustice 1he shall turn 2his hand]; [3judgment 2a just 1he shall execute] between a man and his neighbor; 9and [2by 3my orders 1he shall go], and [2my ordinances 1shall guard] to do them -- [3just 1this one 2is]; to life he shall live, says Adonai the  lord. 10And if he engenders [2son 1a mischievous], one pouring out blood and committing sins, and 11[2in 3the 4way 7father 5of his 6just 1he went not], but also upon the mountains he ate to idols, and the wife of his neighbor he defiled, 12and [2the poor 3and 4needy 1tyrannized over], and seized by force, and [3collateral taken as a pledge 1did not 2give back], and for the idols put his eyes [2lawlessness 1to do], 13and with interest gave a thing, and by usury took; this one [3to life 1shall not 2live]; all these lawless deeds he did; unto death he shall be put to death; his blood [2upon 3him 1will be]. 14And if he should engender a son, and he should behold all the sins of his father which he did, and should fear and should not do according to these, 15[3upon 4the 5mountains 1and has not 2eaten], and [2his eyes 1put not] onto the thoughts of the house of Israel, and [2the 3wife 4of his neighbor 1defiled not], 16and [2a man 1tyrannized not over], and took not collateral for security, and by seizure seized not by force; [2his bread 3to the hungry 1but gave], and [2the naked 1covered] with a garment, 17and [3from 4injustice 1turned 2his hand], [3interest 4and 5usury 1and did not 2take money from], [2righteousness 1and executed], and [2by 3my orders 1went]; he shall not come to an end by the iniquities of his father; to life he shall live. 18 But if his father by affliction afflicted, and by seizure seized by force, and [2contrary 1did] in the midst of his people, then he shall die in his iniquity. 19And you shall say, Why is it that [3does not take 1the 2son] the iniquity of his father? Because the son [2equity 3and 4righteousness 5and 6mercy 1has done]. All my laws he preserved, and he did them; to life he shall live. 20But the soul sinning, it shall die. And the son shall not take the iniquity of the father. And the father shall not take the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the just one [2upon 3him 1shall be], and the lawlessness of the lawless one [2upon 3him 1shall be].

The Repentant One Shall Live

21And the lawless one, if he should turn from all his lawless deeds which he did, and should keep all my commandments, and should do equity and righteousness and mercy; to life he shall live, and he shall not die. 22All of his transgressions, as many as he did, they shall not be remembered to him; in his righteousness which he did he shall live. 23By volition do I want the death of the lawless one, says Adonai the  lord? No, But as to turn him from [3way 1his 2evil] and to enliven him. 24But in the turning the just from his righteousness, and he should commit iniquity, according to all the iniquities which [3did 1the 2lawless one]; if he should do thus, he shall not live. In all the things of his righteousness, which he did, in no way shall they be remembered; in his transgression in which he fell, and in his sins in which he sinned, in them he shall die. 25And you said, [4is not straight 1The 2way 3of the  lord]. Hear indeed house of Israel! Is my way not straight? Is it that your ways are straight? 26In the turning of the just from his righteousness, and he should commit transgression, and he should die in the transgression which he did; [2in 3it 1he shall die]. 27And in the [2turning 1lawless one] from his lawlessness which he did, and he shall act with equity and righteousness, this one [2his soul 1kept]. 28For he saw and turned from all his impiety which he did; to life he shall live, in no way shall he die. 29And [4says 1the 2house 3of Israel], [4is not 5straight 1The 2way 3of the  lord]. Is my way not straight, O house of Israel? Is it your way that is not straight? 30Therefore [3each 4according to 5his way 1I shall judge 2you], O house of Israel, says Adonai the  lord. Be restored and turn from all your impiety, and [3shall not be 4to you 1punishment 2of iniquity]! 31Throw away from yourself all your impiety which you were impious against me, and make to yourself [2heart 1a new] and [2spirit 1a new]! And why do you die, O house of Israel? 32For I do not want the death of the one dying, says Adonai the  lord. Return then! and you shall live.
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