Ezekiel 2


Ezekiel is Commissioned Prophet to Israel

1And he said to me, O son of man, stand upon your feet, and I shall speak to you! 2And came upon me a spirit. And it took me up, and lifted me away, and stood me upon my feet. And I heard him speaking to me. 3And he said to me, O son of man, I shall send you to the sons of Israel, of the ones rebelling against me; the ones who rebelled against me. They and their fathers disregarded me, until today's day. 4And [4sons 1harsh 2and 3hard-hearted] -- I shall send you to them. And you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord the  lord. 5If it is so that they should hearken or be terrified, for [2house 1it is a rebellious], yet shall they know that [2a prophet 1you are] in the midst of them. 6And you, O son of man, should not be afraid of them, nor be startled by their face, for they shall be heated, and shall rise up together against you round about. And [3in 4the midst 5of scorpions 1you 2dwell]. [3their words 1You should not 2fear], and before their face you should not be startled, for [2house 1it is a rebellious]. 7And you shall speak my words to them, for surely they shall hear or be terrified; for [3house 2a rebellious 1it is]. 8And you, O son of man, hearken to the one speaking to you! Be not rebellious as the [2house 1rebellious]! Gape wide your mouth, and eat what I give to you! 9And I beheld, and behold, a hand stretched out to me, and in it a roll of a scroll. 10And he unrolled it in my presence, and was in it things being written on the front and the rear; and it had written on it a lamentation, and a strain, and a woe.
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