Ezekiel 21


Babylon -- God's Sword of Judgment

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2On account of this, prophesy O son of man, and firmly fix your face against Jerusalem, and look upon their holy places, and prophesy against the land of Israel! 3And you shall say to the land of Israel, Thus says Adonai the  lord; Behold, I am against you, and I will pull my knife from out of its sheath, and I will utterly destroy from you the lawless one and unjust one. 4Because I will utterly destroy [4from out of 5you 1the unjust one 2and 3the lawless one], so shall [2come forth 1my knife] from out of its sheath against all flesh, from the east unto the north. 5And [3shall realize 1all 2flesh] that I the  lord pulled out my knife from out of its sheath; and it shall not turn back any longer. 6And you, O son of man, groan in the breaking of your loins. And in griefs you shall moan before their eyes. 7And it will be if they should say to you, For what reason do you moan? that you shall say, For the message, for it comes, and [3shall be devastated 1every 2heart], and [3shall be disabled 1all 2hands], and [3shall expire 1all 2flesh], and every spirit, and all thighs shall be tainted by wetness. Behold, it comes and it shall be, says the  lord God. 8And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 9O son of man, prophesy! And you shall say, Thus says Adonai the  lord; Say, O broadsword, O broadsword, sharpen and be enraged! 10so that you should slay victims for slaughter. Be sharpened! so that you should become shiny. Prepare for paralysis! Slay! Treat with contempt! Put aside every tree! 11And he made it ready [2to hold 1for his hand]. [3is made very sharp 1The 2broadsword], it is ready to put it into the hand of one piercing. 12Shout aloud and shriek, O son of man! for it happened unto my people. It is come upon all the ones guiding Israel. They shall sojourn upon the broadsword. It happened unto my people. On account of this, clap with your hand! 13for justice has been done. And what if even the tribe be thrust away? It will not be, says Adonai the  lord. 14And you, O son of man, prophesy, and clap hand upon hand! And repeat the broadsword! The third broadsword is of slain ones, [3broadsword 4of the slain 1the 2great]. And you shall amaze them, 15so that [3should be devastated 1the 2heart], and [3should be multiplied 1the ones 2being weakened] at every gate of theirs. They have been delivered up as victims for slaughter by the broadsword. Well done keen one being for slaughter. Well done one being for shining. As lightning go forth! 16Sharpen from the right and from the left! wherever your face should be aroused. 17[3also 2I 1And] will clap my hand to my hand, and I will slacken my rage; I the  lord, have spoken. 18And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 19And you, O son of man, set in order to yourself two ways! [4to enter 1for the broadsword 2of the king 3of Babylon]. From out of [2place 1one] shall come forth the two companies; and [2a hand 3at 4the top 5of the street 6of the city 7upon 8the corner 9of the street 1set in order], 20for the [2to enter 1broadsword] upon Rabbath of the sons of Ammon, and upon Judah, and upon Jerusalem in an assault. 21For [3shall stand 1the king 2of Babylon] upon the ancient way, upon the corner of the two streets to use oracles for divination, to stir up the rod, and to ask among the carved images, and [2livers 1to watch]. 22From his right became the oracle against Jerusalem, to throw up a siege mound, to open wide the mouth in yelling, to raise up high a voice with a cry, to throw up a siege mound against her gates, and to throw up an embankment, and to build a range of weapons. 23And he to them was as one using oracles for divination before them, and he himself calling to mind their iniquity to be seized. 24On account of this, Thus says Adonai the  lord Because you called to mind your iniquities in the uncovering of your impiety to see your sins, in all your lawlessnesses, and in all your practices; because you called to mind, in these you shall be captured. 25And you, O profane lawless one guiding Israel, whose [2is come 1day] in time of iniquity -- an end, 26thus says Adonai the  lord; Remove the turban, and put aside the crown! This [2not 4such 1will 3be]. You abased the high, and raised up high the low. 27Injustice, Injustice, I will appoint it. Neither this [2such 1will be] until of which time [3shall come 1the one who 2is fit], and I will deliver up to him.

Judgment against the Sons of Ammon

28And you, O son of man, prophesy! And you shall say, Thus says Adonai the  lord to the sons of Ammon, and concerning their scorning. And you shall say, O broadsword, O broadsword, being unsheathed for victims for slaughter, and being unsheathed for consummation, arise so as to shine! 29In [3vision 1your 2vain], and in your using [2oracles 1lying] to deliver yourself upon the necks of the slain lawless ones which is come the day in the time of iniquity -- the end. 30Return to your sheath! In this place which you were engendered in [2land 1your own], I will judge you. 31And I will pour out upon you my anger. In the fire of my anger I will breathe against you, and I will deliver you into the hands [2men 1of barbaric] contriving corruption. 32By fire you will be a thing devoured; your blood will be in the midst of your land; in no way shall there be memory of you; for I the  lord have spoken.
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