Ezekiel 28


To the Ruler of Tyre

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2And you, O son of man, say to the ruler of Tyre! Thus says Adonai the  lord; because [2was raised up high 1your heart], and you said, [3the 4God 2am 1I], [2the dwelling 3of God 1I inhabited] in the heart of the sea. But you are a man, and not God, and you made your heart as the heart of God. 3 [3wiser than 1Are 2you] Daniel, or [2the wise 1did not] correct you with their higher knowledge? 4Is it by your higher knowledge, or in your intelligence you produced for yourself power, and you procured gold and silver among your treasures? 5Or by [2much 3higher knowledge 1your] and in your trade did you multiply your power, and raise up high your heart by your power? 6On account of this, thus says Adonai the  lord; Since you imputed your heart as the heart of God; 7for this, behold, I bring upon you strange pestilent ones from the nations. And they shall empty out their swords against you; against the beauty of your higher knowledge; and they shall spread your beauty unto destruction. 8And they shall bring you down, and you shall die by death of the slain in the heart of the sea. 9In saying, will you say, [3God 2am 1I], in the presence of the ones doing away with you? But you are a man, and not God in the hand of ones piercing you. 10In deaths of the uncircumcised you shall die by the hands of strangers; for I spoke, says Adonai the  lord.

A Lamentaion Over the Ruler of Tyre

11And came the word of the  lord to me, saying, 12O son of man, take a lamentation over the ruler of Tyre, and say to him! Thus says Adonai the  lord; You are a seal of likeness full of wisdom, and a crown of beauty. 13[2in 3the 4luxury 5of the paradise 6of God 1You were]; [2every 4stone 3precious 1you bound on] -- sardius, and topaz, and emerald, and carbuncle, and sapphire, and jasper, and silver, and gold, and amber, and agate, and amethyst, and chrysolite, and beryl, and onyx. And with gold you filled up your treasuries and your storehouses among you. 14From which day you were created and were carefully prepared with the cherub being anointed by God, and encamping in the tent, even I put you on [2mount 1the holy] of God; you existed among the midst of the stones of fire. 15You were unblemished in your days of which day you were created, until of which time [3were found 1the 2offences] in you. 16From the abundance of your trade you filled your storerooms with lawlessness, and sinned. And you were wounded from the mountain of God, and [4led 5you 1the 2cherub 3overshadowing] from out of the midst of the stones of fire. 17[2was raised up high 1Your heart] over your beauty; [2was corrupted 1your higher knowledge] with your beauty because of the multitude of your sins. [3upon 4the 5earth 1I tossed 2you]; [3before 4kings 1I put 2you] to be made an example. 18Because of the multitude of your sins and the iniquities of your trade you profaned your temples; and I will lead fire from out of your midst, this shall devour you; and I will put you for ashes upon the earth before all the ones seeing you. 19And all the ones knowing you among the nations shall be gloomy over you; [2for destruction 1you became], and you shall not exist any longer into the eon.

Judgment against Sidon

20And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 21O son of man, firmly fix your face against Sidon, and prophesy against it! 22And say! Thus says Adonai the  lord; Behold, I am against you Sidon; and I shall be glorified in you. And you shall know that I am the  lord, in my executing [2among 3you 1judgments]; and I shall be sanctified among you. 23And I shall send out against you death and blood in your squares; and there shall fall men being wounded by swords among you, surrounding you; and they shall know that I am the  lord. 24And there will not be any longer in the house of Israel a barb of bitterness, nor a thorn of grief from all the ones surrounding them, of the ones dishonoring them; and they shall know that I am Adonai the  lord. 25Thus says Adonai the  lord; And I will gather the house of Israel from out of the nations of which they were dispersed there. And I will be sanctified among them before the peoples, and the nations. And they shall dwell upon their land which I gave to my servant Jacob. 26And they shall dwell upon it in hope. And they shall build houses, and shall plant vineyards, and shall dwell in hope, whenever I execute judgment on all the ones dishonoring them, among the ones round about them; and they shall know that I am the  lord their God, and the God of their fathers.
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