Ezekiel 3


Ezekiel Eats the Roll

1And he said to me, O son of man, eat what ever you should find! Eat this roll, and go and speak to the sons of Israel! 2And he opened wide my mouth, and fed me this roll. 3And he said to me, O son of man, your mouth shall eat, and your belly shall be filled of this roll, of the one being given to you. And I ate it, and it became in my mouth as [2honey 1sweet]. 4And he said to me, O son of man, proceed and enter to the house of Israel, and speak my words to them! 5For not as to a people of thick lips and speaking an unknown language are you sent to the house of Israel; 6nor to [2peoples 1many] of foreign languages, or foreign tongues, nor [2dense 3in tongue 1being], whose [2you hear not 1words]. But if to such I sent you, these would have listened to you. 7But the house of Israel in no way shall want to listen to you; for they do not consent to listen to me. For all the house of Israel is contentious and hard-hearted. 8And behold, I have imputed your face mighty against their faces; and your victory shall prevail against their victory. 9And it shall be always more strong than a rock. You should not fear from them, nor should you be terrified before their face; for [3house 2a rebellious 1it is]. 10And he said to me, O son of man, all the words which I have spoken with you, take into your heart, and [2with 3your ears 1hearken]! 11And proceed, enter unto the captivity, to the sons of your people! And you shall speak to them, and you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord, the  lord; Surely they shall hear, surely they shall give way. 12And [2took me up 1spirit], and I heard from behind me a sound [2quake 1of a great], saying, Blessed be the glory of the  lord from out of his place. 13And I heard a sound of the wings of the living creatures flapping one to the other; and the sound of the wheels next to them, and the sound of the [2quake 1great]. 14And the spirit lifted me away, and took me; and I went elevated by impulse of my spirit; and the hand of the  lord came [2upon 3me 1fortified]. 15And I entered to the captivity elevated; and I went around the ones dwelling by the river Chebar, the ones being there; and I stayed there seven days, behaving in the midst of them.

Ezekiel Appointed As Watchman

16And it came to pass after the seven days, and [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 17O son of man, [3watchman 1I have appointed 2you] to the house of Israel, and you shall hear [2from out of 3my mouth 1the word]; and you shall threaten them by me. 18In my saying to the lawless one, To death you shall be put to death; and you do not give orders to him, nor spoke to give orders to the lawless one, to turn from [3ways 1his 2unjust], so that he should live; that lawless one [2in his iniquity 1shall die], and his blood [2from out of 3your hand 1I shall require]. 19And if you should give orders to the lawless one, and he should not turn from his lawlessness, nor [3way 1his 2unjust]; that lawless one [2in 3his iniquity 1shall die], and you [2your soul 1shall rescue]. 20And in the turning of a just man from his righteousness, and he should commit a transgression, and I give torment to his face, and he dies, but you did not give orders to him; then in his sins he dies, for in no way [2be remembered 1shall his righteousness] which he did, and his blood [2from out of 3your hand 1I shall require]. 21[3you 1But 2if] give orders to the just man to not sin, and he should not sin, the just man [2to life 1shall live], for you warned him, and you [2your own 3soul 1shall have rescued]. 22And [3came to pass 4there 5upon 6me 1the hand 2of the  lord]. And he said to me, Rise up, and go forth into the plain! and there it shall be spoken to you. 23And I rose up and went forth to the plain. And behold, there the glory of the  lord stood as the glory which I beheld by the river Chebar. And I fell upon my face. 24And [2came 3upon 4me 1spirit], and stood me upon my feet, and spoke to me, and said to me, Enter and be locked up in the midst of your house!

Bonds Appointed to Ezekiel

25And you, O son of man, behold, [2were appointed 3for 4you 1bonds], and they shall tie you with them, and in no way shall you come forth from the midst of them. 26And [2your tongue 1I shall tie] to your throat, and you shall become mute, and you will not be to them for a man reproving; for [3house 2a rebellious 1it is]. 27And in my speaking to you, I shall open your mouth, and you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord the  lord; The one hearing, let him hear! and the one resisting persuasion, let him resist persuasion! for [3house 2a rebellious 1it is]!
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