Ezekiel 31


Parable of the Trees

1And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, day one of the month, [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt, and to his multitude! To whom did you liken yourself in your haughtiness? 3Behold, Assyria was a cypress in Lebanon, and goodly in shoots, and dense in the protection, and high in size; and [3into 4the midst 5of the clouds 2came 1his top]. 4Water nourished him, the deep made him rise up high; [3the 4rivers 1she 2led] round about his plants, and [2her collections of water 1she sent forth] unto all the trees of the field. 5Because of this, [2was raised up high 1his greatness] over all the trees of the field, and [3were multiplied 2tender branches 1his], and [2were raised up high 1his shoots] over [2water 1much], in his stretching out. 6In his shoots nested all the birds of the heaven, and underneath his tender branches [6procreated 1all 2the 3wild beasts 4of the 5plain]; in his shadow dwelt all the multitude of nations. 7And he became good in his height because of the multitude of his tender branches; for [2existed 1his roots] among [2water 1much]. 8And [2cypresses 1such] in the paradise of God, and the pines were not likened to his shoots; and fir trees were not likened to his branches; every tree in the paradise of God was not likened to him in his beauty. 9Because of the multitude of his tender branches [3good 1I made 2him] by the multitude of his tender branches. And [8were jealous of 9him 1the 2trees 3of the 4paradise 5of the 6delicacy 7of God]. 10On account of this, thus says Adonai the  lord; Because you became great to greatness, and you put your top into the midst of clouds; and [2was lifted up 1his heart] unto his height; 11even I delivered him up into the hands of the ruler of the nations; and he caused his destruction. 12And [2utterly destroyed 3him 1strangers], pestilent ones from the nations. And they threw him down upon the mountains. In all the ravines [2fell 1his tender branches]; and [2were broken 1his trunks] in every plain of the land. And [6went down 7from 8his protection 1all 2the 3peoples 4of the 5nations], and they dashed him. 13[7upon 8his downfall 6rested 1All 2the 3birds 4of the 5heaven]; and upon his trunks existed all the wild beasts of the field, 14so that [7should not 8be exalted 9in 10their greatness 1all 2the 3trees 4by 5the 6water], and do not put their top into the midst of clouds; and [5stand not 6in 7their height 8against 9him 1all 2the ones 3drinking 4water]. All were given unto death in [2of the earth 1the depth], in the midst of the sons of men going down into the pit. 15Thus says Adonai the  lord; In which day he went down into Hades, [3mourned 4him 1the 2abyss]. And I attended to her rivers, and restrained the abundance of water. And [2was darkened 3over 4him 1Lebanon]; all the trees of the plains [2by 3him 1were enfeebled]. 16From the sound of his downfall [3shook 1the 2nations] when I brought him down unto Hades with the ones going down into the pit. And [6comforted 7him 8in 10earth 9lowermost 1all 2the 3trees 4of the 5delicacy], and the chosen ones and the best ones of Lebanon, all the ones drinking water. 17For also even they went down with him into Hades with the ones slain by the sword; and his seed dwelling under his protection [2in 3the middle 4of their life 1were destroyed]. 18To whom are you likened in power, and in glory, and in greatness among the trees of the delicacy? Go down with the trees of the delicacy into [2of the earth 1the depth]! [2in 3the midst 4of uncircumcised 1You shall sleep], with ones slain by sword. Thus Pharaoh and all the multitude of his strength, says Adonai the  lord.
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