Ezekiel 32


Lamentation against Pharaoh and Egypt

1And it took place in the twelfth year, in the twelfth month, day one of the month, [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, take up a lamentation for Pharaoh king of Egypt! And you shall say to him, [2to a lion 3of nations 1You were likened], and as a dragon, the one in the sea. And you gored in your rivers, and disturbed water with your feet, and trampled your rivers. 3Thus says Adonai the  lord; And I will put [2upon 3you 1my net] by an assembly [2peoples 1of many]; and I will lead you by my hook. 4And I will stretch you upon the earth; the plains shall be filled. And I shall set upon you all the birds of the heaven; and I will fill up by you all the wild beasts of all the earth. 5And I will put your flesh upon the mountains, and I will fill up ravines of your blood. 6And I will water the earth from your excrement; from your multitude upon the mountains [2the ravines 1I will fill up] with you. 7And I will cover up [2in 3your being extinguished 1the heaven], and I will darken his stars; [2the sun 3by 4a cloud 1I will cover], and the moon -- in no way shall [2appear 1her light]. 8All the things shining light in the heaven shall darken over you, and I will appoint darkness over your land, says the Lord the  lord. 9And I will provoke to anger the heart of many peoples, whenever I lead you as a captivity into the nations, into a land which you knew not. 10And [3shall be gloomy 4over 5you 2nations 1many], and their kings [2by a change of state 1shall be amazed] in the flying of my broadsword unto their faces, the ones waiting for their downfall from the day of your downfall. 11For thus says the Lord the  lord; The broadsword of the king of Babylon shall come upon you. 12With swords of giants even I shall throw down your strength, pestilent ones from all nations. And they shall destroy the insolence of Egypt, and [3shall be broken 1all 2her strength]. 13And I will destroy all her cattle from [2water 1great]; and in no way shall [3disturb 4it 1a foot 2of man] any more; and the track of cattle in no way shall trample it. 14Then shall [2be still 1their waters], and their rivers [2as 3oil 1shall go forth], says Adonai the  lord. 15Whenever I shall give Egypt unto destruction, and [3shall be made desolate 1the 2land] with the fullness of it; whenever I shall scatter all the ones dwelling in it, even they shall know that I am the  lord. 16There is a lamentation and they shall lament it; and the daughters of the nations shall lament it over Egypt; and over all her strength they shall lament her, says the Lord the  lord. 17And it happened in the twelfth year, in the fifteenth of the month, [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me saying,

Lament over Egypt

18O son of man, lament over the multitude of Egypt, for [3shall bring 5down 4her 1the 2daughters]; even the nations dead into the depths of the earth, to the ones going down into the pit. 19From [2waters 1good-looking] descend and sleep with the uncircumcised! 20Among the midst of ones slain by sword they shall fall with him, and [3shall sleep 1all 2of his strength]. 21And [3shall say 4to you 1the 2giants], into the depth of the pit [2not 3best 1you are]; you go down and sleep with uncircumcised! in the midst of the ones slain by the sword. 22There is Assyria and all his gathering around his grave; all slain having fallen by the sword; 23the ones given his graves in the sides of the pit, and [2existed 1his gathering] surrounding his tomb. All the slain having fallen by the sword, the ones giving them fear upon the land of life. 24There is Elam and all his force surrounding his tomb; all the slain having fallen by the sword, and the ones going down uncircumcised into [2of the earth 1the depth], the ones putting the fear of them upon the land of life; and they took their torment with the ones going down into the pit. 25In the midst of the slain. 26There they put Meshech and Tubal, and all his strength surrounding his tomb; all his slain ones, all the uncircumcised ones, slain ones by the sword, the ones putting their fear upon the land of life. 27And they sleep with the giants having fallen from the eon, the ones who went down into Hades with weapons of warfare; and they put their swords under their heads, and [2came 1their lawless deeds] upon their bones, for they were frightened giants during their life. 28And you [2in 3the midst 4of the uncircumcised 1shall be destroyed], and shall sleep with the ones being slain by sword. 29There is Edom and her kings, and all the rulers. Assyria, the ones giving their strength to the wound of the sword; these [2with 3the slain 1sleep], with the ones going down into the pit. 30There are the rulers of the north, all these, all the commandants of Assyria, the ones going down with the slain, with the fear of them. And in their strength being ashamed they sleep uncircumcised with ones slain of the sword; and they carry away their torment with the ones going down into the pit. 31Those [3shall see 1king 2Pharaoh], and he shall be comforted over all their strength. Slain by the sword, Pharaoh and all his force, says the Lord the  lord. 32For I have put the fear of him upon the land of life; yet he shall sleep in the midst of the uncircumcised with ones slain by the sword, even Pharaoh, and all his multitude, says the Lord the  lord.
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