Ezekiel 33


The Watchmen of the House of Israel

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, speak to the sons of your people, and you shall say to them, The land upon which ever I bring the broadsword, that [5should take 1the 2people 3of the 4land] [2man 1one] from out of them, and put him for themselves as a watchman. 3And if one should behold the broadsword coming upon the land, and he should trump the trumpet, and should signify to the people, 4and [3shall hear 1the one 2hearing] the sound of the trumpet, and should not take guard, and [3comes 1the 2broadsword] and overtakes him, his blood [2upon 3his own head 1shall be]. 5For [2the 3sound 4of the 5trumpet 1hearing] he did not take guard; his blood [2upon 3him 1shall be]. But this one that guarded [2his life 1rescued]. 6And the watchman, if he should behold the broadsword coming, and should not signify by the trumpet, and the people should not take guard; and coming, the broadsword should take from out of them a soul, this soul [2on account 3of its 4lawlessness 1is taken], but the blood of the hand of the watchman I will require. 7And you, O son of man, [3as watchman 1I have appointed 2you] to the house of Israel, and you shall hear [2from out of 3my mouth 1a word], and you shall announce to them from me. 8And in my saying to the sinner, To death you shall die; and you should not speak to guard the impious from his way, he, the lawless one, [2of his lawlessness 1shall die], but his blood [2of 3your hand 1I will require]. 9But you, if you should forewarn the impious of his way to turn from it, and he should not turn from his way, this one [2in 3his impiety 1shall die]; but you [3soul 2your own 1rescued].

The Message of Righteousness

10And you, O son of man, say to the house of Israel! Thus you spoke, saying, Our delusions and our lawless deeds [2upon 3us 1are], and in them we melt away, and how then shall we live? 11Say to them! As I live, says Adonai the  lord, I do not want the death of the impious, but as for [3to turn 1the 2impious] from his way, and [2to live 1for him]. By turning you turn from [3way 1your 2evil]! For why do you die, O house of Israel? 12And you O son of man, say to the sons of your people! The righteousness of the just in no way should rescue him, in which ever day he should wander. And the lawlessness of the impious in no way shall afflict him in which ever day he should turn from his lawlessness. But the just no way shall be able to be delivered in the day of his sin. 13In my saying to the righteous that [2to life 1he shall live]; and this one has relied upon his righteousness, and should commit lawlessness, all his righteousness in no way shall be called to mind; in his iniquity in which he committed, in it he shall die. 14And in my saying to the impious, To death you shall be put to death; and he shall turn from his sin, and shall execute equity and righteousness, 15and [2collateral 1he should give back], and [2for any seizures 1he should pay back], [2in 3the orders 4of life 1and he should travel], to not do unjustly; to life he shall live, and in no way shall he die. 16All his sins which he sinned in no way shall be called to mind, for [2equity 3and 4righteousness 1he observed]; by them he shall live. 17And [4shall say 1the 2sons 3of your people], [5is not 6right 1the 2way 3of the 4  lord]; but this, their way is not right. 18In the turning of the righteous from his righteousness, and he should commit lawless deeds, he shall die in them. 19And in the [3turning 2sinner] from his lawlessness, and should observe equity and righteousness; by them he shall live. 20And you said, [4is not 5straight 1The 2way 3of the  lord]. [5each 6by 7his ways 1I will judge 2you 3O house 4of Israel].

The Fall of Jerusalem

21And it came to pass in the twelfth year, in the tenth month, the fifth of the month of our captivity, there came to me one having escaped from Jerusalem, saying, [3is captured 1the 2city]. 22And the hand of the  lord came upon me at evening before he came; and he opened my mouth as he came to me in the morning; and in opening my mouth it was not held together any longer. 23And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 24O son of man, the ones inhabiting the places being made desolate upon the land of Israel, speaking they say, [3one 2was 1Abraham], and he held down the land; and we, we are many; [4to us 3was given 1the 2land] for a possession. 25On account of this say to them! Thus says the Lord the  lord; [2upon food with 3blood 1Since you chew], and [2your eyes 1lift] unto your abominations, and [2blood 1you pour out] -- then [2the 3land 1shall you inherit]? 26And you stood with your broadswords, you did loathsome things, and each [2the 3wife 4of his neighbor 1tainted] -- then [2the 3land 1shall you inherit]? 27Thus say to them! Thus says the Lord the  lord; As I live, assuredly the ones in the places being made desolate [2swords 1shall fall by], and the ones upon the face of the plain [2to the 3wild beasts 4of the 5field 1shall be given] for a thing to be devoured, and the ones behind the places being walled, and the ones in the caves [2by plague 1I will kill]. 28And I will make the land a wilderness; and [4shall perish 1the 2insolence 3of her strength]; and [4shall be made desolate 1the 2mountains 3of Israel] on account of there not being anyone traveling through. 29And they shall know that I am the  lord; and I will make their land wilderness, and it shall be made desolate on account of all their abominations which they did. 30And you, O son of man, the sons of your people, the ones speaking concerning you by the walls and in the gatehouses of the houses, and [2speaks 1each] to his brother, saying, We should come together and should hear the goings forth from the  lord. 31And they come to you as [2going with one another 1a people], and they sit down before you, and they hear your sayings, but in no way will they do them, for the lie is in their mouth, and [3after 4their defilements 1their heart 2goes]. 32And should you become to them as the sound [3psaltery 1of a sweet sounding 2well-tuned], and they shall hear your words, but no way shall they do them. 33And when ever it should come to pass, they shall say, Behold, it is come; and they shall know that a prophet was in their midst.
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