Ezekiel 34


The Prophecy against the Shepherds of Israel

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel! Prophesy, and say to the shepherds! Thus says the Lord the  lord; O shepherds of Israel, shall [3graze 1the 2shepherds] themselves? Do not [4the 5sheep 3graze 1the 2shepherds]? 3Behold, [2the 3milk 1you devour], and the wool you put around yourselves, and the robust you slay, and my sheep you do not graze. 4The ones being weak you strengthen not, and the ill having a sickness you rejuvenated not, and the broken you did not bind up, and the one wandering you did not turn back, and the lost you did not seek after, and the strong you worked in trouble. 5And [2were scattered 1my sheep] on account of there not being shepherds; and my sheep became for a thing devoured by all the wild beasts of the field. 6And [2were scattered 1my sheep] in every mountain, and upon every [2hill 1high]; and [2upon 3the face 4of all 5the 6earth 1they were scattered]; and there was not one seeking after them, nor turning them back. 7On account of this, O shepherds, hear the word of the  lord! 8As I live, says the Lord the  lord, Assuredly instead [2became 1my sheep] for plunder, and [2became 1my sheep] for a thing to be devoured by all the wild beasts of the plain, because of there not being any shepherds; and [3sought not after 1the 2shepherds] my sheep; and [3grazed 1the 2shepherds] themselves, but my sheep they grazed not. 9On account of this, O shepherds, hear the word of the  lord! 10Thus says the Lord the  lord; Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require my sheep from out of their hands. And I will turn them away to not tend my sheep, and [3shall not 4graze 6any longer 1the 2shepherds 5them]. And I shall rescue my sheep from out of their mouth, and they will not be themselves any longer for a thing devoured.

The LORD is the True Shepherd

11For thus says the Lord the  lord; Behold, I shall seek after my sheep, and I shall visit them. 12As if [3seeks 1the 2shepherd] his flock in the day whenever there might be dimness and cloud in the midst of his sheep having been parted, so shall I seek after my sheep. And I will drive them away from every place of which they were scattered there, in the day of cloud and dimness. 13And I will lead them from out of the nations, and I will gather them from the regions, and I will bring them into their land, and I will graze them upon the mountains of Israel, and in the ravines, and in every dwelling of the land. 14[3in 5pasture 4good 1I will graze 2them] on the [2mountain 1high] of Israel, and [2will be 1their havens] there. And they shall sleep there, and they shall rest in [2luxury 1good]; and [2in 4pasture 3a plentiful 1they shall graze] upon the mountains of Israel. 15I will graze my sheep, and I will rest them. Thus says the Lord the  lord. 16The lost I will seek, and the one wandering I will return, and the one being broken I will bind, and the faltering I will strengthen, and the strong I will guard; and I will graze them with equity. 17And you, my sheep, thus says the Lord the  lord; Behold, I separate between sheep and sheep, rams and he-goats. 18And is it not enough to you that [2the 3good 4pasture 1you fed on], and the rest of your pasture you trampled with your feet? and the place of water you drank, and the rest with your feet you disturbed? 19And my sheep [2the things trampled 3by 4your feet 1fed on]; and [2the 3disturbed 4water 5under 6your feet 1they drank]. 20On account of this, thus says the Lord the  lord; Behold, I separate between [2sheep 1the strong] and weak. 21With the sides and your shoulders you pushed away, and with your horns you gored, and all the faltering you squeezed out, until of which time you thrust them outside! 22And I will deliver my sheep, and no way should they be yet for plunder; and I will judge between ram to ram. 23And I shall raise up for them [2shepherd 1one]; and he will tend them as my servant David. He will tend them, and he will be their shepherd. 24And I the  lord will be to them for God, and my servant David in the midst of them a ruler. I the  lord have spoken. 25And I will ordain with them a covenant of peace. And I will obliterate [2wild beasts 1the ferocious] from the land; and they shall dwell in the wilderness, and shall sleep in the forests. 26And I will put them surrounding my mountain; and I will give rain according to its time -- a rain of blessing. 27And the trees, the ones in the plain will yield their fruit, and the earth shall yield her strength. And they shall dwell upon their land in a hope of peace. And they shall know that I am the  lord in my breaking the chain of their yoke; and I will rescue them from out of the hand of the ones reducing them to slavery. 28And they shall not be any longer for plunder by the nations. And the wild beasts of the land no longer in any way shall eat them. And they shall dwell in hope, and there will not be one frightening them. 29And I will raise up to them a plant of peace, and no longer shall they be ones being destroyed by hunger upon the land; and in no way they shall bear any longer the scorning of nations. 30And they shall know that I am the  lord their God with them, and they are my people, O house of Israel, says the Lord the  lord. 31And you are my sheep; even sheep of my pasture -- [2men 1you are], and I am the  lord your God, says the Lord the  lord.
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