Ezekiel 41


Ezekiel's Vision of the Temple

And he brought me into the temple, and he measured the columned porch -- [2cubits 1six] the breadth of the columned porch on this side, and the width [2cubits 1six] on that side -- the breadth of the tent. And the breadth of the gatehouse -- [2cubits 1ten]; and the side-pieces of the gatehouse -- [2cubits 1five] on this side and [2cubits 1five] on that side; and he measured its length -- [2cubits 1forty], and the breadth -- [2cubits 1twenty]. And he entered into the [2courtyard 1inner], and he measured the portal of the doorway -- [2cubits 1two]; and the doorway -- [2cubits 1six]; and the side-pieces of the doorway -- [2cubits 1seven] on this side. And he measured the length of the gates -- [2cubits 1twenty], and the breadth -- [2cubits 1twenty] in front of the temple. And he said to me, This is the holy of the holies. And he measured the wall of the house -- [2cubits 1six]; and the breadth of the side -- [2cubits 1four] round about. And the sides, side by side -- thirty and of threes; and a space in the wall of the house at the sides round about, to be for the ones taking hold to see, so as to thoroughly not touch the walls of the house. And the breadth of the higher of the sides was according to the appendage protruding out of the wall, to the higher one round about the house, so as to flatten out wider above; so that from out of the parts below they should ascend unto the upper rooms, and from out of the middles unto the third stories. And the thraels of the house height round about was a space of the sides equal to the reed [2cubits 1of six] intervals. And the breadth of the wall of the side from outside -- [2cubits 1five]; and the spaces left over between the sides of the house. 10 And between the inner chambers a breadth [2cubits 1of twenty], the circumference of the house round about. 11 And the doors of the inner chambers were unto the space left over of the [2door 1one] of the one towards the north, and the [2door 1one] towards the south; and the breadth of the place left over -- [2cubits 1five] width round about. 12 And the separate space in front of the left over space of the place towards the west -- [2cubits 1seventy] width of the wall of the separating; and [2cubits 1five] the breadth round about, and its length -- [2cubits 1ninety].

Dimensions and Design of the Temple Area

13 And he measured over against the house -- [3length 2cubits 1a hundred], and the spaces left over, and the places separating, and its walls -- [3length 2cubits 1a hundred]. 14 And the breadth in front of the temple, and the spaces left over opposite -- [2cubits 1a hundred]. 15 And he measured the length of the place separating in front of the spaces left over of the spaces from behind that house; and the spaces left over on this side and that side -- [2cubits 1a hundred] length; and the temple, and the corners, and the columned [2porch 1outer] were decorated with fretwork. 16 And the windows were latticed narrow openings round about to the three stories, so as to look through; and the house and the places near were boarded round about, even from the floor unto the windows; and the windows unfolded thrice for looking through. 17 And unto the [2house 1inner] and the outer, and upon the entire wall round about the inside and the outside, 18 were carved cherubim, and palms between cherub and cherub, two faces to the cherub. 19 The face of a man towards the palm on this side, and the face of a lion towards the palm that side -- [4was carved 1all 2the 3house] round about. 20 From the floor unto fretwork, cherubim and palms having been carved. 21 And the holy place, and the temple, unfolded four-cornered. In front of the holy places was the vision as the appearance 22 [2altar 1of a wooden], [2cubits 1three] was its height, and [2cubits 1two] the length, and the breadth -- [2cubits 1two]; and [2horns 1it had], and its base and its walls were wooden. And he said to me, This is the table before the face of the  lord. 23 And there were two doorways to the temple; and to the holy place two doorways to the two doorways to the turnings; 24 two doorways to the one, and two doorways to the [2door 1second]. 25 And a carving was upon them, and upon the doorways of the temple -- cherubim and palms according to the carving of the holy places; and there were seasoned timbers in front of the columned porch outside. 26 And there were [2windows 1hidden]; and he measured on this side and that side unto the roofing of the columned porch; and the sides of the house were joined together.
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