Ezekiel 43


God's Glory Returns to the House

1And he led me unto the gate towards the east, and he led me out. 2And behold, glory of the God of Israel came according to the way towards the east. And there was a voice of the camp as [2voice 1the repeating] of many. And the ground shone forth as brightness in the glory round about. 3And the vision which I beheld was according to the vision which I beheld when I entered to anoint the city; and the vision of the chariot which I beheld was according to the vision which I beheld upon the river Chebar, and I fell upon my face. 4And the glory of the  lord entered into the house according to the way of the gate of the one looking according to the east. 5And [2took me up 1spirit], and brought me into the [2courtyard 1inner]; and behold, [3was full 4of glory 5of the  lord 1the 2house]. 6And I stood, and behold, there was a voice from the house speaking to me, and the man stood next to me, 7and he said to me, You see, O son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the track of my feet, in which [2shall encamp 1my name] in the midst of the house of Israel into the eon. And [3shall not 4profane 7any longer 1the house 2of Israel 6name 5my holy], they and the ones leading them in their harlotry, and by the murders of the ones leading them in the midst of them; 8in their putting my threshold among their thresholds, and my doorways next to their doorways. And they appointed my wall as holding me [3together 1and 2them]. And they profaned [2name 1my holy] by their lawless deeds which they did. And I obliterated them in my rage and by carnage. 9And now, let [6thrust away 7their harlotry 8and 9the 10murders 1the ones 2leading 3them 4from 5me]! and I will encamp in the midst of them into the eon. 10And you, O son of man, show to the house of Israel the house, (and they shall abate from their sins) and the vision of it, and the disposition of it, 11(and they shall take their punishment for all of which they did). And you shall diagram the house, and its preparation, and its exits, and its entrances, and its support. And all its orders, and all its laws, and all it rules you shall make known to them. And you shall diagram it before them, and they shall keep all my ordinances, and all my orders, and they shall do them. 12And the diagram of the house upon the top of the mountain, all its limits round about the holy of holies -- this is the rule of the house.

Dimensions of the Altar

13And these are the measures of the altar by cubit of the cubit and a palm; the recess depth a cubit, and a cubit the breadth, and the molding upon the lip round about a span; and this is the height of the altar. 14From the depth of the beginning of its hollow part to the atonement-seat, the one from beneath -- [2cubits 1two], and the breadth a cubit; and from the [2atonement-seat 1small] to the [2atonement-seat 1great] -- [2cubits 1four], and the breadth a cubit. 15And the altar hearth -- [2cubits 1four]; and from the altar hearth and up above the horns, a cubit. 16And the altar hearth was [2cubits 1twelve] in length by [2cubits 1twelve], four-cornered upon the four parts of it. 17And the atonement-seat [2cubits 1was fourteen] in length by [2cubits 1fourteen] in breadth upon [2four 3parts 1its]; and its molding encircling it round about -- a half cubit; and its encircling base was a cubit round about; and its steps looked according to the east. 18And he said to me, O son of man, thus says the  lord God; These are the orders for the altar in the day of its being made to offer upon it whole burnt-offerings, and to pour on it blood. 19And you shall give to the priests, to the Levites, to the ones from out of the seed of Zadok, to the ones approaching to me, says the  lord God, to officiate to me, a calf from the oxen for a sin offering. 20And they shall take from its blood, and shall place it upon four horns of the altar, and upon the four corners of the atonement-seat, and upon the base round about; and they shall cleanse and atone it. 21And they shall take the calf, the one for a sin offering, and they shall incinerate it in the place being separated of the house from outside of the holies. 22And the [2day 1second] you shall take a kid of the goats, unblemished for a sin offering; and they shall atone the altar in so far as they atoned with the calf. 23And after completing the making an atonement, they shall bring [2calf 3from out of 4the oxen 1an unblemished], and [2ram 3from out of 4the 5sheep 1an unblemished]. 24And you shall offer them before the  lord, and [3shall cast 1the 2priests 5upon 6them 4salt], and they shall offer them as whole burnt-offerings to the  lord. 25Seven days you shall offer a kid for a sin offering each day, and a calf from out of the oxen, and a ram from out of the sheep; [2unblemished 1they shall offer them]. 26Seven days and they shall atone the altar and cleanse it; and they shall fill their hands. 27And they shall complete the days. And it will be from the [2day 1eighth] and beyond, and [3shall offer 1the 2priests] upon the altar your whole burnt-offerings, and the ones for your deliverance offering; and I will favorably receive you, says the  lord God.
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