Ezekiel 45


The Division of the Land

1And in your measuring the land for inheritance, you shall separate the first-fruit to the  lord, a holy space of the land -- five and twenty thousand in length, and the breadth ten thousand; it will be holy in all its limits round about. 2And there shall be from out of this a sanctuary -- five hundred by five hundred four-cornered round about, and fifty cubits shall be their space round about. 3And from out of this measurement you shall measure a length five and twenty thousand, and the breadth ten thousand; and in it will be the sanctuary, the holy of the holies. 4Being sanctified of the land there shall be a portion to the priests, to the ones ministering in the holy place, and it will be for the ones approaching to minister to the  lord. And it will be to them a place for houses being separated for their sanctification. 5Twenty and five thousand in length, and a breadth of twenty thousand shall be to the Levites, to the ones ministering in the house, to them for possession cities to dwell in. 6And for the possession of the city you shall appoint five thousand for the breadth, and the length five and twenty thousand. In which manner the first-fruit of the holies is to all the house of Israel, so it shall be. 7And a portion shall be to the one leading from out of this, and from this into the first-fruits of the holies for a possession of the city in front of the first-fruits of the holies, and in front of the possession of the city, the parts towards the west, and from the parts towards the west towards the east. And the length as one of the portions from the limits of the parts towards the west, unto the limits, the parts towards the east of the land. 8And it will be to him for a possession in Israel. And [4shall not tyrannize 5any longer 1the ones 2guiding 3my people]; but [4the 5land 3shall inherit 1the house 2of Israel] according to their tribes. 9Thus says the  lord God; Let it be enough to you, O ones guiding Israel! [2injustice 3and 4misery 1Let] be removed, and [2equity 3and 4righteousness 1observe]! Lift away the tyrannies from my people, says the  lord God!

Weights and Measures

10[4yoke balance scale 3a just 5and 7measure 6a just 8and 10choenix measure 9a just 1There shall be 2to you] for your measure. 11And the choenix in like manner will be one to receive the tenth of the homer, a choenix and a tenth of the homer -- the ephah [3the 4homer 1shall be 2equal to]. 12And the weight twenty oboli five shekels; twenty five shekels, and five and ten shekels [3for the 4mina 1let it be 2to you].

The First-fruit

13And this is the first-fruit which you shall separate; the sixth part of the measure of the homer of the wheat, and the sixth part of the ephah of the cor of the barley. 14And the order concerning the olive oil -- a cup of olive oil out of ten cups, for the ten cups are a homer. 15And a sheep from the two hundred sheep as a cut-away portion of all the families of Israel for a sacrifice, and whole burnt-offerings, and for a sacrifice of deliverance offering to atone for you, says the  lord God. 16And all the people shall give this first-fruit to the one guiding Israel. 17And [4through 5the one 6guiding 3will be 1the 2whole burnt offerings], and the sacrifices, and the libation-offerings in the holidays, and in the new moons, and in the Sabbaths, and in all the holidays of the house of Israel -- he shall offer the sacrifices for sin, and the sacrifice offering, and the whole burnt-offerings, and the offerings of deliverance to atone for the house of Israel.

The Holidays

18Thus says the  lord God; In the first month, day one of the month, you shall take a calf from out of the oxen, unblemished, to atone the holy place. 19And [3shall take 1the 2priest] of the blood, and he shall put it upon the doorposts of the house, and upon the four corners of the temple, and upon the altar, and upon the doorposts of the gate of the [2courtyard 1inner]. 20And so shall you do in the [2month 1seventh], day one of the month, for each senseless and simple one; and you shall atone for the house. 21And in the first month, the fourteenth of the month; it will be to you the passover holiday -- seven days [2unleavened breads 1you shall eat]. 22And [3shall offer 1the one 2guiding] in that day for himself, and for all the people of the land, a calf for a sin offering. 23And seven days of the holiday he shall offer whole burnt-offerings to the  lord -- seven calves, and seven rams, unblemished, daily seven days. And for a sin offering a kid of the goats daily; and a sacrifice offering. 24And [2a cake 3for the 4calf 5and 6a cake 7for the 8ram 1he shall prepare]; and [2of olive oil 1a hin] for the cake. 25And in the seventh month, the fifteenth of the month, during the holiday, he shall offer according to the same, seven days, and as the sacrifices for the sin offering, and as the whole burnt-offerings, and as the gift offering, and as the olive oil.
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