Ezekiel 46


The Manner of Obeisance

1Thus says the  lord God; The gate in the [2courtyard 1inner], the one looking towards the east will be locked six days of the operative times; but on the day of the Sabbaths it will be open, and on the day of the new moons it will be open. 2And [3shall enter 1the one 2guiding] according to the way of the columned porch of the gate outward, and shall stand at the thresholds of the gate; and [3shall offer 1the 2priests] the things of his whole burnt-offerings and the things of his deliverance offering; and he shall do obeisance upon the threshold of the gate, and he shall come forth; and the gate in no way shall be locked until evening. 3And [5shall do obeisance 1the 2people 3of the 4land] at the thresholds of that gate during the Sabbaths and during the new moons before the  lord. 4And [4the 5whole burnt-offerings 3shall offer 1the one 2guiding] to the  lord on the day of the Sabbaths -- six [2lambs 1unblemished] and [2ram 1an unblemished]; 5and a gift cake offering for the ram, and for the lambs a sacrifice gift offering of his hand, and [2of olive oil 1a hin] for the cake offering. 6And in the day of the new moons, [2calf 1an unblemished], and six lambs, and a ram -- they shall be unblemished; 7and a cake offering for the ram, and a cake offering for the calf will be for a gift offering, and for the lambs, as whatever [2should furnish 1his hand], and [2of olive oil 1a hin] for the cake. 8And in the entering, the one guiding [2by 3the 4way 5of the 6columned porch 7of the 8gate 1shall enter], and by its way he shall come forth. 9And whenever [5should enter 1the 2people 3of the 4land] before the  lord during the holidays, the one entering by the way of the gate towards the north, to do obeisance, shall go forth by the way of the gate towards the south; and the one entering by the way of the gate towards the south shall go forth by the way of the gate towards the north. He shall not return by the gate by which he entered, but straightway from it he shall he go forth. 10And the one guiding in the midst of them in their entering shall enter, and in their going forth, he shall come forth. 11And in the holidays and in the festivals there shall be the gift cake offering for the calf, and a cake offering for the ram, and for the lambs -- as [2should furnish 1his hand], and of olive oil -- a hin to the cake. 12And if [3should offer 1the one 2guiding] an acknowledgment offering of a whole burnt-offering of deliverance to the  lord, then one should open to him the gate, the one looking according to the east, and he should offer his whole burnt-offering, and the things for his deliverance offering, in which manner he did on the day of the Sabbaths. And he shall come forth and lock the doors after his going forth. 13And [3lamb 4of a year old 2an unblemished 1he shall offer] for a whole burnt-offering to the  lord daily; morning by morning he shall prepare it. 14And [2a gift offering 1he shall prepare] for it, morning by morning, the sixth of a measure, and olive oil the third of a hin to intermingle with the fine flour as a gift offering to the  lord, [2order 1a continual]. 15You shall prepare the lamb, and the gift offering, and the olive oil; you shall offer morning by morning a whole burnt-offering continually.

Concerning Inheritance

16Thus says the  lord God; If [3shall give 1the one 2guiding] a gift to one of his sons out of his inheritance, this [2to his sons 1shall be] a possession by inheritance. 17And if he should give a gift to one of his servants, then it will be his until the year of the release; and then he shall give back to the one guiding; except the inheritance of his sons, to them it will be for a possession. 18And in no way shall [3take 1the 2one guiding] from the inheritance of the people to tyrannize over them. From out of his own possession he shall give to inherit to his sons, so that [3should not 4be dispersed 2people 1my] each from out of his possession.

Concerning Offerings

19And he brought me into the way of the one according to the back of the gate, into the inner chamber of the holy places of the priests, the one looking towards the north. And behold, there was a place there having been separated. 20And he said to me, This place is of which [3boil 4there 1the 2priests] the sacrifices for an ignorance offering, and the sacrifices for a sin offering; and there they bake the gift offering thoroughly so as to not bring them forth into the [2courtyard 1outer], to sanctify the people. 21And he led me into the [2courtyard 1outer]; and led me around upon the four parts of the courtyard. And behold, there was a courtyard according to each of the sides of the courtyard. 22Upon the four sides of the courtyard [2courtyards 1were small], [3in length 2cubits 1forty], and a breadth [2cubits 1of thirty] -- [2measure 1one] to the four. 23And there were inner chambers round about them to the four; and cooking places existed from beneath the inner chambers round about. 24And he said to me, These are the houses of the cooks of which [5shall boil 6there 1the ones 2ministering 3to the 4house] the things which are offered in sacrifice by the people.
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