Ezekiel 47


The Healing Waters from the House

1And he brought me unto the thresholds of the house; and behold, water went forth from beneath the open space of the house according to the east, for the front of the house looked according to the east. And the water went down from the south of the house of the right upon the south of the altar. 2And he led me according to the way of the gate, of the one towards the north; and he led me by the way outside to the gate of the courtyard, of the one looking according to the east; and behold, the water carried down from the [2side 1right]. 3And there was [2exiting 1a man] right opposite there; and a measure was in his hand; and he measured a thousand. 4And he went through in the water, the water of release, and he measured a thousand, and he went through the water unto the knees. And he measured a thousand, and he went through the water unto his loin. 5And he measured a thousand, and he was not able to go through any more, for [3overflowed 1the 2water] as the impetus of a rushing stream of which shall not be passed over. 6And he said to me, Do you see, O son of man? And he led me, and returned me unto the edge of the river. 7In my turning, and behold, upon the edge of the river were [3trees 2many 1exceedingly] on this side and that side. 8And he said to me, This water going forth unto Galilee, the one towards the east, and goes down unto Arabia, and comes as far as unto the sea, unto the water of the outlet, and it shall heal the waters. 9And it will be every life of the living creatures of the ones swarming upon all upon which ever [3should come 4there 1the 2river] shall live. And there will be there [3fishes 2many 1exceedingly]; for [3is come 4there 2water 1this], and it shall heal and shall enliven. Everything upon which ever [3should come 1the 2river] there shall live. 10And [2shall stand 3there 1fishermen] from En-gedi unto En-eglaim. [2a refreshing 3of dragnets 1It will be for]. [2by 3itself 1It will be], and its fishes will be as the fishes of the [2sea 1great], [3multitude 2great 1an exceedingly]. 11And in its outlet, and in its turning, and in its overflowing, in no way shall they heal, [2for 3salt 1they have been given]. 12And by the river shall ascend by its edge on this side and that side every [2tree 1eatable]; in no way shall anything be old upon it, nor shall [2fail 1its fruit] of the newness of it -- it shall put forth first; for their waters are of the holy place. These waters go forth, and [2will be 1their fruit] for food, and their ascending parts for health.

The Borders of the Land

13Thus says the  lord God; These are the borders you shall inherit of the land for the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel, an addition of a piece of measured land. 14And you shall inherit it, each as his brother in which I lifted my hand to give to their fathers; and [3shall fall 2land 1this] to you by inheritance. 15And these are the borders of the land of the one towards the north, from the [2sea 1great], the way Hethlon of the entrance of Zedad; 16Hamath, Berothah, Sibraim, the places between the limits of Damascus and between the limits of Hamath, the courtyards of Hatticon, which are upon the limits of Hauran. 17These are the borders from the sea, from the courtyard of Enan, the limits of Damascus, and the places towards the north, and the limits of Hamath the places towards the north. 18And the places towards the east between Hauran, and between Damascus, and between Gilead, and between the land of Israel, the Jordan separates unto the sea the one towards the east of Palm-grove; these are the borders towards the east. 19And these are the borders towards the south and southwest from Teman, and Palm-grove unto the water of Mariboth Kadesh, reaching forth unto the [2sea 1great] -- this part is the south and southwest. 20This part of the [2sea 1great] defines the bounds unto before the entrance of Hamath, unto its entrance. These are the borders towards the west. 21And you shall divide this land to them, to the tribes of Israel. 22You shall cast it by lot to yourself, and to the foreigners sojourning in your midst, whomever engendered sons in your midst. And they will be yours as native-born among the sons of Israel; with you they shall eat by inheritance in the midst of the tribes of Israel. 23And they will be in the tribe of converts among the converts, the ones with them. There you shall give an inheritance to them, says the  lord God.
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