Ezekiel 5


The Siege Portrayed

1And you, O son of man, take to yourself [2broadsword 1a sharp] for a razor of a barber! You shall acquire it to yourself, and you shall bring it upon your head, and upon your beard. And you shall take a yoke balance scale of weights, and you shall part them. 2 A fourth part [2in 3fire 1you shall kindle] in the middle of the city, according to the fullness of the days of the siege. And you shall take a fourth part and shall incinerate it in the midst of it. and a fourth part you shall cut in pieces with the broadsword round about it. And a fourth part you shall disperse to the wind; for [2a sword 1I shall empty out] after them. 3And you shall take from there a few in number, and shall wrap them in your wrapping. 4And from out of these you shall take still more, and shall toss them into the midst of the fire, and shall incinerate them by fire; [3from 4it 2shall come forth 1and fire], and you shall say to all the house of Israel, 5Thus says Adonai the  lord; This is Jerusalem; [3in 4the midst 5of the 6nations 1I have placed 2her], and the ones round about her place. 6And you shall tell of my ordinances to the lawless one of the nations, and my laws to the lawless of the places round about her; because [2my ordinances 1they thrust away], and in my laws they did not go by them. 7On account of this, thus says Adonai the  lord; Because your opportunity for lawlessness is from the nations round about you, and in my laws you did not go, and my ordinances you did not observe, but not even according to the ordinances of the nations round about you did you observe; 8on account of this, Thus says Adonai the  lord; Behold, I am against you, and I shall execute [2in 3the midst 4of you 1judgment] before the nations. 9And I shall do among you what I have not done, and I shall not do likened to them again against all your abominations. 10On account of this, fathers shall eat the children in your midst, and children shall eat fathers. And I shall execute [2among 3you 1judgments]; and I shall scatter all the rest of you unto every wind. 11On account of this, as I live, says Adonai the  lord; Assuredly, because [2my holy things 1you defiled] in all your loathsome things, and in all your abominations, I also thrust you away; [3will not 4spare 1my 2eye], and I shall not show mercy.

Famine, Plague, Dispersion and the Sword

12The fourth part of you [2by 3plague 1shall be consumed]; and a fourth part of you [2by 3famine 1shall be finished off] in your midst; and a fourth part of you [2unto 3every 4wind 1will be dispersed]; and a fourth part of you [2by 3the broadsword 1shall fall] round about you; and a sword I shall empty out after them. 13And [2shall be exhausted 1my rage], and my anger against them. And I shall enjoin, and you shall know, because I the  lord have spoken in my zeal in my exhausting my anger against them. 14And I shall make you into a wilderness, even your daughters round about you, in the presence of all traveling through. 15And you will be bemoaned and wretched among the nations round about you, in my executing among you judgments in anger and in rage, and in vengeance of rage. I the  lord have spoken. 16In my sending the arrows of famine upon them, then they will be in want, and I shall send them to ruin you. And [2famine 1I shall gather] unto you, and I shall break the reliance of your bread. 17And I shall send out against you famine and [2wild beasts 1ferocious], and I shall punish you; and plague and blood shall go through upon you; and a sword I shall bring upon you. I the  lord have spoken.
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