Ezekiel 7


The End Has Come

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2And you, O son of man, thus says Adonai the  lord to the land of Israel; End is come; the end is come upon the four wings of the land. 3[3is come 1The 2end] now; the end to you. And I shall send my rage. I am against you, and I shall punish you in your ways, and I shall impute against you all your abominations. 4[2will not 3spare 1My eye] over you, nor shall I show mercy. For [2your way 3against you 1I shall impute], and your abominations [2in 3the midst 4of you 1will be]. And you shall know that I am the  lord. 5For thus says Adonai the  lord; An evil, one evil; Behold, it is at hand. 6The end is come, [3is come 1the 2end] awakened against you.

Punishment Meted Out to Israel

7Behold, [2is come 1the wreathen circle] upon you, the one dwelling the land. [3is come 1The 2time], [3has approached 1the 2day], not with tumult nor with pangs. 8Now nearly I will pour out my anger upon you, and I will complete my rage against you, and I will judge you in your ways, and I will impute against you all your abominations. 9[2shall not 3spare 1My eye], nor shall I show mercy. According to your ways [2against 3you 1I will impute], and your abominations [2in 3your midst 1will be]. And you shall realize that I am the  lord, the one striking. 10Behold, the day of the  lord is come, the rod has bloomed. 11The insolence has risen up, and it will break the reliance of the lawless one, and not with a tumult nor with anxiety. 12[3is come 1The 2time]; behold, the day. [2the one 3acquiring things 1Let not] rejoice! and [2the one 3selling things 1let not] wail! for wrath for all the magnitude of it. 13For the one acquiring [2to 3the 4thing selling 1shall not return]; and still in the life of their living, that the vision is for all their multitude -- it shall not return, and a man in the eyes [2his life 1shall not hold]. 14Trump with the trumpet, and judge all things! But there is not one going to the war, for my wrath is upon all her multitude. 15The broadsword from outside, and the famine and plague from inside. The one in the plain [2by 3a broadsword 1shall come to an end], and the ones in the city [2by famine 3and 4plague 1shall end]. 16And [5shall be escaped 1the ones 2escaping 3of 4them], and they will be upon the mountains as a pigeon meditating. And [2all 1I will kill], each in his iniquities. 17All hands shall be enfeebled, and all thighs shall be tainted in wetness. 18And they shall gird on sackcloths, and [2shall cover 3them 1stupefaction]. And upon every face shame will be upon them, and upon every head baldness. 19 Their silver shall be tossed in the squares, and their gold shall be spurned. Their silver and their gold shall not be able to rescue them in a day of wrath of the  lord. Their souls in no way shall be satisfied, and their bellies shall not be filled; because the torment for their iniquities took place. 20A choice ornament for pride -- they made them; and images of their abominations they made from them. Because of this I have given them to them for uncleanness. 21And I will deliver them into the hands of strangers to tear them in pieces; and to the pestilent ones of the earth for spoils. And they shall profane them. 22And I will turn my face from them, and they shall defile my overseeing, and they shall enter to them unguardedly, and profane them. 23And they shall produce befouling, because the land is full of judgments of blood, and the city full of lawlessness. And I will bring evils of nations, and they shall inherit their houses. 24And I will turn the neighing of their strength; and [2shall be defiled 1their holy things]. 25Making an atonement shall come, and one shall seek peace, and it will not be.

Woes upon Priest, Prophet and Elders

26Woe upon woe will be, and message upon message will be; and [2shall be sought 1a vision] from a prophet, and the law shall be lost of the priest, and counsel from the elders; the king shall mourn, 27and the ruler shall put on extinction, and the hands of the people of the land shall be disabled. According to their ways I will do to them, and in their judgments I will punish them; and they shall know that I am the  lord.
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