Ezekiel 12


Captivity Portrayed

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 2O son of man, [3in 4the midst 5of their iniquities 1you 2dwell], the ones who have eyes to see, and do not see; and [2ears 1have] to hear, and do not hear. For [3house 2a rebelling 1it is]. 3And you, O son of man, prepare for yourself items of captivity, and be as captured by day in their presence! And you shall be as captured from out of your place into another place before them, so that they should see, for [3house 2a rebelling 1it is]. 4And you shall bring forth your items, items [2of captivity 1for a day] before their eyes. And you shall go forth at evening before them as [2goes forth 1a captive] before them. 5Dig for yourself into the wall! and you shall go completely through it. 6[2before 3them 4upon 5a shoulder 1You shall be taken up], and [2being hidden 1you shall go forth]. [2your face 1You shall cover up], and in no way should you behold the ground. Because [3as a portent 1I have put 2you] to the house of Israel. 7And I did so according to all as much as he gave charge to me. And I brought forth items [2of captivity 1for the day], and at evening I dug through [3myself 1the 2wall] by hand; and being hidden I came forth; [2upon 3a shoulder 1I was taken up] in the presence of them. 8And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me in the morning, saying, 9O son of man, said not to you the house of Israel, [3house 1the 2rebelling], What are you doing? 10Say to them, Thus says Adonai the  lord; To the ruler and one guiding in Jerusalem, even to all the house of Israel, the ones who are in the midst of them. 11Say that, I [2portents 1do]. In which manner I have done, so will it be to them -- unto displacement and in captivity they shall go. 12And the ruler in the midst of them [2upon 3a shoulder 1shall be lifted], and being hid he shall come forth through the wall, and he shall dig through to come forth himself through it; [2his face 1he shall cover up], so that he should not be seen by an eye, and he [3the 4ground 1shall not 2see]. 13And I will spread forth my net upon him, and he shall be seized in [2encompassing about 1my]. And I will lead him into Babylon, into the land of Chaldeans. And [3it 1he shall not 2see], and [2there 1he shall come to an end]. 14And all the ones round about him, his helpers, and all the ones assisting him, I will scatter to all the wind, and [2a broadsword 1I will pour out] after them. 15And they shall know, for I am the  lord, in my scattering them among the nations. And I will scatter them in the places. 16And I will leave of them a few men in number from the broadsword, and from famine, and from plague; so even they may tell in detail all their lawless deeds among the nations of which they entered there; and they shall know that I am the  lord. 17And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 18O son of man, [2your bread 3with 4grief 1you shall eat], and [2your water 3with 4torment 5and 6affliction 1you shall drink]. 19And you shall say to the people of the land, Thus says Adonai the  lord, to the ones dwelling in Jerusalem upon the land of Israel; [2their bread loaves 3with 4lack 1they shall eat], and [2their water 3with 4obliteration 1they shall drink], so that [3should be extinct 1the 2land] with its fullness in impiety of all the ones dwelling in it. 20And their cities being dwelt in shall be made quite desolate, and the land [2for 3extinction 1will be]; and you shall realize that I am the  lord. 21And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 22O son of man, what is this parable to you concerning the land of Israel, saying, The days are far off; [3has perished 1all 2vision]? 23On account of this, say to them! Thus says Adonai the  lord; Even I will turn back this parable, and no longer should [4speak 5this parable 1the 2house 3of Israel]. For you shall say to them, [3have approached 1The 2days], and the matter of every vision. 24For there will no longer be any [2vision 1false], nor one using oracles for favor in the midst of the sons of Israel. 25For I the  lord will speak my words, and I will act; and I will not lengthen the time still. For in your days, [2house 1O rebelling], I shall speak the word, and I will act, says Adonai the  lord. 26And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 27O son of man, behold, the house of Israel, the one rebelling. In saying they say, The vision which this man sees is for [2days 1many], and [3for 5times 4long 1this one 2prophesies]. 28On account of this, say to them! Thus says Adonai the  lord; I shall not lengthen any longer all my words which ever I should speak, for I shall speak a word, and I shall act, says Adonai the  lord!
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