Ezekiel 24


Parable of the Kettle

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me in the [2year 1ninth], in the [2month 1tenth], tenth of the month, saying, 2O son of man, write for yourself the name of the day from this day, from which [3fastened 1the king 2of Babylon] upon Jerusalem, even from [2day 1today's]! 3And speak [2against 3the 5house 4rebelling 1a parable]! And you shall say to them, Thus says Adonai the  lord; Set up the kettle! Set up and pour [2into 3it 1water]! 4And put into it its pieces! every [2piece 1good] -- the leg, and shoulder, tearing off the flesh from the bones, 5[2from 3choice 4cattle 1having taken], then fire up the bones underneath them; boiled erupted and cooked are her bones in her midst. 6On account of this, thus says Adonai the  lord; O city of bloodshed, a kettle in which there is poison in it, and the poison did not come forth out of her; [2by 3her limb 1they brought forth]; [2fell not 3unto 4her 1a lot]. 7For her blood [2in 3her midst 1became]; upon a smooth rock I arranged it; I have not poured it upon the ground to cover [2upon 3it 1earth]. 8But to let [2ascend 1rage] for a punishment, to be punished I put her blood upon a smooth rock, so as to not cover it. 9On account of this, thus says Adonai the  lord; Woe, O city of blood, I also shall magnify the firebrand, 10and I will multiply the wood, and kindle the fire, so that [3should melt away 1the 2meats], and [3should be lessened 1the 2broth], and the bones shall be parched; 11and it should stand upon her coals, so that it should be burnt through and [2should be heated 1her brass utensils], and [2should melt away 3in 4the midst 5of her 1her uncleanness], and [2should fail 1her poison], 12and in no way shall there come forth from out of her much of her poison. 13[2shall be a disgrace 1Her poison] in the [2of your uncleanness 1boiling], and because you were defiled yourself, and you were not cleansed from your uncleanness, then what if you should not be cleansed any more until of which time I shall fill up my rage in you? 14I the  lord have spoken, and it shall come, and I will do; I will not warn nor show mercy, and in no way will I comfort; according to your ways, and according to your thoughts I will judge you, says Adonai the  lord.

Portent of Mourning

15And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to me, saying, 16O son of man, behold, I take from you the desirable things of your eyes in battle array; but in no way shall you beat your chest, nor in any way shall you weep, nor in any way should [2come 3to you 1tears]. 17You shall moan being silent; [2a moaning 3of bloodshed 4of a loin 1it is]; [3for mankind 2a mourning 1you shall not make]. [3shall not be 1The 2hair on your head] braided upon you, and your sandals shall be on your feet; and in no way shall you be comforted by their lips, and the bread of men in no way shall you eat.

Death of Ezekiel's Wife

18And I spoke to the people in the morning, in which manner he gave charge to me. And [2died 1my wife] at evening. And I did in the morning in which manner orders were given to me. 19And [3said 4to 5me 1the 2people], Will you not report to us what these things are which you do? 20And I said to them, The word of the  lord came to me, saying, 21Say to the house of Israel! Thus says Adonai the  lord; Behold, I will profane my holy places, the neighing of your strength, the desirable things of your eyes, and for what [2spare 1your souls]; and your sons and your daughters whom you abandoned [2by 3the broadsword 1will fall]. 22And you shall do in which manner I have done. From their mouth you shall not be comforted, and the bread of men you shall not eat. 23And your hair shall be upon your head, and your sandals on your feet; neither shall you lament, nor shall you weep; and you shall melt away in your iniquities, and [2shall comfort 1each] his brother. 24And Ezekiel will be to you for a portent; and according to all as many things as he did you shall do. Whenever these things should come, then you shall realize that I am the  lord. 25And you, O son of man, shall it not be in the day whenever I take their strength from them, the haughtiness of their boasting, the desirable things of their eyes, and the haughtiness of their soul, their sons, and their daughters, 26that in that day [3shall come 1the one 2escaping] to you, to announce to you in your ears? 27In that day [2shall be opened wide 1your mouth] to the one having escaped, and you shall speak, and in no way shall you be mute any longer. And you will be to them for a portent; and they shall realize that I am the  lord.
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