Ezekiel 44


The East Gate and the Leader

1And he returned me by the way of the [2gate 3of the 4holies 1outer], of the one looking according to the east; and this was locked. 2And the  lord said to me, This gate having been locked will not be opened, and no one will go through it, for the  lord God of Israel will go through it, and it will be locked. 3For the one leading, this one shall sit down in it to eat bread before the  lord. [2by 3the 4way 5of the columned porch 6of the 7gate 1He shall enter], and according to its way he shall go forth.

Entrance to the House

4And he brought me according to the way of the gate, of the one towards the north over against the house. And I beheld, and behold, [5was full 6of glory 1the 2house 3of the 4  lord], and I fell upon my face. 5And the  lord said to me, O son of man, arrange it upon your heart, and behold with your eyes, and [2with your ears 1hear]! all as much as I [2to 3you 1speak] concerning all the orders of the house of the  lord, and all its laws. And arrange your heart for the entrance of the house according to all its exits in all the holy places! 6And you shall say to the one rebelling, to the house of Israel, Thus says the Lord the  lord; Let it be enough to you from all your lawless deeds, O house of Israel! 7 for you to bring in sons of foreigners, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my holy places, and to profane them in your offering my bread loaves, and fat, and blood; and you violated my covenant in all your lawless deeds. 8And you kept not the orders of my sanctuary. But you ordered to keep guards in my holy places for yourselves. 9On account of this, thus says the  lord God; All sons of foreigners, with an uncircumcised heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, shall not enter into my holy places, of all foreigners in the midst of the house of Israel.

The Laws Governing the Levites

10Only the Levites who hoped upon me in [2wandering 1Israel] from me after [2ideas 1their own], even they shall bear their iniquities; 11yet they will be among my holy ones ministering as doorkeepers at the gates of the house, and ministering in the house. These shall slay the whole burnt-offerings and the sacrifices for the people; and these shall stand before the people to minister to them. 12Because they ministered to them before the face of their idols, and it became to the house of Israel for a punishment of iniquity. Because of this I lifted my hand against them, says the Lord the  lord. 13And they shall bear their lawlessness, and they shall not approach unto me to officiate as priest to me, nor to lead forward to all the holy things of the holies. And they shall bear their dishonor in the delusion in which they wandered. 14And I will order them to keep the watches of the house for all its works, and for all as much as they should do.

The Sons of Zadok

15The priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok, the ones that kept watches of my holy things in the [3wandering 1house 2of Israel] from me; these shall lead forward to me to minister to me; and they shall stand before my face to offer to me fat and blood, says the Lord the  lord. 16These shall enter into my holy places, and these shall come forward to my table to minister to me, and to guard my watches. 17And they shall be in their entering into the gates of the [2courtyard 1inner] [3apparels 2flaxen linen 1that they shall put on], and they shall not put on wool in their ministering from the [2gate 1inner] of the courtyard. 18And [3turbans 2flaxen linen 1they shall have] upon their heads, and [3pants 2flaxen linen 1shall have] upon their loins, and they shall not gird with force. 19And in their going forth into the [2courtyard 1outer] to the people, they shall take off their apparels in which they ministered in them. And they shall put them in the inner chambers of the holies, and shall put on [2apparels 1other]; and in no way shall they sanctify the people in their own apparels. 20And their heads they shall not shave, and their hair they shall not make bare; by covering they shall cover their heads. 21And [6wine 1in no way 2shall 5drink 3any 4priest] in their entering into the [2courtyard 1inner]. 22And [2a widow 3and 4one being cast out 1they shall not take] for themselves for a wife, but only a virgin from out of the seed of the house of Israel; but if there shall be a widow of a priest they shall take her. 23And [2my people 1they shall teach] between the holy and the profane; and [3between 4unclean 5and 6clean 1they shall make known 2to them]. 24And [3over 4a judgment 5of blood 1these 2shall attend] to litigate my ordinances; they shall do justice, and [2my judgments 1they shall judge]; and [2my laws 3and 4my orders 5in 6all 7my holiday feasts 1they shall keep]; and [2my Sabbaths 1they shall sanctify]. 25And unto a dead soul of a man they shall not enter to defile themselves; but only unto a father, and unto a mother, and unto a son, and unto a daughter, and unto a brother, and unto his sister who has not become a man's wife shall he be defiled. 26And after his being cleansed, [3seven 4days 1he shall count out 2to himself]. 27And whichever day they should enter into the [2courtyard 1inner] to minister in the holy place, he shall bring an atonement, says the  lord God. 28And it will be to them for an inheritance -- I am an inheritance to them; and a possession shall not be given to them among the sons of Israel -- I am their possession. 29And the sacrifices, even the ones for a sin offering, and the ones for an ignorance offering, these they shall eat; and every separation offering in Israel will be theirs. 30And the first-fruits of all, and the first-born of all, and [2the 3cut-away portions 1all] from out of all your first-fruits [2for the 3priests 1shall be]; and your first produce you shall give to the priest, to put a blessing upon your houses. 31And all decaying flesh, and that taken by wild beasts from the birds and from the cattle [3shall not 4eat 1the 2priests].
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