Galatians 4


Heirs of God Through Christ

1And I say, for as long a time the heir is an infant, in no way does he differ from a bondman, though [2master 3of all things 1being]; 2but [2under 3caretakers 1he is] and managers until the prescribed time of the father. 3So also us, when we were infants under the elements of the world, we were being enslaved. 4But when came the fullness of the time, God sent forth his son, being born of a woman, being born under law, 5that the ones under law he should buy back, that the adoption we should accept. 6But because you are sons, God sent out the spirit of his son in your hearts, crying out, Abba father. 7So that no longer are you a bondman, but a son; and if a son, also an heir of God through Christ. 8But then indeed not knowing God, you were a slave to the ones not by nature being gods. 9But now, having known God, but rather having been known by God, how do you return again unto the weak and poor elements, in which again, as at the beginning [2to serve 1you want]? 10[2days 1You closely watch], and months, and times, and years. 11I fear for you, lest perhaps in vain I have tired in labor for you. 12[4become 5as 6I am 7for 8also I am 9as 10you 3brethren 1I beseech 2you]! In nothing you wronged me. 13But you know that through weakness of the flesh I announced good news to you formerly, 14and my test, the one in my flesh, you treated not with contempt, nor rejected with contempt; but as a messenger of God you received me, even as Christ Jesus.

Paul's Relationship to the Galatians

15What then was your blessing? For I witness to you that if able, [2eyes 1having gouged out your] you would have given them to me. 16So then [2enemy 1have I become your] being truthful with you? 17They are zealous for you, but not for well, but [2to exclude 3you 1they want], that you should be zealous for them. 18But it is good to be zealous in good at all times, and not only in my being at hand with you. 19My sons, whom again I travail as far as of which time [2should have been formed 1Christ] in you. 20And I wanted to be at hand with you just now, and to change my voice; for I am perplexed as to you. 21Tell me, O ones [3under 4law 1wanting 2to be], [3the 4law 1do you not 2hearken to]? 22For it has been written that Abraham [2two 3sons 1had]; one of the maidservant, and one of the free woman. 23But the one indeed of the maidservant [2according to 3flesh 1has been born]; but the one of the free woman was through the promise. 24Which things are allegorized; for these are the two covenants; one indeed from mount Sinai, [2in 3slavery 1born], which is Hagar. 25 For Hagar [3Sinai 2mount 1is] in Arabia, and corresponding with the present Jerusalem, and she slaved with her children. 26But the upward Jerusalem is free, which is mother of all of us. 27For it has been written, Be glad O sterile one, the one not giving birth! Break asunder and yell, O one not travailing! for many are the children of the barren rather than of the one having the husband. 28And we, brethren, like Isaac, [3of promise 2children 1are]. 29But as then the one [2according to 3flesh 1born] persecuted the one born according to spirit, so also now. 30But what says the scripture? Cast out the maidservant and her son! for in no way shall [5inherit 1the 2son 3of the 4maidservant] with the son of the free one. 31So then, brethren, we are not [2of the maidservant 1children], but of the free one.
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