Galatians 6


Bear One Another's Loads

1Brethren, if even [2should be taken first 1a man] in some transgression, you the spiritual ones ready such in spirit of gentleness! watching yourself lest also you should be tested. 2[2one another's 3loads 1Bear]! and so you shall fulfill the law of the Christ. 3For if anyone thinks to be anything, being nothing, he deceives his own mind. 4 And [4his own work 1let 3try 2each], and then in himself only [2cause for boasting 1shall he have], and not as to another. 5For each [2his own 3load 1shall bear]. 6[2let 7participate with 1And 3the one 4being instructed in 5the 6word] the one instructing in all good things!

Sowing and Reaping

7Be not misled! God is not to be sneered at; for whatever [2should 3sow 1a man], this also he shall reap. 8For the one sowing to his own flesh, of the flesh shall harvest corruption; but the one sowing for the harvest, of the spirit shall reap life eternal. 9 And in [2good 1doing] we should not tire; [3time 1for 2in its own] we shall harvest, not fainting. 10So then as [2occasion 1we have], we should work good to all, and especially to the members of the family of the belief.

Boast Only in Christ

11Behold how great [3to you 1letters 2I wrote] with my hand! 12As many as want to have the right appearance in the flesh, these compel you to be circumcised; only that [2not 4for the 5cross 6of the 7Christ 1they should 3be persecuted]. 13For neither the ones being circumcised themselves [2the law 1guard], but they want you to be circumcised, that [2in 3your 4flesh 1they should boast]. 14But for me may it not be to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom to me the world has been crucified, and I to the world. 15For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision prevails in anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation. 16And as many as [2to this rule 1shall conform], peace be upon them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God. 17For the rest, [4troubles 5for me 2no one 1let 3make]; for I [2the 3marks 4of the 5Lord 6Jesus 7in 8my body 1bear]. 18The favor of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brethren. Amen.
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