Genesis 16


Sarai and Hagar

1And Sarai, the wife of Abram, bore not to him. But there was to her a maidservant, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar. 2[3said 1And 2Sarai] to Abram, Behold, [2closed me up 1the  lord] to not bear. Enter then to my maidservant, that I may produce children from her! [3obeyed 1And 2Abram] the voice of Sarai. 3And [4having taken 1the 2wife 3of Abram] Hagar the Egyptian her maidservant, after ten years of living with Abram in the land of Canaan, and she gave her to Abram her husband to him for wife. 4And he entered to Hagar, and she conceived. And she saw that [2in 3the womb 1she had a child], and [3was dishonored 1the 2lady] before her. 5[3said 1And 2Sarai] to Abram, I am being wronged because of you. I gave my maidservant to your bosom. And seeing that [2a child in 3the womb 1she had] I was dishonored before her. May God judge between me and you. 6[3said 1And 2Abram] to Sarai, Behold, your maidservant is in your hands, treat her however [2pleasing to you 1might be]. And [2maltreated 3her 1Sarai], and she ran away from her face. 7[4found 1And 5her 2the angel 3of the  lord] upon the spring of water in the wilderness, upon the land in the way of Shur. 8And [4said 5to her 1the 2angel 3of the  lord], Hagar, maidservant of Sarai, from what place do you come, and where do you go? And she said, [3from 4the face 5of Sarai 6my lady 1I 2am running away]. 9[5said 1And 6to her 2the 3angel 4of the  lord], You return to your lady, and be humble under her hands! 10And [4said 5to her 1the 2angel 3of the  lord], In multiplying I will multiply your seed, and it shall not be counted because of the multitude.

Birth of Ishmael

11And [4said 5to her 1the 2angel 3of the  lord], Behold, you [2in 3the womb 1have a child], and you shall bear a son, and you shall call his name, Ishmael, for the  lord heeded your humiliation. 12This one will be a rugged man; his hands will be upon all, and the hands of all upon him. And [2before 3the face 4of all 5his brothers 1he will dwell]. 13And she called the name of the  lord, the one speaking to her, You, the God, the one looking upon me; for she said, For even face to face I beheld the one appearing to me. 14Because of this she called the well, Well of which [2Face to Face 1I Beheld]. Behold, it is between Kadesh and between Bared. 15And Hagar bore to Abram a son. And Abram called the name of his son, whom [2bore 3to him 1Hagar], Ishmael. 16And Abram was [2years old 1eighty-six] when Hagar bore to Abram, Ishmael.
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