Genesis 18


The LORD Appears at Mamre

1[3appeared 1And 4to him 2God] before the oak in Mamre, at his sitting near the door of his tent at midday. 2And lifting up his eyes he saw; and behold, three men had set upon him. And seeing, he ran up to meet with them from the door of his tent. And he did obeisance upon the ground. 3And he said, O Lord, if surely I found favor before you, you should not go by your servant. 4Let there be taken now water, and let them wash your feet, and be cooled under the tree! 5And I will bring bread, and you shall eat, and after this you shall go in your journey, because of which you turned aside to your servant. And they said, Thus do as you have said! 6And Abraham hastened unto the tent to Sarah. And he said to her, Hasten and mix up three measures of fine flour, and make a cake baked in hot ashes! 7And [2to 3the 4oxen 1Abraham ran], and he took a tender [3young calf 1and 2good], and gave it to the servant; and he hastened to prepare it. 8And he took butter, and milk, and the young calf which he prepared, and placed it near to them, and they ate. And he stood beside them under the tree. 9And he said to him, Where is Sarah your wife? And answering he said, Behold, in the tent. 10And he said, Returning, I will come to you according to this time to the hour; and [3will have 4a son 1Sarah 2your wife]. And Sarah heard by the door of the tent, being behind him. 11And Abraham and Sarah were older, advanced of days, [3ceased 1and 2Sarah] to be in the feminine ways. 12[3laughed 1And 2Sarah] in herself, saying, For not yet has it happened to me until now, and my lord is older. 13And the  lord said to Abraham, Why is it that Sarah laughed in herself, saying, Indeed is it truly I will bear, and I have grown old? 14Is [2impossible 3to 4the  lord 1the saying]? At this time to the hour I will return to you, and there will be to Sarah a son. 15[3denied 1But 2Sarah], saying, I did not laugh; for she feared. And he said to her, No, but you laughed! 16And having risen up from there, the men looked down upon the face of Sodom and Gomorrah. And Abraham went with them, escorting them. 17And the  lord said, No way shall I hide from Abraham my servant what I do. 18[3to Abraham 1But 2coming to pass], he will be made into [4nation 1a great 2and 3populous], and [6shall be blessed 7by 8him 1all 2the 3nations 4of the 5earth]. 19For I had known that he will order his sons, and his house after him; and they will guard the ways of the  lord, to do righteousness and judgment; that the  lord may bring upon Abraham all as much as he said to him. 20[3said 1And 2the  lord], The cry of Sodom and Gomorrah has multiplied towards me, and their sins are great, exceedingly. 21Going down then, I will see if it is according to their cry, the cry coming to me that they exhaust; and if not, that I may know. 22And turning back from there, the men came unto Sodom. And Abraham was still standing before the  lord. 23And Abraham approaching, said, You would not destroy together the just with the impious, and [3will be 1the 2just] as the impious? 24If there might be fifty just in the city, will you destroy them? Will you not spare all the place because of the fifty just, if there should be so in it? 25By no means shall you do as this saying, to kill the just with the impious, and [3shall be 1the 2just] as the impious; by no means, O one judging all the earth. Will you not execute judgment? 26[3said 1And 2the  lord], If there should be in Sodom fifty just in the city, I will leave off doing so to all the place on account of them. 27And Abraham responding said, Now that I began to speak to my Lord, and I am earth and ashes. 28But if [4may be lessened 1the 2fifty 3just] to forty-five, will you destroy because of the five, all the city? And he said, No way will I destroy if I find there forty-five. 29And he added yet to speak to him. And he said, But if there may be found there forty? And he said, No way should I destroy because of the forty. 30And he said, Much less, O Lord, if I may speak, but if there may be found there thirty? And he said, No way will I destroy because of the thirty. 31And he said, Since I have taken to speak to the Lord, but if there may be found there twenty? And he said, No way will I destroy if I should find there twenty. 32And he said, Much less, O Lord, if I may speak still once more, but if there may be found there ten? And he said, No way will I destroy because of the ten. 33[3went forth 1And 2the  lord] as he ceased speaking to Abraham, and Abraham returned to his place.
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