Genesis 19


Eradication of Sodom and Gomorrah

1[5came 1And 2the 3two 4angels] into Sodom at evening. And Lot settled by the city of Sodom. And seeing, Lot rose up to meet them, and did obeisance with his face upon the ground. 2And he said, Behold lords, turn aside to the house of your servant, and rest up, and wash your feet! that rising early you may go forth into your way. And they said, No, but in the square we will rest up. 3And he constrained them, and they turned aside towards him, and entered unto his house. And he made for them a banquet, and [2unleavened breads 1he baked] for them, and they ate. 4Before putting to bed, the men of the city, the Sodomites, surrounded the house, from the young man unto the older, all the people together. 5And they called forth Lot. And they said to him, Where are they, the men, the ones entering to you this night? Lead them to us, that we may be intimate with them! 6[3came forth 1And 2Lot] to them, to the threshold, [3the 1and 4door 2he shut] behind him. 7And he said to them, By no means, brethren, should you do wickedly. 8But there are to me two daughters who knew not a man. I will lead them to you, and you treat them as pleases you! Only to these men you should not do unjust, because they entered under the protection of my beams. 9And they said to him, You left there to enter here to sojourn, and not [2with judgment 1to judge]. Now then to you we will inflict evil rather than them. And they were pressing the man Lot exceedingly, and they approached to break the door. 10[4stretching out 1And 2the 3men] the hands, drew Lot towards themselves into the house, and the door of the house they locked. 11And the men being at the door of the house were struck with inability to see, from small unto great, and they were disabled in seeking the door. 12[4said 1And 2the 3men] to Lot, Are there [2to you 3here 1in-laws], or sons or daughters? Or if [2any 4to you 3other 1there is] in the city you lead them out of this place! 13For we destroy this place. For [2was raised up high 1their cry] before the  lord, and [2sent 3us 1the  lord] to obliterate it. 14[3went forth 1And 2Lot] and spoke to his sons-in-law, the ones taking his daughters. And he said, Rise up, and come forth from out of this place, for the  lord is obliterating the city. [4he seemed 1But 5to be joking 2before 3his sons-in-law]. 15And when dawn came [3hurried 1the 2angels] Lot, saying, In rising up, take your wife and [2two 3daughters 1your] whom you have, and come forth! that [3not 4also 1you 2should] be destroyed together in the lawlessnesses of the city. 16And they were disturbed, and [3held 1the 2angels] his hand, and the hand of his wife, and the hands [2two 3daughters 1of his], in the  lord sparing him. 17And it came to pass when they led them outside, and said, By escaping escape with your own life! You should not look round about to the rear, nor stand in any round about place. [2into 3the 4mountain 1Escape]! lest at any time you may be taken along with them. 18[3said 1And 2Lot] to them, I beseech, O lord, 19since [2found 1your servant] favor before you, and you magnified your righteousness, which you do unto me, that [2may live 1my soul], but I will not be able to come through safe into the mountain, lest [2overtake 3me 1evils] and I die. 20Behold, this city is near for me to take refuge there, which is small, there I will be delivered. [2not 3a small thing 1Is it] that [2will live 1my soul] because of you? 21And he said to him, Behold, I admired your countenance over this saying, that I should not eradicate the city, concerning of which you spoke. 22You hasten then to escape there, [3not 1for 2I will] be able to do the thing until you go there! On account of this he called the name of that city, Zoar. 23The sun came up upon the earth, and Lot entered into Zoar. 24And the  lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah sulphur and fire from the  lord from out of heaven. 25And he eradicated these cities, and all the place round about, and all the ones dwelling in the cities, and the things rising from out of the ground.

Lot's Wife Becomes a Monument of Salt

26And [2looked 1his wife] unto the rear, and she became a monument of salt. 27[3rose early 1And 2Abraham] in the morning to the place of which he had stood before the  lord. 28And he looked upon the face of Sodom and Gomorrah, and upon the face of the place round about. And he saw. And behold, [2ascended 1a flame] from out of the earth, as vapor of a furnace. 29And it came to pass in God obliterating all the [2cities 1adjacent], God remembered Abraham, and he sent out Lot from the middle of the final event, in the eradicating the cities in which [2dwelt 3in 4them 1Lot].

Incest Between Lot and His Daughters

30[3came forth 1And 2Lot] from out of Zoar, and settled in the mountain, and the two daughters of his with him; for he feared dwelling in Zoar. And he dwelt in the cave, he and the two daughters of his with him. 31[4said 1And 2the 3elder] to the younger, Our father is older, and there is no one upon the land who will enter to us, as it is fit in all the earth. 32Come and we should give [3to drink 1our father 2wine], and we should go to bed with him, that we might raise up [2from 3our father 1seed]. 33And they gave [3to drink 1their father 2wine] in that night. And entering, the elder went to bed with her father in that night, and he did not know about her going to bed and rising up. 34And it came to pass in the next day, and [3said 1the 2elder] to the younger, Behold, I went to bed yesterday with our father. We should give [3to drink 1him 2wine] also in this night, and entering, you go to bed with him! that we might raise up [2from 3our father 1seed]. 35And they gave to drink also in that night [2for their father 1wine]. And entering, the younger went to bed with her father. And he did not know about her going to bed and rising up. 36And [5conceived 1the 2two 3daughters 4of Lot] from their father. 37And [3bore 1the 2elder] a son, and she called his name Moab, saying, He is from my father. This one is father of the Moabites, unto today's day. 38[5bore 1And 4also 2the 3younger] a son, and she called his name Ammon, he is a son of my family. This one is father of the Ammonites until today's day.
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