Genesis 21


Birth of Isaac

1And the  lord visited Sarah as he said, and the  lord did to Sarah as he spoke. 2And conceiving, she bore to Abraham a son in his old age, in the time as [2spoke 3to him 1the  lord]. 3And Abraham called the name of his son, the one born to him whom [2bore 3to him 1Sarah] -- Isaac. 4[3circumcised 1And 2Abraham] Isaac on the eighth day as [2gave charge 3to him 1God]. 5And Abraham was a hundred years old when [3was born 4to him 1Isaac 2his son]. 6[3said 1And 2Sarah], [3laughter 4to me 2caused 1The  lord], for whoever may hear will rejoice along with me. 7And she said, Who will announce to Abraham that [2nurses 3a male child 1Sarah], for I bore a son in my old age. 8And [3grew 1the 2child] and was weaned. And Abraham made [2banquet 1a great] the day [3was weaned 1Isaac 2his son].

Hagar Cast Out

9[3beholding 1And 2Sarah] the son of Hagar the Egyptian, who was born to Abraham, playing with Isaac her son, 10that she said to Abraham, You cast out this maidservant and her son, for [5shall not 6be heir 1the 2son 3of the 4maidservant] with my son Isaac. 11[6hard 1But 4appeared 2the 3saying 5very] before Abraham concerning his son Ishmael. 12[3said 1And 2God] to Abraham, [2not 4hard 1Let it 3be] before you on account of the child, and on account of the maidservant! All as much as [2should have said 3to you 1Sarah], you hearken to her voice! for by Isaac [2shall be called 3to you 1a seed]. 13[2also 3the 4son 1But] of this maidservant [2into 4nation 3a great 1I will make], for he [3seed 2your 1is]. 14[3rose up 1And 2Abraham] in the morning, and took bread loaves and a leather bag of water; and he gave to Hagar, and he placed the male child upon her shoulders, and he sent her. And she went forth wandering about the wilderness by the Well of the Oath. 15[4ceased 1But 2the 3water] coming from out of the leather bag, and she tossed the male child underneath one fir tree. 16And going forth she sat down before him, far off as a bow shot. For she said, no way shall I see the death of my child. And she sat before him. And yelling out the child wept. 17[3listened to 1But 2God] the voice of the child from the place where he was. And [3called 1an angel 2of God] Hagar from out of the heaven, and said to her, What is it, Hagar? Fear not! [3has heeded 1for 2God] the voice of your child from out of the place where he is. 18Rise up and take the child, and hold [2in your hand 1it]! [4into 1For 6nation 5a great 2I will make 3it]. 19And God opened her eyes. And she saw a well [2water 1of living]. And she went and filled the leather bag of water, and gave a drink to the child. 20And God was with the child. And he grew, and he dwelt in the wilderness. And he became a bowman. 21And he dwelt in the wilderness in Parah. And [2took 3to him 1his mother] a wife from the land of Egypt.

Abraham's Covenant with Abimelech

22And it came to pass in that time, that Abimelech spoke, along with Ahuzzath his groomsman, and Phichol the commander-in-chief of his force, to Abraham, saying, God is with you in all things what ever you should do. 23Now then swear by an oath to me by God that you will not wrong me, nor my seed, nor my name! but according to the righteousness which I did with you, you shall do with me, and in the land where you sojourned in it. 24And Abraham said, I will swear by an oath. 25And Abraham reproved Abimelech on account of the wells of water, which [4removed 1the 2servants 3of Abimelech]. 26And [2said 3to him 1Abimelech], I do not know who did this matter, nor you reported it to me, nor I heard -- but only today. 27And Abraham took sheep and calves, and gave to Abimelech, and [2ordained 1both 3a covenant]. 28And Abraham set seven ewe-lambs of sheep alone. 29And Abimelech said to Abraham, What are the seven ewe-lambs of sheep -- these, which you set alone? 30And he said, that, [4seven 5ewe-lambs 3these 1You shall take 2of] of mine, that they should be to me for a testimony that I dug this well. 31Because of this [4was named 1the 2name 3of that place], Well of the Oath, for there [2swore by an oath 1both]. 32And they ordained a covenant at the Well of the Oath. [3rose up 1And 2Abimelech], and Ahuzzath his groomsman, and Phichol the commander-in-chief of his force, and they returned to the land of the Philistines. 33And Abraham planted plowed fields near the Well of the Oath. And he called there the name of the  lord, God eternal. 34[3sojourned 1And 2Abraham] in the land of the Philistines [2days 1many].
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