Genesis 26


Isaac Deceives Abimelech

1And there became a famine upon the land, separate from the famine formerly, which happened in the time of Abraham. [3went 1And 2Isaac] to Abimelech king of the Philistines in Gerar. 2[3appeared 1And 4to him 2the  lord], and said, You should not go down into Egypt, but dwell in the land! which ever I should tell you. 3And sojourn in this land! And I will be with you, and I will bless you. For to you and your seed I will give all this land. And I will establish my oath, which I swore to Abraham your father. 4And I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heaven. And I will give your seed all this land. And shall be blessed by your seed all the nations of the earth; 5because [3obeyed 1Abraham 2your father] my voice, and guarded my orders, and my commandments, and my ordinances, and my laws. 6[3dwelt 1And 2Isaac] in Gerar. 7[6asked 1And 2the 3men 4of the 5place] concerning Rebekah his wife. And he said, [2sister 1She is my], for he feared to say that, [2wife 1She is my], lest at any time [5should kill 6him 1the 2men 3of the 4place] on account of Rebekah; for [4beautiful 1her 2appearance 3was]. 8And he became long-lived there. And [5leaned over 1Abimelech 2the 3king 4of Gerar] through the window, and saw Isaac playing with Rebekah his wife. 9[3called 1And 2Abimelech] Isaac, and said to him, So indeed [2your wife 1is she]? Why is it that you said, [2sister 1She is my]? [3said 1And 4to him 2Isaac], I said it for lest at any time I might die on account of her. 10[3said 1And 4to him 2Abimelech], What is this you did to us? Is it a small thing [4went to bed 1if someone 3kind 2of my] with your wife, and you brought upon us a sin of ignorance? 11[3gave orders 1And 2Abimelech] to all his people, saying, Any one touching this man and his wife [3unto death 2liable 1will be]. 12[3sowed 1And 2Isaac] in that land. And he found in that year [2bearing a hundred fold 1barley], [3blessed 1and 4him 2the  lord]. 13And [3was exalted 1the 2man], and [2advancing 3greatly 1was], until of which time [3great 1he became 2exceedingly]. 14And there became to him herds of sheep, and herds of oxen, and [2farms 1many]. [4envied 1And 5him 2the 3Philistines].

Combat Over the Wells

15And all the wells which [4dug 1the 2servants 3of his father] [3obstructed 4them 5in 6the 7time 8of his father 1the 2Philistines], and filled them with earth. 16[3said 1And 2Abimelech] to Isaac, Go forth from us! for [3mightier than 4us 1you became 2exceedingly]. 17And Isaac went forth from there. And he rested up in the ravine of Gerar, and dwelt there. 18And again Isaac dug the wells of water which [5dug 1the 2servants 3of Abraham 4his father]; and [3obstructed 4them 1the 2Philistines], after the dying of Abraham his father. And he named them with names according to the names which [2named 1his father]. 19And [4dug 1the 2servants 3of Isaac] in the ravine of Gerar, and found there a well of [2water 1living]. 20And [4did combat 1the 2shepherds 3of Gerar] with the shepherds of Isaac, maintaining [4theirs 3to be 1the 2water]. And they called the name of the well, Injustice, for they wronged him. 21And departing from there he dug [2well 1another]. And they quarreled also on account of that well. And he named the name of it, Hatred. 22And departing from there, he dug [2well 1another]. And they did not do combat over it. And he named the name of it, Expanse, saying, Because now the  lord widened us, and caused us to grow upon the earth. 23And he ascended from there towards the Well of the Oath. 24And [2appeared 3to him 1the  lord] in that night, and said, I am the God of Abraham your father. Do not fear! [3with 4you 1for 2I am]. And I will bless you, and I will multiply your seed because of Abraham your father. 25And he built there an altar, and called upon the name of the  lord, and he pitched there his tent. [5dug 1And 7there 2the 3servants 4of Isaac 6a well] in the ravine Gerar.

Isaac's Covenant with Abimelech

26And Abimelech went to him from Gerar, and Ahuzzath his groomsman, and Phichol the commander-in-chief of his force. 27And [2said 3to them 1Isaac], Why did you come to me; for you detested me, and you sent me from you? 28And they said, Seeing, we have seen that the  lord was with you. And we said, Let there become an oath between us and between you! And we will ordain with you a covenant. 29You shall not do [2with 3us 1evil], in so far as [2did not abhor 3you 1we], and which manner we treated you well, and we sent you out in peace. And now, you are being blessed by the  lord. 30And he made a banquet for them. And they ate and drank. 31And rising up in the morning, [2swore by an oath 1each] to the neighbor. And [2sent them out 1Isaac], and they moved away from him with safety. 32And it came to pass in that day, also [4coming 1the 2servants 3of Isaac] reported to him concerning the well which they dug, and said, We did not find water. 33And he called it, Oath. On account of this he called the name of that city, Well of Oath, unto today's day. 34[3was 1And 2Esau 5years old 4forty] and he took a wife -- Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath daughter of Elon the Hittite. 35And they were contending with Isaac and Rebekah.
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