Genesis 27


Rebekah Deceives Isaac

And it came to pass after the growing old of Isaac, that [2were blunted 1his eyes] to see. And he called Esau [3son 1his 2older], and said to him, O my son. And he said, Behold, it is I. And he said, Behold, I have grown old, and I do not know the day of my decease. Now then, take your hunting equipment, both the quiver and the bow! and go forth into the plain, and hunt for me game! And make for me food as I am fond of, and bring it to me! that I may eat, so that [2may bless 3you 1my soul] before my dying. And Rebekah heard Isaac speaking to Esau his son. [3went 1And 2Esau] into the plain to hunt game for his father. And Rebekah said to Jacob [3son 1her 2lesser], See! I heard your father speaking to Esau your brother, saying, Bring to me game, and make food for me! that eating, I may bless you before the  lord, before my dying. Now then, O my son, hear me as I give charge to you! And going unto the sheep, you take for me from there two kids, tender and good! And I will make them for food for your father as he is fond of. 10 And you shall carry them in to your father, and he shall eat, that [2may bless 3you 1your father] before his dying. 11 [3said 1And 2Jacob] to Rebekah his mother, [2is 1My brother 4man 3a hairy], and I am [2man 1a smooth]; 12 lest at any time [2should handle 3me 1my father], and I will be before him as disdained, and I shall bring upon myself a curse, and not a blessing. 13 [4said 1And 5to him 2the 3mother], Upon me be your curse, child. Only you heed my voice! And in going bring them to me! 14 And going, he took them, and brought them to the mother. And [2made 1his mother] food as [2was fond of 1his father]. 15 And Rebekah having taken the apparel of Esau [3son 1her 2elder], the goodly, which was by her in the house, she put it on Jacob [3son 1her 2younger]. 16 And [2the 3skins 4of the 5kids 1she put] upon his arms, and upon the naked parts of his neck. 17 And she gave the foods and the bread loaves which she made unto the hands of Jacob her son. 18 And he carried in to his father. And he said, Father! And he said, Behold, it is I, who are you child?

Jacob Deceives Isaac

19 And Jacob said to his father, I am Esau your first-born. I did as you told me. In rising up come take a seat and eat from my game! that [2may bless 3me 1your soul]. 20 [3said 1And 2Isaac] to his son, What is this which so quickly you found, O child? And he said, that which [3delivered up 1the  lord 2your God] before me. 21 [3said 1And 2Isaac] to Jacob, Approach me, and I shall handle you child, to see if you are my son Esau or not! 22 [3approached 1And 2Jacob] to Isaac his father. And he handled him, and said, Indeed the voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau. 23 And he did not recognized him, [3were 1for 2his hands] as the hands of Esau his brother -- hairy; and he blessed him. 24 And he said, You are my son Esau? And he said, I am.

Jacob's Blessing

25 And he said, Bring to me! and I will eat from your game, child, that [2may bless 3you 1my soul]. And he brought it near to him, and he ate; and he carried to him wine, and he drank. 26 And [3said 4to him 1Isaac 2his father], Approach me, and kiss me child! 27 And approaching, he kissed him. And he smelled the scent of his garments, and blessed him, and said, Behold, the scent of my son is as the scent [2field 1of a full] which the  lord blessed; 28 and may [2give 3to you 1God] from the dew of the heaven, and from the fatness of the earth, and a multitude of grain and wine. 29 And let [2be slave 3to you 1nations]! And let [2do obeisance 3to you 1rulers]! And you become master of your brother! And [4will do obeisance 5to you 1the 2sons 3of your father]. The one cursing you will be accursed, and the one blessing you will be for a blessing. 30 And it came to pass after the ceasing of Isaac blessing Jacob his son, that it happened as Jacob went forth from the face of Isaac his father, that Esau his brother came from the hunt. 31 And he made also himself food, and brought it near his father. And he said to the father, Rise up my father, and eat from the game of his son! that [2may bless 3me 1your soul]. 32 And [3said 4to him 1Isaac 2his father], Who are you? And he said, I am your son, the first-born, Esau. 33 [3was amazed 1And 2Isaac 6change of state 5great 4with an exceedingly]. And he said, Who then is the one hunting game for me, and carrying it in to me? And I ate from all before your coming, and blessed him, and a blessing let it be! 34 And it happened when Esau heard the words of his father Isaac, he yelled out [5voice 1with a great 2and 4bitter 3exceedingly]. And he said, You bless indeed also me father! 35 And he said to him, In coming, your brother with cunning took your blessing. 36 And he said, Justly was [2called 1his name] Jacob. For he has stomped upon me already this second time. Even my rights of the first-born he has taken, and now he took my blessing. And Esau said to his father, Do you not leave behind to me a blessing, O father? 37 And answering Isaac said to Esau, If [3master 2him 1I made] of you, and [2all 3his brothers 1I made] his servants, [3with grain 4and 5wine 1to support 2him] -- then to you what may I do child? 38 [3said 1And 2Esau] to his father, [2not 4blessing 3one 5in you 1Is there], O father? [2bless 1Indeed] me also father! [3being vexed 1And 2Isaac], [2yelled out 3a sound 1Esau], and he wept. 39 [4answering 1And 2Isaac 3his father] said to him, Behold, from the fatness of the earth will be your dwelling, and from the dew of the heaven above. 40 And upon your sword you shall live, and [2of your brother 1you will be a servant]. And it will be when ever you should demolish and loosen his yoke from your neck.

Esau Seeks to Kill Jacob

41 And Esau was angry at Jacob on account of the blessing of which [2blessed 3him 1his father]. [3said 1And 2Esau] in his mind, Let approach the days of the mourning of my father! that I may kill Jacob my brother. 42 And were reported to Rebekah the words of Esau [3son 1her 2elder]. And sending forth, she called Jacob [3son 1her 2younger], and she said to him, Behold, Esau, your brother threatens you -- to kill you. 43 Now then, child, hear my voice! and rising up run away into Mesopotamia to Laban my brother in Haran! 44 And live with him some days! 45 until the turning back the rage and the anger of your brother from you, and he should forget what you have done to him. And sending, I will fetch you from there, lest at any time I should be childless from the two of you in [2day 1one]. 46 [3said 1And 2Rebekah] to Isaac, I loathe my life, on account of the daughters of the sons of Heth. If Jacob shall take a wife from the daughters of this land, why is it for me to live?
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