Genesis 32


Jacob Fears Esau

1And Jacob went forth into his own way. And having looked up, he saw the camp of God encamped. And [4met with 5him 1the 2angels 3of God]. 2[3said 1And 2Jacob], when he saw them, [2the camp 3of God 1This is]. And he called the name of that place, Camps. 3[3sent 1And 2Jacob] messengers in front of him to Esau his brother, into the land of Seir into the region of Edom. 4And he gave charge to them, saying, Thus you shall say to my master Esau; Thus says your servant Jacob, [2with 3Laban 1I sojourned], and passed time until the present. 5And came to me oxen, and donkeys, and sheep, and manservants, and maidservants. And I sent to announce to my master Esau, that [2might find 1your servant] favor before you. 6And [3returned 1the 2messengers] to Jacob, saying, We came to your brother Esau. And behold, he is coming to meet you, and four hundred men with him. 7[3feared 1And 2Jacob] exceedingly, and he was perplexed. And he divided the people, the one with himself, and the oxen, and the sheep into two camps. 8And Jacob said, If Esau should come into [2camp 1one] and should smite it, [4will be 1the 3camp 2second] for delivering. 9[3said 1And 2Jacob], The God of my father Abraham, and the God of my father Isaac, O  lord, the one saying to me, Run to the land of your birth! and [2good 3to you 1I will do]. 10It is fit to me for all righteousness, and of all truth, of which you did to your servant; for with [2my rod 1this] I passed over this Jordan, and now I exist in two camps. 11Rescue me from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau! For I fear him, lest coming he should strike me, and the mother with children. 12But you, you said, [3good 2you 1I will do], and I will establish your seed as the sand of the sea, which shall not be counted by the multitude. 13And he went to sleep there that night. And he took [2of which 3he brought 1gifts], and he sent to Esau his brother; 14goats -- two hundred; he-goats -- twenty; sheep -- two hundred; rams -- twenty; 15camels nursing and their offspring -- thirty; oxen -- forty; bulls -- ten; donkeys -- twenty; and foals -- ten. 16And he gave them by hand to his servants a flock alone. And he said to his servants, You go forth in front of me, and [2a space 1make] between flock and flock. 17And he gave charge to the first, saying, If [3should meet you 1Esau 2my brother], and he should ask you, saying, Who are you? and where might you go? and who are these going before you? 18You shall say, Your servant Jacob [2gifts 1has sent] to my master Esau. And behold, he is behind us. 19And he gave charge to the first, and to the second, and to the third, and to all the ones going before behind these flocks, saying, According to this saying you speak to Esau when you find him! 20And you shall say, Behold, your servant Jacob comes after us. For he said, I will appease his face by the gifts going before him; and after this I will see his countenance, for perhaps he will favorably receive my person. 21And [3went before 1the 2gifts] his face. And he went to sleep that night in the camp. 22And rising that night, he took the two wives, and the two maidservants, and the eleven children of his, and he passed over the ford of the Jabbok. 23And he took them, and passed over the rushing stream, and he caused to pass over all the ones of his.

Jacob Wrestles with God

24[3was left behind 1And 2Jacob] alone, and [2wrestled 1a man] with him until morning. 25And he saw that he was not able to prevail against him; and he touched the wide part of his thigh, and he paralyzed the wide part of the thigh of Jacob in his wrestling with him. 26And he said to him, You send me away! [4ascended 1for 2the 3dawn]. And he said, No way will I send you away if [2not 4me 1you should 3bless]. 27And he said to him, What [3name 2your 1is]? And he said, Jacob.

Jacob's Name Changed to Israel

28And he said to him, [3not 2shall 5be called 4any longer 1your name] Jacob, but Israel will be your name; for you grew in strength against God, and against [2men 1mighty]. 29[3asked 1And 2Jacob] and said, Announce to me your name! And he said, Why is this you ask my name, which is wonderful? And he blessed him there. 30And Jacob called the name of that place, Sight of God. For I saw God face to face, and [3was delivered 1my 2life]. 31[4arose 1And 5to him 2the 3sun] when he went by the form of God, but he was limping in his thigh. 32Because of this, no way [4eat 1do the 2sons 3of Israel] the nerve by which he was paralyzed, which is upon the wide part of the thigh, until this day. For he touched the wide part of the thigh of Jacob, of the nerve, in which he was paralyzed.
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