Genesis 34


Dinah is Humbled by Shechem

1And went forth Dinah, the daughter whom Leah bore to Jacob, to study the daughters of the native inhabitants. 2And [2beheld 3her 1Shechem], the son of Hamor the Hivite, the ruler of the land. And taking her, he went to bed with her, and humbled her. 3And he took heed to the soul of Dinah the daughter of Jacob. And he loved the virgin, and he spoke concerning the thought of her virgin state. 4And said Shechem to Hamor his father, saying, Take for me this maidservant for a wife. 5And Jacob heard that [4defiled 1the 2son 3of Hamor] Dinah his daughter. But his sons were with his cattle in the plain. [3remained silent 1And 2Jacob] until they came. 6And came forth Hamor the father of Shechem to Jacob to speak to him. 7And the sons of Jacob came from the plain. And as they heard, [3were vexed 1the 2men], and it was distressing to them exceedingly. For [2an indecent act 1he did] in Israel, going to bed with the daughter of Jacob. And not thus shall it be. 8And Hamor spoke to them, saying, Shechem my son prefers [2in his 3soul 1your daughter]. Give her then to him as wife! 9And be allied by marriage to us! [3your daughters 1You give 2us], and [2our daughters 1you take] for your sons! 10And [2with 3us 1dwell]! And the land -- behold, it is spacious before you; you dwell and do trade in it, and acquire possessions in it! 11[3said 1And 2Shechem] to her father, and to her brothers, I want to find favor before you, and what ever you should have said we will give. 12You multiply the dowry exceedingly! and I will give in so far as whatever you should have said to me. And you shall give to me this child as wife.

Treachery of Jacob's Sons

13[5responded 1And 2the 3sons 4of Jacob] to Shechem and Hamor his father with treachery. And they spoke to them, for they defiled Dinah their sister. 14And said to them Simeon and Levi the brothers of Dinah, We shall not be able to do this matter, to give our sister to a man who has a foreskin, for it is scorn to us. 15Only in this we will be like you, and dwell among you, if you should become as us and we you, in the circumcision [3of yours 1of every 2male]. 16And we will give our daughters to you, and from your daughters we will take to ourselves wives, and we will live by you, and we will be [2race 1one]. 17But if you should not listen to us, of the being circumcised, taking our daughter, we shall go forth. 18And [3were pleasing 1the 2words] before Hamor, and before Shechem the son of Hamor. 19And [3did not 4pass time 1the 2young man] to do this word, for he clung to the daughter of Jacob. And he was most honorable of all of the ones in the house of his father. 20[6came 1And 2Hamor 3and 4Shechem 5his son] to the gate of their city, and spoke to the men of their city, saying, 21 These men are peaceable with us; let them live upon the land, and let them trade in it! And the land, behold, it is spacious before them; [4of their daughters 1we shall take 2to ourselves 3wives], and [2daughters 1we shall give our] to them. 22In this only will [3be like 4us 1the 2men], to dwell with us, so as to be [2people 1one] -- in the being circumcised of us every male, as also they have been circumcised. 23And their cattle, and the four-footed animals, and their possessions -- [2not 4ours 1will they 3be]? Only in this, should we be like them, and they will live with us. 24And they listened to Hamor and Shechem his son, and all the ones going forth at the gate of their city. And they were circumcised in the flesh of their foreskin -- every male. 25And it came to pass in the [2day 1third], when they were in misery, [11taking 1the 2two 3sons 4of Jacob 5Simeon 6and 7Levi 8brothers 9of Dinah 10each] his sword, even entered to the city safely, and killed every male. 26 Also Hamor and Shechem his son they killed by the mouth of the sword. And they took Dinah from the house of Shechem, and went forth. 27And the sons of Jacob entered unto the wounded, and plundered the city in which [3was defiled 1Dinah 2their sister]. 28And their sheep, and their oxen, and their donkeys, as much as was in the city, and as much as was in the plain, they took. 29And all their persons, and all their belongings, and their women they captured. And they plundered as much as was in the city, and as much as was in the houses. 30[3said 1And 2Jacob] to Simeon and Levi, [2me detested 1You have made], so as [3wicked 1for me 2to be] to all the ones dwelling the land, among both the Canaanites and among the Perizzites. And I am very few in number. And gathering against me, they shall cut me down, and I shall be obliterated, I and my house. 31 And they said, But as a harlot they treated our sister.
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