Genesis 37


Joseph's Dreams

1[3dwelt 1And 2Jacob] in the land of which [2sojourned 1his father] in the land of Canaan. 2These are the generations of Jacob. And Joseph [2ten 3and 4seven 5years old 1was] tending the sheep of his father with his brothers, being young among the sons of Bilhah, and with the sons of Zilpah, the wives of his father. And they brought against Joseph [2fault 1a bad] to Israel their father. 3But Jacob loved Joseph beyond all his sons, for [3the son 4of old age 1he was 2to him]. And he made for him [2garment 1a colored]. 4[3seeing 1And 2his brothers] that [4him 1the 2father 3was fond of] over all of his sons, they detested him, and were not able to speak to him, not one thing peaceable. 5[3dreaming 1And 2Joseph] a dream, reported it to his brothers. 6And he said to them, Hear this dream which I dreamed! 7I imagined you all were binding sheaves in the middle of the plain. And there rose up my sheaf, and it was straight up. [4moving around 1And 3sheaves 2your], did obeisance to my sheaf. 8[3said 1And 4to him 2his brothers], Do you mean in reigning you will reign over us, or in dominating you will dominate us? And they added still to detest him because of his dreams, and because of his words. 9And he saw [2dream 1another]. And he described it to his father, and to his brothers. And he said, Behold, I dreamed [2dream 1another]; as if the sun, and the moon, and eleven stars did obeisance to me. 10And [2reproached 3him 1his father], and said to him, What is this dream which you dreamed? Is it so indeed in having come I will come also, and your mother, and your brothers, to do obeisance to you upon the ground? 11[3envied 1And 4him 2his brothers], but his father kept the saying. 12[3went 1And 2his brothers] to graze the sheep of their father in Shechem. 13And Israel said to Joseph, Did not your brothers tend in Shechem? Come, I will send you to them. And he said to him, Behold, I am ready. 14[3said 1And 4to him 2Israel], In going see if [2are in health 1your brothers] and the sheep, and announce it to me! And he sent him from the valley of Hebron. And he came into Shechem. 15And [2found 3him 1a man] wandering in the plain. [4asked 1And 5him 2the 3man], saying, What do you seek? 16 And he said, [2my brothers 1I seek]; report to me where they graze! 17[4said 1And 5to him 2the 3man], They have departed from here. For I heard them saying, Let us go unto Dothan. And Joseph went after his brothers, and found them in Dothan.

Joseph Sold into Egypt

18And they spied him far off before his approaching to them. And they acted wickedly to kill him. 19And said each to his brother, Behold, that dreamer comes. 20Now then, come, let us kill him and toss him into one of the wells! And we shall say, [2wild beast 1A ferocious] devoured him. And we shall see what will be of his dreams. 21[3hearing 1And 2Reuben], rescued him from out of their hands. And he said, Do not strike him as far as his life. 22[3said 1And 4to them 2Reuben], You should not shed blood, put him into one of these wells of the ones in the wilderness, [4a hand 1and 3not 2bear] against him, that he might rescue him from out of their hands, and that he might give him to his father. 23And it came to pass when Joseph came to his brothers, they took [4off 5Joseph 3garment 1the 2colored], the one around him. 24And taking him, they tossed him into the well. But the well was empty, [3water 1it did not 2have]. 25And they sat to eat bread. And looking up with the eyes they saw. And behold, journeying Ishmaelites having come from Gilead, and their camels full of incenses, and balm, and balsam. And they were going leading down into Egypt. 26[3said 1And 2Judah] to his brothers, What profit if we kill our brother, and hide his blood? 27Come let us give him to these Ishmaelites, and the hands of ours, let them not be upon him! for he is our brother, and [2flesh 1he is our]. [3hearkened 1And 2his brothers]. 28And [2came near 1the men], the Midianite merchants, and they drew out and hauled Joseph from out of the well. And [3rendered 4for Joseph 1the 2Ishmaelites] twenty pieces of gold. And they led Joseph into Egypt. 29[3returned 1And 2Ruben] upon the well, and he did not see Joseph in the well, and he tore his clothes. 30And he turned towards his brothers, and he said, The boy is not, and I, where shall I go yet? 31And taking the garment of Joseph, they slew a kid of the goats, and tainted the garment in the blood. 32And they sent [3garment 1the 2colored], and they carried it to their father, and said, This we found, do you recognize if the garment [2son 1is of your] or not? 33And he recognized it, and said, The garment [2of my son 1is], [2wild beast 1a ferocious] devoured him, a wild beast seized Joseph. 34[3tore 1And 2Jacob] his clothes, and placed sackcloth upon his loin, and mourned for his son [2days 1many]. 35[6came together 1And 2all 3his sons 4and 5daughters]. And they came to comfort him, and he did not want to be comforted, saying that, I will go down to my son in mourning into Hades. And [2wept 3for him 1his father]. 36And the Midianites gave Joseph into Egypt to Potiphar the castrato of Pharaoh -- the chief guard.
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