Genesis 38


Judah and Tamar

1And it came to pass in that time, Judah went from his brothers, and he arrived unto before a certain man of Adullam, whose name was Hirah. 2And [2saw 3there 1Judah] a daughter of a Canaanite man, whose name was Shuah. And he took her, and entered to her. 3And she conceived and bore a son, and she called his name, Er. 4And she conceived and bore a son still again, and she called his name, Onan. 5And adding she bore a son, and she called his name, Shelah. And she was in Chezib when she bore them. 6And Judah took a wife for Er his first-born, whose name was Tamar. 7And it came to pass Er the first-born of Judah was wicked before the  lord; and [2killed 3him 1God]. 8[3said 1And 2Judah] to Onan, Enter to the wife of your brother, and ally to her by marriage, and raise up seed to your brother! 9[3knowing 1And 2Onan] that [4not 6his 3will 5be 1the 2seed] -- that it came to pass whenever he entered to [2wife 1his brother's], he discharged upon the ground, to not give seed to his brother. 10[3wicked 1And 2it appeared] before God that he did this; and he put to death also this one. 11[3said 1And 2Judah] to Tamar his daughter-in-law, You sit as a widow in the house of your father! until [4older 3becomes 1Shelah 2my son]. For he said, Lest at any time [3should die 2also 1this one] as also his brothers. [3going forth 1And 2Tamar] settled in the house of her father. 12[4multiplied 1And 2the 3days], and [5died 1Shuah 2the 3wife 4of Judah]. And being comforted, Judah ascended to the shearing of his sheep, himself and Hirah his shepherd the Adullamite, unto Timnath. 13And it was reported to Tamar his daughter-in-law, saying, Behold, your father-in-law ascends to Timnath, to shear his sheep. 14And removing the garments of the widowhood from herself, she put around a lightweight covering, and bedecked herself, and sat by the gates of Enaim, which is in the byway of Timnath. For she knew that [3older 2was 1Shelah], but he did not give her to him as wife. 15And [2seeing 3her 1Judah], assumed her to be a harlot. For she covered up her face, and [3not 1he recognized 2her]. 16And he turned aside to her in the way. And he said to her, Allow me to enter to you. For he did not know that [2his daughter-in-law 1she is]. And she said, What will you give to me, if you should enter to me? 17And he said, I will send to you a kid of the goats from out of my flocks. And she said, You should give a deposit until you send it. 18And he said, What deposit shall I give to you? And she said, Your ring, and the pendant, and the rod in your hand. And he gave them to her, and he entered to her. And [2in 3the womb 1she conceived] from him. 19And rising up she went forth. And she removed her lightweight garment from herself, and put on the garments of her widowhood. 20[3sent 1And 2Judah] the kid of the goats by the hand of his shepherd the Adullamite, to deliver by him to the woman the deposit. And he did not find her. 21And he asked the men of the place, Where is the harlot, the one being in Enaim upon the way? And they said, There was no [2here 1harlot]. 22And he returned to Judah, and said, I did not find her, and the men, the ones from the place, say, There was no [2here 1harlot]. 23[3said 1And 2Judah], Let her have them, but lest at any time we should be ridiculed, I indeed sent this kid, but you have not found her. 24And it came to pass after three months, it was announced to Judah, saying, [3fornicated 1Tamar 2your daughter-in-law]. And behold, [2in 3the womb 1she has one] out of harlotry. [3said 1And 2Judah], Lead her out, and let her be incinerated! 25[3her 1And 2while leading], she sent to her father-in-law, saying, From the man whom these things are I [2in 3the womb 1have one]. And she said, Recognize whose ring and pendant and rod these are! 26[3realized 1And 2Judah], and said, Tamar has done justice rather than I, because I did not give her Shelah my son. And he did not add any longer to know her. 27And it came to pass when she was bearing, that thus there were twins in her womb. 28And it came to pass in her bearing, the one put forth first the hand. And taking it, the midwife tied upon his hand a scarlet thread, saying, This one will come forth prior. 29And as he retracted the hand, straightway came forth his brother. And she said, Why was [2cut 3because of 4you 1the barrier]? And she called his name, Pharez. 30And after this came forth his brother, of which was upon his hand the scarlet thread. And she called his name Zarah.
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