Genesis 39


Joseph in Potiphar's House

1And Joseph was carried down into Egypt. And [2acquired 3him 1Potiphar], the eunuch of Pharaoh, the chief guard, an Egyptian man, from out of the hands of the Ishmaelites, the ones that led him there. 2And the  lord was with Joseph. And he was a man succeeding in things. And he was in the house by his master the Egyptian. 3[3saw 1And 2his master] that the  lord was with him, and whatever as much as he should do, the  lord prospered the way by his hands. 4And Joseph found favor before his master. And he was well-pleasing to him, and he placed him over his house; and all as much as was his he gave through the hand of Joseph. 5And it came to pass after placing him over his house, and over all as much as was his, that the  lord blessed the house of the Egyptian on account of Joseph; and he became a blessing for his master in all his possessions in the house, and in his fields. 6And he committed to care all as much as was his into the hand of Joseph. And he did not know the things about his own -- not one thing, except the bread which he ate. And Joseph was good to the sight, and handsome in appearance -- exceedingly.

Potiphar's Wife

7And it happened after these things, and [4put 1the 2wife 3of his master] her eyes upon Joseph. And she said, Come to bed with me! 8But he was not willing. And he said to the wife of his master, If my master does not know on account of me one thing in his house, and all as much as is his he gave into my hands, 9and not exists in this house one thing outside of me, nor is [2secretly removed 3from 4me 1one thing], besides you, on account of you [2his wife 1being], then how should I do [2thing 1this wicked], and sin before God? 10And when she spoke to Joseph day by day, and he did not obey her to sleep with her, to be intimate with her. 11And it came to pass on such a day, Joseph entered into the house to do his works, and no one was in the house inside. 12And she drew him by his clothes, saying, Come to bed with me! And leaving behind his clothes in her hands, he fled and went forth outside. 13And it came to pass as she saw that leaving behind his clothes in her hands, he fled and went forth outside, 14that she called the ones being in the house, and said to them, saying, See! he brought in to us a Hebrew servant to mock us. He entered to me, saying, Come to bed with me! And I yelled [2voice 1a great]. 15And in his hearing that [2was raised 1my voice], and I yelled, leaving behind his clothes by me, he fled, and he went forth outside. 16And she left the clothes by herself, until [3came 1the 2master] into his house. 17And she spoke to him concerning these things, saying, There entered to me the Hebrew servant, whom you brought in to us, to mock me. And he said to me, I will come to bed with you. 18But as he heard that I raised my voice, and I yelled, leaving behind his clothes by me, he fled, and went forth outside. 19And it happened as [2heard 1his master] the words of his wife, as much as she spoke to him, saying, Thus [2did 3to me 1your servant], that he was enraged with anger.

Joseph Cast into Prison

20And [3taking 1the 2master] Joseph, put him into the fortress, in the place in which the prisoners of the king were held there in the fortress. 21And the  lord was with Joseph, and he poured down upon him mercy; and he gave to him favor before the chief jailer. 22And [3gave 1the 2chief jailer] the jail over to the hand of Joseph, and all the ones being taken away, as many as were in the jail, and all as much as they do there, he was doing. 23For not was the chief jailer of the jail knowing anything concerning him -- not one thing. For all was through the hand of Joseph, because of the reason the  lord [2with 3him 1being]. And as much as he did, the  lord prospered the way in his hands.
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