Genesis 41


Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams

1And it came to pass after two years of days, Pharaoh saw a dream. He imagined standing at the river. 2And behold, as if from the river ascended seven oxen good to the sight and choice in the flesh; and they were grazing in the reed-grass. 3And another seven oxen ascended after these from out of the river, shameful to the sight and thin in the flesh, and feeding by the oxen by the edge of the river. 4And [9ate up 1the 2seven 8oxen 3shameful 4and 5thin 6in the 7flesh] the seven oxen good to the sight and choice. [3arose 1And 2Pharaoh]. 5And he dreamed the second time. And behold, seven [4ears of corn 5ascended 6in 7the 9lower branch 8one 1choice 2and 3good]. 6And behold, seven ears of corn, thin and destroyed by the wind grew up after them. 7And [7swallowed down 1the 2seven 6ears of corn 3thin 4and 5destroyed by wind] the seven [4ears of corn 1choice 2and 3full]. [3arose 1And 2Pharaoh], and it was a dream. 8And it came to pass in the morning and [2was disturbed 1his soul]. And sending, he called all the expositors of Egypt, and all her wise men. And [2described 3to them 1Pharaoh] his dream. And there was no one reporting it to Pharaoh. 9And [3spoke 1the 2chief wine taster] to Pharaoh, saying, My sin I call to mind today. 10Pharaoh was provoked to anger against his servants, and he put us under guard in the house of the chief guard -- both me and the chief baker. 11And we saw a dream, both in [2night 1one], I and he, each according to his dream saw. 12And there was there with us a young Hebrew servant of the chief guard. And we described to him, and he interpreted to us. 13And it came to pass as he interpreted to us, so also it came to pass, both me being restored to my office, and that one being hanged. 14[3having sent 1And 2Pharaoh], called for Joseph. And they led him from the fortress, and shaved him, and changed his apparel, and he came to Pharaoh. 15[3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, [2a dream 1I have seen], and [2not one interpreting 1there is] it. But I have heard concerning you, saying, In your hearing dreams you interpret them. 16[3answering 1And 2Joseph] to Pharaoh said, Without God [2shall not be answered 1deliverance] to Pharaoh. 17[3spoke 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, saying, In my sleep I imagined standing by the edge of the river. 18And as if from out of the river ascended seven oxen, good to the sight and choice in the flesh, and they fed at the reed-grass. 19And behold, [2seven 3oxen 1another] ascended after them from the river, in a sorry state and shameful to the sight, and thin in the flesh, what thing [2I saw not 1such as] [2in 3the entire 4land 5of Egypt 1a shameful thing]. 20And [7ate up 1the 2seven 6oxen 3shameful 4and 5thin] the seven oxen -- the first, the good and the choice. 21And they entered into their bellies. And it did not [2apparent 1become] that they entered into their bellies. And their appearance was shameful, as also in the beginning. And after awakening, I went back to bed. 22And I saw again in my sleep, even as if seven ears of corn ascended in [2lower branch 1one], full and good. 23And another seven ears of corn, thin and destroyed by the wind grew up next to them. 24And [7swallowed down 1the 2seven 6ears of corn 3thin 4and 5destroyed by the wind] the seven [4ears of corn 1good 2and 3full]. I told it then to the expositors, and there was no one reporting it to me. 25And Joseph said to Pharaoh, The dream to Pharaoh is one. As much as God does, he showed to Pharaoh. 26The seven [2oxen 1good 4seven 5years 3are], and the seven [2ears of corn 1good 4seven 5years 3are]; the dream of Pharaoh is one. 27And the seven [2oxen 1thin], the ones ascending after them, [2seven 3years 1are]; and the seven [4ears of corn 1thin 2and 3destroyed by the wind 6seven 7years 5are] -- there will be seven years of famine. 28And the saying which I have said to Pharaoh, [3as much 1God 2will do] to show to Pharaoh. 29Behold, for seven years there comes [2prosperity 1great] in all the land of Egypt. 30[5shall come 1But 2seven 3years 4of famine] after these, and they shall forget the fullness being in all the land Egypt, and [3will consume 1the 2famine] the land. 31And [3shall not 4be realized 1the 2prosperity] in the land because of the famine being after these things. [4strong 1For 2it will be 3exceedingly]. 32And concerning the repetition of the dream to Pharaoh twice, it is because [5will be true 1the 2saying 3by 4God], and God will hasten to do it. 33Now then, look about for a man intelligent and discerning, and place him over the land of Egypt! 34And let Pharaoh make and place toparchs over the land. And let them take a fifth of all the produce of the land of Egypt of the seven years of prosperity! 35And let them bring together all the foods [3seven 5years 2coming 4good 1of these]! And let them bring together the grain under the hand of Pharaoh! foods [2in 3the 4cities 1to be guarded]. 36And [4shall be 1the 2foods 3being guarded] for the land in the seven years of the famine, which will be in the land of Egypt, and [3shall not be obliterated 1the 2land] in the famine. 37[4was pleasing 1And 2the 3saying] before Pharaoh, and before all his servants.

Joseph Made Ruler Over Egypt

38And Pharaoh said to his servants, Shall we find [2a man 1such] who has spirit of God in him? 39[3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, Since God showed to you all these things, there is not a man more intelligent and more discerning than you. 40You will be over my house, and by your mouth [3shall obey 1all 2my people]. Except for the throne -- [2will excel 3you 1I]. 41[3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, Behold, I place you today over all the land of Egypt. 42And Pharaoh removing the ring from his hand, put it upon the hand of Joseph. And he put on him [2apparel 1fine linen], and he put a collar of gold about his neck. 43And he transported him upon [3chariot 2second 1his]. And [2proclaimed 3in front of 4him 1a herald]. And he placed him over the entire land of Egypt. 44[3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, I am Pharaoh, without you not [2shall lift 1anyone] his hand over all the land of Egypt. 45And Pharaoh called the name of Joseph, Zaphnath-paaneah. And he gave to him Asenath, daughter of Poti-phera, priest of Heliopolis, to him as a wife. 46And Joseph was [2years old 1thirty] when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. [3went forth 1And 2Joseph] from the face of Pharaoh, and went through all the land of Egypt. 47And [3produced 1the 2land] in the seven years prosperity of sheaves. 48And was brought together all the foods of the seven years in which there was prosperity in the land of Egypt. And he put the foods in the cities. Foods of the plains of the city of the places round about it, he put in it. 49And Joseph gathered together grain as the sand of the sea, much exceedingly, until they were not able to count it, [3no 1for 2there was] number. 50 And to Joseph were born [2sons 1two] before the coming of the seven years of famine, which [2bore 3to him 1Asenath], the daughter of Poti-phera, priest of Heliopolis. 51[3called 1And 2Joseph] the name of the first-born, Manasseh, for [3me forget 2made 1God] all my miseries, and all of the things of my father. 52And the name of the second he called, Ephraim, for [2increased 3me 1God] in the land of my humiliation. 53And went by the seven years of prosperity, which came to pass in the land of Egypt. 54And [5began 1the 2seven 3years 4of famine] to come as Joseph said. And there became famine in all the earth; but in all the land of Egypt there were bread loaves. 55And [5hungered 1all 2the 3land 4of Egypt]. [4cried out 1And 2the 3people] to Pharaoh for bread loaves. [3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to all the Egyptians, You go to Joseph, and what ever he says to you, you do! 56And the famine was upon the face of all the earth. [3opened 1And 2Joseph] all the granaries, and sold to all the Egyptians. 57And all the regions came to Egypt to buy from Joseph, [4prevailed 1for 2the 3famine] in all the earth.
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