Genesis 42


Joseph's Brothers Seek Food in Egypt

1[3seeing 1And 2Jacob] that there is grain for sale in Egypt, said to his sons, Why are you lazy? 2Behold, I have heard that there is grain in Egypt; go down there and buy for us a small amount of foods! that we should live, and not die. 3[5went down 1And 2the 3brothers 4of Joseph], the ten, to buy grain from Egypt. 4 But Benjamin the brother of Joseph was not sent with his brothers. For he said, Lest at any time should come to pass to him an infirmity. 5[5came 1And 2the 3sons 4of Israel] to buy with the ones coming; [4was 1for 2the 3famine] in the land of Canaan. 6And Joseph was the ruler of the land; he sold to all the people of the land. [5coming 1And 2the 3brothers 4of Joseph] did obeisance to him upon their face upon the ground. 7[3seeing 1And 2Joseph] his brothers recognized and alienated himself from them, and he spoke to them hard. And he said to them, From what place have you come? And they said, From out of the land of Canaan, to buy foods. 8[3recognized 1And 2Joseph] his brothers, but they did not recognize him. 9And Joseph remembered his dreams, of which he himself saw. And he said to them, You are spies to study the tracks of the place in which you have come. 10 And they said, Not so, O lord, your servants came to buy foods. 11We are all sons of one man; we are peaceable. [2are not 1Your servants] spies. 12And he said to them, No, but [3the 4tracks 5of the 6land 1you came 2to see]. 13 And they said, [3twelve 1We are 2your servants] brothers in the land of Canaan; and behold, our younger brother is with our father today, and the other does not exist. 14[3said 1And 4to them 2Joseph], This is it that I have said to you, saying that, You are spies. 15In this you shall appear exposed, by the health of Pharaoh, no way should you go forth from here, if [4should not 3brother 1your 2younger] come here. 16You send [2from 3you 1one], and take your brother! But you shall be taken away until [3apparent 2become 1your sayings], if you be truthful, or not. But if not, by the health of Pharaoh, assuredly you are spies. 17And he put them in prison [2days 1three]. 18And he said to them [3day 1on the 2third], You do this and you shall live! [4God 1For 2I 3fear]. 19If you are peaceable, [3of your brothers 1let 4be held 2one] in the prison! but you yourselves proceed, and take back the purchase of your provision! 20And [4brother 2your 3younger 1you lead] to me! and I will trust your sayings; but if not you shall die. And they did so. 21And said each to his brother, Yes, [3in 4sins 1for 2we are] on account of our brother, for we overlooked the affliction of his soul when he besought us, and we did not listen to him, and because of this [2came 3upon 4us 1this affliction]. 22[3answering 1And 2Reuben] said to them, Did I not speak to you, saying, You should not wrong the lad, and you did not hearken to me? And behold, his blood is required. 23And they did not know that Joseph heard, for the translator [2between 3them 1was]. 24And turning from them, Joseph wept. And again he came forward to them, and spoke to them. And he took Simeon from them, and he tied him before them. 25[3gave charge 1And 2Joseph] to fill up their containers of grain, and to give back their silver to each in his sackcloth, and to give them provisions for the journey. And it became to them so. 26And placing the grain upon their donkeys, they went forth from there. 27[3untying 1And 2one] his bag, to give fodder to his donkeys where they rested, and he saw [2bundle 3of silver 1his], for it was upon the mouth of the bag. 28And he said to his brothers, [3was given back 4to me 1the 2silver], and behold, this is in my bag. And it startled their hearts, and they were disturbed with one another, saying, What is this God did to us?

Joseph's Brothers Return to Canaan

29And they came to Jacob their father in the land of Canaan. And they reported to him all the things coming to pass to them, saying, 30[7spoke 1The 2man 3the 4master 5of the 6land] to us hard, and put us in prison as spying out the land. 31And we said to him, We are peaceable, we are not spies. 32Twelve brothers we are, sons of our father; the one does not exist, and the younger is with our father today in the land of Canaan. 33[8said 1And 9to us 2the 3man 4the 5master 6of the 7land], By this I will know that you are peaceable, [3of your brothers 1you leave 2one] here with me! and the purchase of the provision for your house having taken, you go forth! 34And you lead to me [3brother 1your 2younger]! and I shall know that [2not 3spies 1you are], but that you are peaceable, and [3your brother 1I will give back 2to you], and [2in the 3land 1you can trade]! 35And it happened in their emptying their sackcloths, and there was [3in each 1a bundle 2of silver] in their sackcloth. And they saw the bundles of their silver to them, and their father, and they feared. 36[4said 1And 5to them 2Jacob 3their father], You are making me childless; Joseph is not, Simeon is not, and will you take Benjamin? Upon me [3happened 2these things 1all]. 37[3said 1And 2Reuben] to his father, saying, The two sons of mine you may kill if I do not lead him to you. You give him into my hand, and I will lead him to you. 38 And he said, [2shall not 3go down 1My son] with you, for his brother died, and he alone is left behind. And suppose it shall come to pass that he be infirm in the way which ever you go, and you will lead me in old age with distress into Hades.
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