Genesis 43


Joseph's Brothers Return to Egypt

1But the famine grew in strength upon the land. 2And it came to pass when they completed eating up the grain which they brought from Egypt, that [2said 3to them 1their father], In again going, you buy us a small amount of foods! 3[3said 1And 4to him 2Judah], saying, [3bore witness 4by testifying 5to us 1The 2man], the master of the land, saying, You shall not see my face if [4should not 3brother 1your 2younger 6with 7you 5come]. 4If then, you send our brother with us, we will go down, and we will buy foods for you. 5But if you do not send our brother with us, we will not go, for the man said to us, saying, You shall not see my face if [4should not 3brother 1your 2younger 6with 7you 5be]. 6[3said 1And 2Israel], Why did you do evil to me announcing to the man that there is to you a brother? 7 And they said, In asking, [3asked 4of us 1the 2man] and our family, saying, Does [2still 1our father] live, and if there is to us a brother. And we reported to him according to this questioning. We did not know that he would say to us, You bring your brother! 8[3said 1And 2Judah] to Israel his father, You send the lad with me, and rising up let us go, that we may live and not die, and we and you and our belongings. 9I will look out for him. [3from out of 4my hand 1You seek 2him]. If I do not lead him to you, and set him before you, I will be sinning against you all the days. 10[2if 4not 1For 3we slowed], already even we should have returned twice. 11[4said 1And 5to them 2Israel 3their father], If so it is, this you do! You take from the fruits of the earth in your containers, and bring to the man gifts of balm, and of honey, and incense, and balsam, and turpentine, and walnuts! 12And [3silver 2double 1you take] in your hands. And the silver being returned in your bags, return it with you, perhaps it is by ignorance! 13And [2your brother 1you take], and rising go down to the man! 14 And my God give to you favor before the man, even to send your brother, the other one, and Benjamin. [3I indeed 1For 2as much as] have been made childless, I have been made childless. 15[4receiving 1And 2the 3men] these gifts, and the [2silver 1double] they took in their hands, and Benjamin, and rising up they went down into Egypt, and stood before Joseph. 16[3saw 1And 2Joseph] them, and Benjamin his brother, the one born of the same mother. And he said to the one over his house, Bring the men into the house, and slay the things offered for sacrifices, and prepare! [5with 6me 1for 4will eat 2the 3men] bread loaves at midday. 17[4did 1And 2the 3man] as Joseph said. And he brought the men into the house of Joseph. 18[4seeing 1And 2the 3men] that they were brought into the house of Joseph, said, On account of the silver returned in our bags in the beginning we are brought in -- to extort us, and to place charge upon us, to take us as servants, and our donkeys. 19And coming forward to the man, the one over the house of Joseph, they spoke to him in the vestibule of the house, 20saying, We beseech you, O master, we went down in the beginning to buy foods, 21and it happened when we came to rest up, and we opened our bags, that thus, the silver was in each of his bag. [3our silver 4with 5the weight 1We returned 2now] in our hands, 22and [3silver 2other 1we brought] with ourselves to buy foods, we do not know who put the silver in our bags. 23And he said to them, Kindness be to you, do not fear. Your God, and the God of your fathers gave to you treasures in your bags, and your silver in approving I receive. And he led out to them Simeon. 24And he brought water to wash their feet. And he gave fodder to their donkeys. 25And they prepared the gifts until [2came 3at 1Joseph] midday. For they heard that [3there 1he was about 2to dine]. 26[3entered 1And 2Joseph] into the house, and they brought to him the gifts which they had in their hands, into the house. And they did obeisance to him upon their face upon the ground. 27And he asked them, How have you been? And he said to them, Is [2in health 1your father], the old man whom you spoke of? Still he lives? 28 And they said, He is in health -- your servant our father, still lives. And he said, Blessed be that man by God. And bowing they did obeisance to him. 29And looking up with his eyes, he saw Benjamin his brother, the one born of the same mother. And he said, This is your brother the younger whom you spoke to me of bringing? And he said, God show mercy to you child. 30[3was disturbed 1And 2Joseph]. [3contracted 1For 2his innards] over his brother, and he was seeking to weep, and he entered into the storeroom to weep there. 31And he washed his face, and coming forth he controlled himself, and said, You place the bread loaves. 32And they placed a setting to him alone, and to them by themselves, and to the Egyptians dining with them by themselves, [4were not 1for 5able 2the 3Egyptians] to eat [2with 3the 4Hebrews 1bread loaves], [3an abomination 1for 2it is] to the Egyptians. 33And he seated before himself the first-born according to their seniority, and the younger according to his youth. [5were looking amazed 1And 2the 3men 4each] at his brother. 34And they lifted away the portions from him to them. [5was magnified 1And 2the 3portion 4of Benjamin] over the portions of all -- five-fold over those. And they drank and became intoxicated with him.
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