Genesis 44


Joseph's Cup

1And Joseph gave charge to the one over his house, saying, Fill the bags of the men with foods, as much as they are able to lift away. And put in each the silver at the mouth of the bag. 2And [3drinking cup 1my 2silver] put into the bag of the younger, and the value of his grain. And it happened according to the word of Joseph, as he said. 3In the morning light shone through, and the men were sent, they and their donkeys. 4[3going forth from 1And 2their] the city, not [2distance 1at a far], and Joseph said to the one over his house, In rising up, pursue after the men, and you shall overtake them! And you shall say to them, For what reason did you recompense bad for good? Why did you steal my [2drinking cup 1silver]? 5[2not 1Is this] in which [2drinks 1my master]? And he [2an omen 1foretells] by it? [2the wicked things 1You completed] which you have done. 6And having found them, he said to them according to these words. 7 And they said to him, Why speaks the master in these words? May it not be for your servants to do according to this word; 8since the silver which we found in our bags we returned to you from the land of Canaan. How then would we steal from out of the house of your master silver or gold? 9By whom ever [3should be found 1the 2drinking cup] of your servants, let him die. [3also 2we 1And] will be servants to your master! 10 And he said, And now as you say, so it will be. By whom ever [3should be found 1the 2drinking cup], will be my servant, and you all shall be pure. 11And they hastened, and [2lowered 1each] his bag upon the ground, and [2opened 1each] his bag. 12And he searched [2from 3the 4older 1beginning] until he came to the younger. And he found the drinking cup in the bag of Benjamin. 13And they tore their cloaks, and [2placed 1each] his bag upon his donkey, and returned to the city. 14[3entered 1And 2Judah] and his brothers to Joseph, while he was there. And they fell before him upon the ground. 15[3said 1And 4to them 2Joseph], What is this you did? Did you not know that [5an omen 4shall foretell 1a man 2such as 3I]? 16[3said 1And 2Judah], How shall we contradict the master, or what shall we speak, or how shall we be justified? For God found the injustice of your servants. Behold, we are servants to our master, both we and by whom was found with the drinking cup. 17[3said 1And 2Joseph], Let it not be to me to do this thing. The man by whom was found with the drinking cup, he will be my servant. But you all ascend with safety to your father. 18And approaching to him, Judah said, I beseech O lord, let [2speak 1your servant] before you, and be not enraged with your servant, for you are after Pharaoh! 19O lord you asked your servants, saying, [2you 1Have] a father or brother? 20And we said to the master, There is to us a father, an older man, and [2child 4old age 1a younger 3in his], and his brother died, and he alone was left behind of his mother, and his father loved him. 21And you said to your servants, Lead him to me! and I will care for him. 22And we said to the master, [3is not able 1The 2child] to leave his father; and if he should leave his father, he will die. 23And you said to your servants, If [4does not 5go down 3brother 1Your 2younger] with you, you shall not proceed to see my face. 24And it happened when we ascended to your servant our father, we reported to him the words of our master. 25[3said 1And 2our father], Proceed again, and buy for us a small amount of foods! 26And we said, We will not be able to go down; but if then [3brother 1our 2younger] goes down with us, we will go down; for not will we be able to see the face of the man, [4brother 2our 3younger 1if] is not being with us. 27[4said 1And 2our father 3your servant] to us, You know that [4two 2bore 3to me 1my wife]; 28and [3went forth 1the 2one] from me, and you said that, [2devoured by wild beasts 1He was]. And I did not see him as far as now. 29If then you should take also this one from my face, and comes to pass to him an infirmity in the way, then know that you will lead me in old age with distress into Hades. 30Now then, if I should enter to your servant [3father 1and 2our], and the child should not be with us, then know his life depends on this one's life. 31And it will be in his seeing [3not 4being 1the 2child] with us, he will come to an end, and [2will lead 1your servants] to old age your servant [3father 1and 2our] with distress into Hades. 32 For your servant has looked out for the child for my father, saying, If I do not lead him to you, [2sinning 1I will be] against my father all the days. 33Now then, I will remain to you as a servant instead of the child, as a domestic servant of my master. But let the child ascend with his brothers. 34For how shall I ascend to the father of the child not being with us, that I should not see the bad things which will find my father?
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