Genesis 45


Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

1And [2was not 3able 1Joseph] to withhold of all the ones standing beside him. But he said, Send all from me! And [2stood beside 1no one] Joseph when he made himself known to his brothers. 2And he let go with a voice of weeping. [5heard 1And 2all 3the 4Egyptians], and [2audible 1it became] into the house of Pharaoh. 3[3said 1And 2Joseph] to his brothers, I am Joseph, [3still 2father 1does my] live? And [3were not 4able 1the 2brothers] to respond to him, for they were disturbed. 4[3said 1And 2Joseph] to his brothers, Approach to me! And they approached. And he said, I am Joseph your brother, whom you delivered into Egypt. 5Now then do not fret, nor [2hard 3to you 1let it appear] that you delivered me here; [5for 1for 6life 3sent 4me 2God] in front of you. 6For this second year a famine is upon the earth, and still remaining are five years in which there is no plowing nor harvest. 7[3sent 1For 4me 2God] in front of you, that there may be left to you a vestige upon the earth, and to nourish to you [2remnant 1a great]. 8Now then, you did not send me here, but God. And he made me as father to Pharaoh, and master of all his house, and ruler of all the land of Egypt. 9Hastening then, you ascend to my father and say to him! Thus says your son Joseph. [2made 3me 1God] master of all the land of Egypt. Come down then to me! and you should not wait. 10And you shall dwell in the land of Goshen, and you will be near me, you and your sons, and the sons of your sons, your sheep and your oxen, and as much as is yours. 11And I will nourish you there. For there is still five years of famine; that you shall not be obliterated -- you and your sons, and all your possessions. 12Behold, your eyes see, and the eyes [2Benjamin 1of my brother] that my mouth is speaking to you. 13Report then to my father all my glory in Egypt, and as much as you saw! And hastening, bring down my father here! 14And falling upon the neck of Benjamin his brother, he weeped upon him. And Benjamin weeped upon his neck. 15And kissing all his brothers, he wept on them. And after these things [2spoke 1his brothers] to him. 16And [3was proclaimed forth 1the 2report] into the house of Pharaoh, saying, [4have come 1The 2brothers 3of Joseph]. [3rejoiced 1And 2Pharaoh], and his attendant. 17[3said 1And 2Pharaoh] to Joseph, Speak to your brothers! This you do, fill your carriages and go forth into the land of Canaan! 18And taking up your father, and your possessions, come to me! And I will give to you all the good things of Egypt, and you shall eat the marrow of the land. 19 And you charge these to take for themselves wagons from out of the land of Egypt for your children, and your wives! And taking up your father come! 20And you should not be sparing to the eyes of your items, [3the 1for 2all] good things of Egypt will be unto you. 21And they did thus, the sons of Israel. [3gave 1And 2Joseph] to them wagons, according to the sayings by Pharaoh the king. And he gave to them provisions for the journey. 22And to all he gave double robes. But to Benjamin he gave three hundred pieces of gold, and five changings of robes. 23And to his father he sent according to the same, and ten donkeys carrying of all the good things of Egypt; and ten mules carrying bread loaves to his father for the journey. 24[3sent out 1And 2Joseph] his brothers. And they went. And he said to them, Do not be provoked to anger in the way! 25And they ascended from out of Egypt. And they came into the land of Canaan, to Jacob their father. 26And they announced to him, saying that, Your son Joseph lives, and he rules all the land of Egypt. And [2receded 3in his thought 1Jacob], for he did not trust them. 27And they spoke to him all the sayings of Joseph, as much as he said to them. And seeing the wagons which Joseph sent, so as to take him, [5rekindled 1the 2spirit 3of Jacob 4their father]. 28[3said 1And 2Israel], [2a great thing 3to me 1It is] if [3still 1Joseph 2my son] lives. In going I will see him before dying.
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