Genesis 46


Jacob and His Family Move to Egypt

1[3departing 1And 2Israel], and all of his, he came upon the Well of the Oath. And he sacrificed a sacrifice to the God of his father Isaac. 2[3said 1And 2God] to Israel in a vision in the night, saying, Jacob, Jacob! And he said, What is it? 3And he says to him, I am the God of your fathers; do not fear to go down into Egypt! [4into 1For 6nation 5a great 2I will make 3you] there. 4And I will go down with you into Egypt. And I will transport you to the end. And Joseph will put his hands upon your eyes. 5[3rose up 1And 2Jacob] from the Well of the Oath. And [4took up 1the 2sons 3of Israel] Jacob their father, and the belongings, and their wives upon the wagons which Joseph sent to carry him. 6And taking up their possessions, and all the property which they acquired in the land of Canaan, they entered into Egypt -- Jacob and all his seed with him. 7Sons, and sons of his sons with him; daughters, and daughters of his daughters, and all his seed he led into Egypt.

Generations of Jacob

8And these are the names of the sons of Israel, the ones entering into Egypt together with Jacob their father. Jacob and his sons -- the first-born of Jacob, Reuben. 9And the sons of Reuben -- Hanoch, and Phallu, Hezron, and Carmi. 10And the sons of Simeon -- Jemuel, and Jamin, and Ohad, and Jachin, and Zohar, and Shaul, son of the Canaanitess. 11And the sons of Levi -- Gerson, and Kohath, and Merari. 12And the sons of Judah -- Er, and Onan, and Shelah, and Pharez, and Zerah. [5died 1And 2Er 3and 4Onan] in the land of Canaan. [3born 1And 2the sons] of Pharez -- Hezron, and Hamul. 13And the sons of Issachar -- Tola, and Phuvah, and Job, and Shimron. 14And the sons of Zebulun -- Sered, and Elon, and Jahleel. 15These are the sons of Leah, whom she bore to Jacob in Mesopotamia of Syria, and Dinah his daughter. All the souls, sons and daughters, thirty three. 16And the sons of Gad -- Ziphion, and Haggai, and Shuni, and Ezbon, and Eri, and Arodi, and Areli. 17And the sons of Asher -- Jimnah, Ishuah, and Isui, and Beriah, and Serah their sister. And the sons of Beriah -- Heber and Malchiel. 18These are the sons of Zilpah, whom Laban gave to Leah his daughter, who bore these to Jacob -- sixteen souls. 19And the sons of Rachel, wife of Jacob -- Joseph and Benjamin. 20[4born 1And 2the sons 3of Joseph] in the land of Egypt, whom [2bore 3to him 1Asenath], the daughter of Poti-phera, priest of Heliopolis -- Manasseh and Ephraim. And were born the sons of Manasseh whom [4bore 5to him 3concubine 2the 1Sura] -- Machir. And Machir procreated Gilead. And the sons of Ephraim brother of Manasseh -- Sutalaam, and Tam. And the sons of Sutalaam -- Edem. 21And the sons of Benjamin -- Belah, and Becher, and Ashbel, Gera, and Naaman, and Ehi, Rosh, and Muppim, and Huppim. And Gera procreated Ard. 22These are the sons of Rachel, whom she bore to Jacob -- all the souls were eighteen. 23And the sons of Dan -- Hushim. 24And the sons of Naphtali -- Jahzeel, and Guni, and Jezer, and Shillem. 25These are the sons of Bilhah whom Laban gave to Rachel his daughter, who bore these to Jacob -- all the souls were seven. 26And all the souls entering with Jacob into Egypt -- the ones coming forth from out of his thighs, separate from the wives of Jacob's sons -- all souls were sixty-six. 27And the sons of Joseph being born to him in the land of Egypt -- [2souls 1nine]. All the souls of the house of Jacob of the ones entering with Jacob into Egypt -- [2souls 1seventy-five].

Joseph Reunites with Jacob

28 And he sent Judah in front of him to Joseph, to meet him near Heropolis, in the land of Rameses. 29[3teaming up 1And 2Joseph] his chariots, ascended to meet Israel his father at Heropolis. And seeing him, he fell upon his neck. And he wept weeping greatly. 30And Israel said to Joseph, I will gladly die from now on, since I have seen your face, for still you live. 31[3said 1And 2Joseph] to his brothers, In ascending, I will report to Pharaoh. And I will say to him, My brothers, and the house of my father, who were in the land of Canaan, have come to me. 32And the men are shepherds, [3men 1for 4grazing cattle 2they were]. And the cattle, and the oxen, and all their things, they have brought. 33If then [2should call 3you 1Pharaoh], and he should say, What [2your work 1is]? 34You shall say, [3men 4grazing cattle 1We are 2your servants], from child hood until the present, even we and our fathers; that you may dwell in the land of Goshen of Arabia. [5is an abomination 1For 6to the Egyptians 2every 3shepherd 4of flocks].
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